Can You Use Peloton Offline?

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Using Peloton is simple as long as you have good internet connectivity. But what happens if you’re not connected to the internet? Is it possible to use Peloton without having access to the internet?

Even with the pre-load function, using peloton often requires access to the internet. Preload capabilities allow you to preload class audio and video so that your data plan or bad WiFi connection does not hinder your ability to participate. There are, however, workarounds.

If you have decent phone or tablet service, there’s a method you can use.

Using Peloton without an Internet connection or offline

To keep active even if your internet connection goes down or you’re in a remote place without access to the internet, you may use peloton offline. However, you are unable to do much more than skim through the classes using the app.

For me, the best thing about peloton classes is how flexible they are. Outdoor Running, Meditation, and Bodyweight Cardio are just a few of the options they provide, and they can all be done virtually anywhere.

Chair yoga and deck yoga are great ways to stay active while on the go. No matter where you are: an airline, a train, your desk at work, or the grocery store checkout line. Peloton on-demand lessons, in my opinion, are distinct from the competition because of this.

However, a wifi connection is required in order to access such classes. So, No chances, You must need a internet connection to use peloton.


How much data does Peloton use?

As a whole, It depends on the length of the classes or sessions and types of class you choose, e.g. In 30 minutes it is roughly 0.6 gbs, in 45 minutes it consume 1.2gbs data. – According to a reddit user confession.

Can you use Peloton with hotspot?

Yes, definitely you can use a Peloton to connect to your personal hotspot, as long as you have enough data. Peloton classes run in HD and consume a lot data. If you have a mobile service pack with unlimited data, you can use it for Peloton rides.

Can you preload classes on Peloton bike?

Yes, you can. Through the Peloton app, you will be able to preload classes. However, you will need to have a minimum WiFi or internet connection in order to gather your metrics and display the Leaderboard.! Please click on the preload button below the class name and description.

Do preloaded Peloton classes use data or you can take classes offline?

Yes it uses data. You must need a minimal internet connect to do peloton preload classes.

How do you get preloaded classes on a peloton bike?

Preloading Classes on The Peloton App for iOS & Android

  1. Choose the class that you want to take
  2. Click on the Preload button beneath the class name or description.
  3. Accept the confirmation modal which appears next.
  4. Once the class has been downloaded, you will see a checkmark confirming that it is ready to take.