Jon Hosking Peloton Instructor: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Bio (Updated 2024)

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Jon Hosking is an attractive British model turned fitness trainer known for his engaging attitude.

Jon Hosking was born in England and has made headlines for his relationship with Amber Gills. 

However, there is an amazing story about how the model became a peloton instructor, his net worth, marriage, early life, education, and training regimes.

Jon Hosking Biography

Full NameJon Hosking
Age31 years old
BirthdaySeptember 10, 1992
NationalityBritish (UK)
Height6 feet 1 inch
Professionfitness instructor and Model
Marital StatusSingle
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook & Twitter
Jon Hosking Biography

Jon Hosking’s Early Life

Jon was born on September 10, 1992, in England. He completed his early schooling from a well-known educational institution. Jon has previously worked as a model for well-known brands, and he has recently joined Peloton as a fitness instructor.
Jon has previously worked as a model for well-known brands, and he has recently joined Peloton as a fitness instructor.

Jon Hosking’s Partner/Relationship/Girlfriend

Courtesy: The Sun

Jon Hosking engaged with Amber Gill for quite some time. Amber Gill was born on August 4, 1997 in Newcastle, England. Amber is a beauty therapist, supermodel, and social media influencer from the United Kingdom.

Amber came to popularity after appearing on the ITV2 reality show Love Island in 2019. She and Greg O’Shea won the competition.

Amber Gill’s love life has seen a number of relationships. She became friends with Michael Griffins and Greg O’Shea. Amber Gill now seeing Jon Hosking, a supermodel and peloton fitness trainer, after splitting with these two celebs. Both superstars are working together and enjoying each other’s company.

Jon Hosking Net Worth

Jon’s net worth is unknown, as is that of the rest of the peloton, including Ben Alldis. However, Jon Hosking’s net worth is reported to be at $5 million.

Jon Hosking Weight and height

Jon Hosking has a fit body with perfect dimensions. Here are Jon’s body measurements. He is  68 kg in weight and  6 feet 1 inch tall

Jon Hosking’s Training Approach

Jon has had a passion for painting since his days at Art School. With his optimistic approach and sense of humor, he knows exactly how to get peloton users there and keep them engaged. “With my class, I want to create an ideal atmosphere where everyone feels like he can leave skepticism at the door,” he explains.

Jon Hosking’s Passions

Outside of cycling, Jon has a passion for football and painting. Painter, according to Jon, provides sheer escape as well as another medium for expression. In fact, it gives me a fantastic sense of tranquility.

Jon Hosking Social Media


  • @jon_hosking


  • @jon_hosking


  • Jonhoskingpeloton

Jon Hosking Quotes

“Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort!”

I don’t sweat, I sparkle.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Did Jon Hosking Join Peloton?

In 2020, Jon Hosking joined the peloton. Despite being a new member of the peloton family, Jon has gained popularity for his lovable demeanor.

Is Jon Hosking Married?

No, Jon Hosking is still single and he is engaged with Amber Gill, a British supermodel.

What Are Jon’s Hobbies Aside From The Peloton?

Jon Hosking enjoys both football and painting. He is a talented painter who enjoys expressing his emotions via various works.

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