Selena Samuela Peloton Instructor

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As a peloton instructor, Selena Samuela focus on incorporating high-intensity interval training (hiit) into your workouts to help your members see the best results.

As a peloton instructor, Selena’s role is not just to guide riders through the workouts, but also to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.

Selena Samuela Quick Bio: Wiki

Full NameSelena Samuela
BirthdayJune 22, 1986
Age38 years old
Current CityLives in New York City, NY, USA
EducationStella Adler Studio of Acting
Marital StatusMarried (Husband: Matt Virtue)
Previous ProfessionsAmateur Boxer, Fitness Boxing Coach
Current ProfessionsPeloton Strength, Running, and Bootcamp Instructor
Social MediaInstagram

Selena’S Early Life And Background

Selena samuela’s parents were both medical professionals, which meant that she grew up with a strong appreciation for health and wellness.

Her family was originally from american samoa, and she spent much of her childhood split between the samoan islands and hawaii.

Growing up in a large, tight-knit family played a significant role in shaping selena’s worldview and values.

Her Early Interest In Fitness And Sports

Physical activity was always a part of selena’s life. She played sports throughout her childhood, including basketball and track and field.

When she was a teenager, selena discovered her passion for fitness and started incorporating it into her daily routine.

She began training at a local gym, where she developed a love for weightlifting and strength training.

Selena’S Relationship: Married

Selena’S Children

Journey To Becoming A Peloton Instructor

Selena samuela’s journey to becoming a peloton instructor began when she discovered the mental and physical benefits of fitness.

Here are the key highlights of her journey:

Selena’s love for dance led her to become a zumba instructor while still pursuing her studies.

After graduation, selena began working in fashion pr, but her life changed when she joined soulcycle and became a regular rider.

Inspired by the soulcycle experience, selena became a certified indoor cycling instructor and started teaching in various studios.

In 2017, selena discovered peloton and started taking their classes, which eventually led her to audition for the role of an instructor.

Selena was offered a place in the peloton instructor training program, and after several months of training, she officially became a peloton instructor in 2019.

How She Customizes Her Workout Regimens

Selena understands that everyone has different fitness goals, fitness levels, and lifestyles.

That’s why she customizes her workout regimens to suit each of her clients’ needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you’ve never lifted a weight before, selena will design a workout routine that will challenge and motivate you.

She makes sure to incorporate a balance of cardio, strength, and endurance training into her workouts, so you can get the most out of each session and reach your goals.

Here are some of the ways selena customizes her workouts:

  • Tailoring workouts to a client’s fitness goals, whether that’s losing weight, building muscle or improving overall fitness.
  • Adjusting workouts to fit a client’s experience level by offering modifications and progressions.
  • Incorporating a client’s favorite music, movements, or activities into the workout regimen to make the experience more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Selena Samuela Become A Peloton Instructor?

Selena samuela was discovered by peloton through her instagram fitness account and was invited to audition.

What Is Selena Samuela’S Coaching Style?

Selena samuela’s coaching style is dynamic, high-energy and focuses on both physical and mental wellness.

What Type Of Classes Does Selena Samuela Teach?

Selena samuela teaches cycling classes, hiit classes, and yoga classes on the peloton platform.

How Does Selena Samuela Motivate Her Students?

Selena samuela motivates her students by setting achievable goals and creating a positive and energetic environment in her classes.

What Makes Selena Samuela Stand Out From Other Peloton Instructors?

Selena samuela’s unique teaching style, personality, and energy set her apart from other peloton instructors on the platform.

What Can Peloton Users Expect From Selena Samuela’S Classes?

Peloton users can expect a fun, challenging and empowering workout experience with selena samuela, with a focus on both physical and mental wellness.


Selena samuela is more than just a peloton instructor. She’s a motivational speaker, an accomplished entrepreneur, and an inspiring role model for anyone looking to achieve their goals.

With her infectious enthusiasm and dynamic teaching style, it’s no surprise that selena has become one of the most popular instructors on the peloton platform.