First German Tread coach Tobias Heinze Joins Peloton

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For the first time, Peloton has brought on Tobias Heinze as a Tread Coach from Germany. Heinze’s 20-minute Tread Classes are available for on-demand viewing starting at 12 p.m. ET, September 29.

Peloton has made the following announcement on its website and blog:

As a result, we’re excited to introduce you to Tobias Heinze, our new running teacher in Germany. He pushes the envelope of what’s “possible” as a triathlon instructor and ultra runner. You can count on him to help you push your boundaries and achieve your objectives as a Peloton runner.

According to Heinze’s Peloton bio, he has the following qualifications:

Tobias is a born and bred sports enthusiast. In his spare time, he trains for ultra-marathons, plays football, tennis, and basketball, and lifts weights like a madman. For the Bamberg native, there is just one thing more important than running: his two children and wife. They all share his passion for the sport. Tobias’s running courses are ideal for anybody looking to improve their physical and mental well-being while simultaneously working with a world-class athlete.

As of the end of August, Peloton has hired a total of six new Tread coaches, including Heinze. Peloton announced the acquisition of Kirsten Ferguson, Daniel McKenna, and Marcel Dinkins at the same time that Tread was released.

Peloton then announced the addition of two Tread instructors located in the UK, Susie Chan and Jermaine Johnson, along with the launch of their new London studio.

A promotional video introducing Heinze has also been published by Peloton, and you can see it here:

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