Can You Rent A Peloton Bike? Find Few Options!

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The good news is, In 2023 you can simply rent workout equipment for few weeks or days. This permits one to live a distant lifestyle and keep in fit. What about peloton? Can you rent a peloton bike?

As a total, Yes now you can rent a peloton bike directly from company in continental US locations*. Beginning 11 March, 2022 Peloton start offering their new customers a peloton rental package under One Peloton Club with the one monthly subscription fee is $89 (Source). This bundle covers both the bike (Only original peloton bike) and all access membership.

*This rental package is not for the current peloton members and have never used peloton home trial before
*This offers only for the original Peloton Bike and does not (currently) apply to the Bike+ or Tread.
*Offer is limited only in the Continental United States.
*There is a one time, non-refundable delivery fee of $150 to begin the program.
Read the terms and conditions carefully for more details

In an official statement the company says, “This rental offer is a limited pilot program in select US locations to explore various pricing models and options for new members”

List of Peloton Showroom Locations with One Peloton Club Rental Package

  • Florida: Aventura, Coral Gables
  • Minnesota: Bloomington, Edina
  • Houston: Highland Village, Houston, Market Street
  • Denver: Denver, Lone Tree

That being said, according to the CEO of Peloton, John Foley, the business indicated that over the next several years there would be a rental system in place. Its finally came true.

Can You Rent a Spin or Exercise Bike?

As a whole, the exercise bike may be rented. Some firms or companies provide 12 to 24-week rental plans with a monthly price of $40 to $80 (including delivery and installation) (including delivery and installation). You may also rent a treadmill, as well as an elliptical machine or recumbent cycle.

I think renting a peloton or spin bike is a fantastic idea. With more remote work going on individuals seek to being location independent.

This implies having an opportunity to rent a peloton bike is extremely useful because it allows you to live a remote lifestyle and have an access to an exercise bike exactly like you would at home.

In reality, since 2020, many gym owners have opted to rent their cardio equipment to private persons. Wanting ahead, this tendency may continue to rise as more and more individuals are looking to travel and renting a temporary residence.

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Below check out the list of exercise bike rental companies. Google it for more companies near to you. Here are few:

LocationCompany website
Florida (FL)
Los Angeles (CA)
New York City (NY)

How To Rent Peloton Bike

As a total, you can a bike from the peloton in select US locations. However, what you can do is rent a standard studio spin bike and utilize your current peloton app to stream the cycling classes.

  • Contact with your local exercise bike rental business and find out the payment alternatives for the time you wish to utilize the bike.

Of course, with peloton digital, you won’t have access to the leaderboard and all the picturesque routes. However, if your objective is to be consistent with your cardio, without leaving the home, this is good enough.

What I appreciate about renting an exercise bike is that you not only can perform cardio every day (no matter of your location), without the obligation to purchase the bike. This saves you hassle when you wish to go again.

Will Peloton Rent Bikes?

As a total, the peloton said that in the foreseeable future, there would be a rental program accessible. In the interview with CNBC, the CEO of Peloton, John Foley claimed that few years from now, their has a rental plan.

The Peloton rental service not only helps to obtain access to the peloton for a larger audience but also allows for all remote workers to keep healthy, without going to the gym.


Do you buy or rent Peloton bikes?

My suggestion is, If you’re fitness enthusiast it is worthy to buy a peloton bike but if you’re in a confusion or test it as a newbie; you can rent it first and then buy it later based on your experience.

Can you rent a Peloton Bike in UK?

No you can’t rent a peloton bike in UK right now but in future it may possible. You can rent other exercise bike and use Peloton App Membership for £12.99 per month.

Does peloton have buy out option when renting it?

You can buy your Peloton Bike at any time while you are renting it. Prices depend on when you decide to buy out your Bike.

Peloton mentioned the Buyout pricing by date of buyout:

  • $1,295 at day 0 to 12 months
  • $895 at 12 months, 1 day to 24 months
  • $500 on or after 24 months, 1 day

*After purchasing your Bike, you will be charged the $44 monthly All-Access-Membership fee.