How to Buy A Used Peloton Bike? – [Full Guide & Checklist]

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There are so many folks who are still confused about whether peloton is for them or not. And in that delusion that gets lost in the way of making decision of whether they should invest for a new Peloton bike and get set for a complete fit regime or simply try something else. Sometimes this could be because of your doubts related to peloton biking. If it actually works or not, such thoughts keep wandering inside your head.

A simple solution to such confusion could be buying a used peloton bike to have an experience and decide whether the bike is right for you or not. And to help you do that, here’s a guide on How to buy used peloton bike. Let’s have a look at all the areas related.

Used Peloton Bike Checklist [Features to Look]

When it comes to buying a second-hand peloton bike, the most important part is to inspect the features. As this term is related to investing money, you should check the peloton bike features and quality not to regret later.

Before going to the bike stores or online shops to select a used peloton bike, you should sort out a few things in your mind. There are more dealers who illegally sell their second-hand bikes for profits. So, it’s vital to check the features and details for not being fooled.

Read down below to find how to buy used peloton bike:

The Frame of Used Peloton Bike

Most peloton bike whether it’s used or new comes with a well-built, smartly designed and executed frame that lasts longer. There’s a reason for the peloton bike expensive price as it’s inspiring as long as you use it.

In view of that, you should check the frame of the used peloton bike before choosing one. You may need to use a torch to examine every part of it closely to catch the smallest crack.

For that, use your fingers all over the span to ensure there isn’t the least possible flaw in the frame. Keep in mind that a small fault on used peloton bikes will cause big trouble if you ride over a hole at high speed. It can result in serious injury and many miserable things.

On top, ensure to check the mountain plate for the front derailleur which shouldn’t have any dusty or powdery mark on it. It indicates corrosion that gradually makes the parts flimsy and results in the crack. You can also use a pen to check its durability by sliding it over the body.

If you feel by touching its surface a little rough and a metal residue, then it’s a big no to choose. It’ll slowly lose its anti-oxidation activity and cause rust.

Seat Post Adjustments

Seat Post is a vital component of a bike that lets you adjust the height lower or upper for comfort and ease.

It basically gives riders ease and relieves to ride a bike without compromising your comfort. So, you should test the seat post of a second-hand peloton bike before switching to it. For that, take time on inspecting a used peloton bike seat post if it’s adjustable or not.

A simple trick is to lift the bike and then release it to be aware of its workability and adjustment. Yet, the trick is effective if you lift it for up to 5 or more inches. While releasing the bike seat post, you should listen carefully when it falls. If you hear a clinking sound, it’s possible that the seat post is not in good condition.

This is a signal to examine your chosen used peloton bike. For that, pick a touch to inspect all areas on the seat post clamp. This vital part carries high pressure of your weight while sitting. So, it shouldn’t come with any holes or spots on the surface.

For carbon frame seat post clamp, there’s a chance it won’t last long. Thus, make sure to check every inch of the seat post to confirm its lasting ability.

Technical Specifications

While switching to second-hand products, you may need to check bike technical terms to understand its overall quality.

For finding the details, you can roam around the official manufacturer websites of the brand. Take time to compare your chosen peloton bike gives details. Make sure to read all the details and specifications to fairly judge.

If you uncover any differences to the chosen product, then try not to buy the product. A slightly different fork which only can be resolved if replacing or restoring is highly avoidable to get. Yet, you can ask the seller of the chosen second-hand peloton bike why it was replaced.

It’s important to learn the used peloton bike replaced part reason on replacing as it can be a fraud. If the second-hand bike seller reply that it was mistaken or accident, then don’t get it.

As you don’t know what are the real reason for the damage on the used peloton bike, so it’s better not to buy. Also, it doesn’t make clear how much the used bike damage occurs.

Accessories and Extra Parts

The peloton bikes last longer if they come with strong little accessories and other parts. As the small parts of the bike help them to stay on position, it’s important to examine the accessories. For that reason, you should check the used peloton bike accessories.

Take a look at the attachment on the frame if it’s okay or not. In this case, you should check from cable guides to the rivets on the used peloton bike.

If you see any accessories that have dusty metal marks, then run your fingers toward the marks and rub. By rubbing at the corrosion part, you can understand the damage of it. If you see it’s just the surface rust then you can avoid it when modifying the bike.

For safety, you should inspect the area closely with the help of a torch between the chain stay and the smaller ring. Don’t forget about the plastic or metal plates as they needed for clip-in. Take time and look at the area very carefully.

If you find scratches or crack, it means that the metal or plastic plate is exchanged manually. And, you probably don’t want to waste time on fraud sellers.

The Wheels

The wheels are a super supportive component of a peloton bike to move forward and backward. It gives a real feel of road vibrations, surface faults and changes in terrain to move smoothly.

So, you may need to check the wheels of the used peloton bike if it’s good or needs to repair. While examining the wheels, make sure to look for the facts of oxidization around the spokes hole. Plus, look at the hub and rims to check closely for catching any drawback.

Basically, if you see the brake shoe is used up, it means the rims are at a fault. The best way to check the wheel whether it’s fine or not is to measure the length among the brake shoe and the rim. Another way to check the wheel is to spin it slowly to spot any variation than the original.

Take a close look at the wheels from up to down that you’ll soon be able to catch the issues. And, make sure to read a review of your chosen second-hand peloton bike for better ideas.

The special nut that attaches the spokes and the wheel closer is also needed to be check. For that, check the wheel nuts if it’s rusting or not to decide better.

The Drivetrain

The drivetrain of the peloton bike is a source of rotating the wheels via pedaling.

The buttery smooth performance without making any noise indicates the drivetrain is good in shape. Yet, a second-hand peloton bike drivetrain may need to check as they are used.

Use your hand or a chain checker to raise the chain or drivetrain off the teeth. If you see the drivetrain lifts up off the teeth, it indicates that the chain needed to replace as soon as possible. It’s your choice to go for it or not to buy it, just follow your desire.

You may also need to check the pedals if they caught any rust or metal stain which can cause feeble surface. In the pedal and chain, the cranks are generally very rough that can break at the worst times. So, make sure to check the parts carefully by taking the time on inspecting.

A good way to inspect is to seek out faults in the joints on the bike engravings. Remember that the tiniest grooves in the joints are the reason for your potential risk.

The Brake Housing and Cables

The brake housing and cables are a vital part of the bike that gives greater strength needed for the power generated by the brake lever.

The brake housing and cables are usually designed in the light-weighted, reusable and stiff set-up. As it helps controlling power, so it’s better to inspect the housing and cables part.

Ensure to look over the cable’s quality in the area it operates, near to the seat post and the rear wheel. This is the most dangerous area where the cable can get damage. If you see any twist around the fork or crack in the cables, make sure to avoid the product.

The same thing applies to the housing part that can bend around the fork which is a caution single for you to notice.

For that, you may need to check the housing and cable by pressing or clutching the brakes and then rapidly release it. Make sure to notice the lever that needed to go back to its place. If you find any issue related to its level speed, you may need to tighten the cable and housing.

Trial Drive of the Used Peloton Bike

The last but definitely not the least checklist is to test the cast-off peloton bike speed if it’s better to go with.

You see, it’s being used that may affect its speed and power generator to go faster in control. So, the best thing is to check the chosen bike speed via trial drive.

For that, always test drive the cast-off bike that you wish to have before getting it. To be confident on your choice, you may need to sort out the bike’s perfection which matches the desire. Inspect its generating power to make sure that it’s perfect for your top games.

You can try it by riding without holding the hand to check the balance and control of the wheel. In that case, you can also test the brake response and pedaling comfort to try quick turns for checking its balance.

By doing this, you are able to reach to the satisfying second-hand peloton bikes without any Imperfections.

How Much Does A Second-Hand Peloton Bike Cost?

While thinking of how to buy used peloton bike, it’s natural to mull over its price point for a better investment. A used peloton bike basically cost quite lesser than a brand new one.

If you are planning to get a used peloton bike, it’s really important to learn its value before choosing. For that, you may need to do some research to approach better on the market value of each brand. Basically, a peloton bike comes at a high price for up to 3000 or more dollars.

The reasons behind its expensive price are its overall features and quality and of course the warrant benefits. Yet, a used peloton bike won’t cost like the new one. It will cost up to 2400 dollars including the bike and essential gears, shipping or delivery charge and sales tax.

On the other hand, if you are buying on a discount price, then it may not include the subscription fee. And, the delivery charges may cost higher or lessen depending on the distance of your home. Otherwise, it should be around 300 to 450 dollars to deliver.

Counting the price, you’ll be able to save at least 800 dollars for the cheap price which is quite unbelievable. Most buyers of second-hand peloton bikes give a positive reaction on the price.

Just be curious about the frauds and really cheap price at high features as it indicates nothing but a danger. By looking at the price, decide if you want to go with it or not.

From Where Should You Buy Used Peloton Bike?

The best place to get your desirable used peloton bike is online bike stores. These types of stores usually sellers tend to restore the bikes that are transferred to them. With that, you’ll be able to find the used bikes easily. But, the problem is not all stores serve cast-off peloton bikes.

Unlike road and mountain bikes, the peloton bikes are quite easy to find on the internet. Most people are selling their used peloton bikes at different rates. There are many places where you should buy second-hand peloton bike. Read down below to find more details:

Facebook Buy, Sell & Trade Groups

BST aka Buy, Sell & Trade is the name of a Facebook group that gives the opportunity to trade products. There are hundreds of groups that come with everything you like to think of.

By joining this group, you can find your desire second-hand peloton bike avilable for sale. It’s super simple to buy which needs only a click on the Buy and Sell to get with no trouble.


This site is super popular for selling and buying products that you need the most. In fact, eBay is a secure way to buy the second-hand product of your choice as many sellers sell their peloton bike here. On top of it, you are able to get shipping integrated in your buy.


While wishing for a place is close to you, the craigslist is the place where you can achieve your needs. This site is always famed for reliable sellers and good trades related to bikes.

Yet, you may need to act fast as the Craigslist is super popular enough to get sold out in a minute. It’s better to be careful as there also some fraud around.

Facebook Marketplace

Another place that is super easy to ship and deliver is the Facebook marketplace. They come with the latest and used products on almost everything you wish to have.

The greatest thing about this site is they sometimes come with an unbelievable offer on a cheap price. They also sell products locally or from businesses to find enough sellers for getting one.

In general, these best four sites of used peloton bikes are a perfect place to get one. However, from these sites, the Craigslist and eBay are the safest and the simplest to get with no trouble. The other options are also good to get but may include some cons and frauds.

Should You Get a New Peloton Bike or A Used One

Do you ever get confused on getting a new Peloton bike or used peloton bike? If you are thinking on buying new stuff rather than a used one, we must say it’s a terrible decision.

The new Peloton bike do gives some special benefits still we don’t recommend to get this. They don’t always give you’re the benefits like the used one. One of the special benefits of a new Peloton bike is its warranty service that comes with up to 5 years and 12 months for gears and labor.

On the upper hand, a used peloton bike is far more beneficial than the new one. The first benefits are the live class subscription that has no extra spending.

In general, the app costs up to 40 dollars in a month. If it’s buying all new, you may need to spend extra money than the used one.

Another benefit on purchasing used peloton bikes is the price as it is begin used from the day it’s purchasing. It basically lost its value like a hundred dollars when someone gets a new Peloton bike. For that reason, a used peloton bike helps to save your money indirectly.

Simple Steps to Avoid Purchasing Stolen Peloton Bike

The bike is the easiest medium on the road that can be theft. It indicates that you should care on your deal especially from someone you don’t know.

The used peloton bikes traders occasionally trade their bikes by lying like giving the wrong details of the reason on their deal. Also, many traders sell their bikes online only because it’s unfairly stolen from someone else’s.

So, there are few simple yet effective steps to avoid illegal or stolen used peloton bike for safety:

Look at the Price & Quality

The price and quality of the chosen product needed to be logical to purchase.

For example, if the price surprisingly comes at a cheap price for a high quality bike then you shouldn’t trust the trader.

As it has high quality at a low price, that is a warning for you to be alert. You should first question why it’s way too cheap than its quality. If this type of problem occurs, it’s a sign to avoid both the deal and the dealer as soon as possible.

And, the best practice is to do some research on the market value of a used peloton bike to understand better.

Check the Online Listing That Comes with Pictures

For an online buyer, you should check the online listing with pictures of the bike that are put up for sale.

A good point out is to avoid the website that has used peloton bike listing pictures taken from Google. You can easily tell that they are taken from the internet as it can’t be that professional. After all, it’s a second-hand peloton bike.

One of the effective ways to find out the rightful listing is the pictures of bikes. So, ask any questions related to the product with the seller and observe the answer. You can also ask the seller how much it’s been used. An honest seller will be able to reply easily all the questions.

Ensure the Reason for Sale

Another effective way to understand the seller if their product stolen or not is the reason for trade or deal.

You may need to do some study for many hours to realize the actual purpose of the seller. Ensure to ask the seller the real reason behind their deal of selling bikes. If the answer indicates it’s an accident or damages, you should get this as it’s better than having a stolen bike.

A nervous responding trader is highly needed to avoid as they lack confidence on their selling. And, you don’t want to take a risk so try to excuse yourself from it. A simple trick to catch the seller real intention is to check the receipt when it has been bought.

List the Register Owned Bikes in a Database

Bike register is a safe and unique database to get real identifying information about the bike and its ownership.

It’s a secure method to get rid of theft as the right owner has their name on the registered list. That makes the bike purchase simpler to not get in involved in the stolen seller and the bike. There are many online databases that register owned bikes.

The most popular databases that register owned bikes are Bike Register. This site will help you to check the frame serial of the bike you are looking for. It’ll help you to understand the right and fake seller to purchase used peloton bike.

What Is the Perfect Time to Buy a Used Peloton Bike?

For a regular person who loves to do spin classes or practice ride as a hobby, a peloton bike is the best way to do so. The peloton bikes are popular for its expensive price and live classes that give lesson to do several exercises. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or used one.

So, how would you know when it’s the right time for you to get a used peloton bike? It depends on your taste and desire to get a used peloton bike. Those who want to lose their weight or want to stay fit by spending less money is the right time to get a used peloton bike.

It’s a good choice to give your body the exercise and fitness for weight-loss.  A used peloton bike is way better than the new one as second-hand bikes cost less than the brand new one. And, the price of the latest peloton bike is high which mostly needs more money to spend.

In most cases, the peloton bike comes with above 3000 dollars that are suitable for people who have pristine conditions. While considering a cheaper and reliable bike, it’s better to spend money on the right cast-off peloton bike. Yet, if you got money to spend on a new one, so be it.

Considering all the safety terms and checklist, you can get the used peloton bike at a decent price. So, while thinking of used peloton bikes, don’t waste time on thinking and just get when you feel in need of it.

Frequently Asked Question.

Does a used peloton bike come with a warranty?

A used peloton bike actually doesn’t come with a warranty option they are not transferable. The official site of the peloton bikes stated that the warranty will only for the person who buys their product.

So, if there any problem occurs, you should solve the problem by repairing and finding parts yourself. Yet, there’re fewer chances to face this problem since the peloton bikes are rather durable.

Who’s better the new or the used peloton bike?

To be honest, there’s no legit reason for not to buy the used or new peloton bikes. If you consider warranty and new-like surface, then try the latest peloton bike for satisfaction.

Except for the warranty feature, there’s no reason not to get second-hand peloton bike. On top of that, most used peloton bike comes with the excellent condition at a decent price.

How long the used peloton bike last?

Peloton bikes are considered as one of the most heavy-duty investments. So, if you want to get a second-hand peloton bike, it may last for up to 5 to 7 years.

A peloton bike is designed with high quality material that makes it durable for lasting benefits. The cost is a good reason for using a second-hand peloton bike.

Can a peloton bike buy on a discount price?

The answer is both yes and no. Actually, there are transfer codes that you can get discount on online if join the peloton groups. Yet, some sites don’t give these facilities.

You can also find the discount on the official pages by asking for the code via comment. The referral codes will let you save 100 dollars off from the bike accessories.


And that’s it. This much should be enough for you to decide one a perfect used peloton bike. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned from this guide on How to buy used peloton bike. Now all that is left to do is going and buying the one.

If you are in confusion about whether a second-hand version will be a waste of money by the end of the day, let those thoughts pass away. It’s surely a great thing to do if you find yourself an ideal. Just keep in mind the check listed things and information we’ve provided.

Do some more research if you want to need some more data or have questions. Be absolutely prepared before buying a certain pick and you won’t regret it during the after-purchase phase. Good Luck!

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