How Long Does It Take to Bike 3 Miles Casually?

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Biking is an excellent form of exercise that allows you to travel distances quickly and efficiently.

But how long does it take to bike 3 miles? To answer this question, we must consider a few factors such as the terrain, the type of bike you are using, and your own level of fitness.

How Long Does It Take to Bike 3 Miles? Quick Answer

As a whole, Cycling 3 miles at 18 mph over regular terrain takes 10-12 minutes. A regular rider on hilly terrain takes 20–24 minutes to cover 3 miles. Expert cyclists can ride 3 miles in 6 minutes.

And an average; By cycling 3 miles a day, anyone can burn between 150 – 180 calories

Average Time Taken To Bike 3 Miles Casually
Beginner Cyclists10-12 minutes
Intermediate Cyclists8-9 minutes
Advanced Cyclists7-8 minutes
Professional Cyclists6-7 minutes

How Long to Ride 3 Miles on a Road Bike?

Road bikes average 16 mph (25.7 km/h) on flat roads. Road bikes take 11 minutes and 15 seconds to ride 3 miles at this average speed.

How Long to Ride 3 Miles on a Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikers on flat roads average 12 mph (19.3 km/h). The average mountain biker takes 15 minutes to ride 3 miles.

How Long to Ride 3 Miles on a Hybrid Bike?

Flat-road hybrid cyclists average 14 mph or 22.5 km/h.  Hybrid bikes take 12 minutes and 51 seconds to ride 3 miles.

How Long to Ride 3 Miles on a E-Bike?

E-bike assistance is limited to 20 mph (32.1 km/h) in most US states by legislation.

At peak assistance speed, the average American e-bike user takes 9 minutes to travel 3 miles.

UK e-bikes are limited to 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

In the UK, riding 3 miles on an e-bike at max assistance speed takes 11 minutes and 36 seconds.

How Many Calories are Burned After Biking 3 Miles?

On a 3-mile bike ride at a normal speed, you can expect to burn between 150 and 180 calories on average and to be more accurate, please consider your body weight, the intensity and length of your workouts.

Factors Affecting to Bike 3 Miles


The terrain you are biking on will have a huge impact on how long it takes you to travel 3 miles.

If you are biking on flat land, expect your time to be shorter than if you were biking on a hill or mountain range.

Hills require extra energy from the rider, so make sure to account for that when calculating your estimated time.

Type of Bike

The type of bike also has an effect on how long it takes to bike 3 miles.

For example, if you are using a mountain bike compared to a road bike, you can expect the mountain bike to take longer due to its greater weight and thicker tires.

Additionally, if your bike is not properly maintained with tire pressure and lubrication, this can slow down your ride significantly.

Level of Fitness

Your own level of fitness is perhaps the most important factor when calculating how long it will take you to bike 3 miles.

If you have been regularly exercising and training on your bicycle specifically, then expect a much faster time than someone who has not been doing any physical activity recently.

The more trained muscles and higher endurance levels associated with regular exercise will definitely increase the speed at which you are able ride your bicycle over any given distance like three miles.


Is Cycling 3 Miles a Day Good?

Cycling 3 miles a day is appropriate for inactive people attempting to get active. Yet, it is not ideal for weight loss. Do 150 minutes of cycling or aerobic exercise every week to build muscle.


To summarize, there is no exact answer as to how long it takes to bike 3 miles because there are many factors that come into play such as terrain, type of bike used, and level of fitness.

However, with all things considered expect it approximately 10-12 minutes for novice riders or up 6-7 minutes for experienced riders depending on the conditions mentioned above.

No matter what your expected riding time may be, always remember that safety is key so make sure wear a helmet during every ride!