Peloton New Wave Ride

The Peloton New Wave Ride is a high-energy, music-themed cycling class that will get your heart pumping and inspire you to push your limits. Introducing the Peloton New Wave Ride, … Continue Reading

Peloton Mariah Ride

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Peloton Barbie Ride

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Peloton Shakira Ride

The Peloton Shakira Ride is a high-energy and upbeat cycling class inspired by the music and moves of the Colombian singer Shakira. This popular class combines dynamic choreography, motivating music, … Continue Reading

Peloton Mamma Mia Ride

Peloton’s Mamma Mia Ride is an energetic and fun cycling class set to the music of the popular musical, Mamma Mia. This ride combines high-intensity intervals with catchy tunes from … Continue Reading