How Much Do Peloton Instructors Make?

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Peloton has become a large, international business with thousands of employees, and the instructors are the public face of the organization.

Interviews have revealed that instructors can earn an impressive salary ranging from six figures to over half a million dollars in total compensation, recognizing their importance and pressure in representing the company.

Peloton Instructor Salaries – How much does a Peloton Instructor Gets Paid?

Peloton coaches have a salary range that varies based on individual experience and other factors.

In 2019, instructor Jess Sims was revealed to have earned a six-figure salary with stock options, while an unnamed coach hired in 2020 had a six-figure salary and bonus offer.

Senior instructors can make up to $500,000 in total compensation, including salary, stock options, and bonuses as of 2023.

How Much Do Peloton Instructors Make?

Peloton instructors are highly sought-after and receive a good compensation depending on their job and experience, Approx $700/class.

As the company and platform has grown, instructors have the opportunity to make additional income through advertising deals and partnerships with other companies.

How Much Does Cody Rigsby (Peloton Instructor) Make?

Cody Rigsby recently gained notoriety for his appearance on Dancing With The Stars and as a result, many have grown curious about his financial situation.

As the Director of Cycling at Peloton, he is assumed to make a total compensation of over $500,000 and has a notable net worth due to his time at the company.

Additionally, Cody has several external sponsorships from major companies such as GM and Capitol One.

How much money do Peloton employees make?

Peloton’s filings have revealed that the median employee earned $56,084 throughout the 2021 Fiscal Year. This includes both hourly and full-time employees.

Unfortunately, due to decreasing demand for Peloton products, the showroom employees’ salary and bonus structure had to be altered.

How Does Peloton Make Money?

Peloton’s business model includes three streams of income – Connected Fitness Products, Apparel and subscription revenue – each of which will be further discussed in the following section.

  • Connected Fitness Products
  • Subscription
  • Apparel & Accessories

Who Is The Highest Paid Peloton Instructor?

Cody Rigsby is a renowned American fitness instructor who is currently the highest paid Peloton Instructor. With an estimated monthly income of $25,000, his success and net worth have been increasing rapidly.

Final Verdict

Peloton instructors and employees receive a high salary, benefiting from the company’s success due to their vested interest.

Furthermore, they are rewarded with prestigious positions by the CEO, John Foley, enabling them to lead a luxury lifestyle.

All this combined explains why Peloton instructors are enthusiastic about their job and strive to perform better.