What Is A Good FTP Score On Peloton: How To Gain It?

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If you’re an indoor rider or taking Power Zone training, better knowing about FTP will work as a game-changer for gaining more success. FTP helps you to improve your current fitness level. You can take your next move accurately and customize your workout routine to get a better outcome.

So, as a peloton user, you should know about this important metric to track your improvement. For this, in the following article, I’ll provide you with a brief guide about the FTP score and What is a good FTP Score on Peloton. Also, how you can gain a good FTP score.

What is a peloton FTP score?

FTP or Functional threshold power means how much maximum power a rider can maintain on the bike in a one-hour duration. The score is calculated by the combination of your weight and heart rate data. This score is the best measurement of your actual improvement.

Although FTP is defined by the hour, you don’t need to take a one-hour peloton bike test to determine your score. A 20-minute test is enough for a peloton bike to measure the FTP score, and it provides a very close approximation. 

You can use two methods to participate in the test on Peloton. First, from the “Discover your power zones” program and others, type “FTP” into the search box. Then, after every test, it’ll automatically collect the data and input it into your profile. 

You’ll get several versions of the FTP test on the Peloton screen, where all are quite the same. You can select the best playlist or instructor you like most.

You’ll notice a custom power zone bar at the bottom of your screen with different colors for each zone after you finish the test. But sometimes you need to update the result manually.

You can participate in power zone classes after you do an FTP test. Those classes in the Peloton bike are the hardest in the entire peloton library. Also those classes are much different compared to typical cycle classes. 

Is FTP on Peloton accurate?

There isn’t any power meter on peloton bikes. Also, actual resistance has no bearing. You might have a bike that is so easy to ride or hard. In both cases, the bike provides the same result. For this, the peloton bike can’t be able to provide you with accurate results.

The peloton company claims that they are providing 10% accurate results. In a standard power meter, the accuracy is closer to 1 or 2%. But, 10% accuracy on a Peloton bike isn’t terrible. 

What is a good FTP score on Peloton?

There is no good FTP score to measure because it differs according to people’s weight and other factors. However, according to a recent cycling analytics survey, the FTP score is below 260w for 49% of people, where 44.3% scores are around 270w or more, and 6.7% of people can achieve 270w on their FTP test.

So considering the above data, Around 250 to 300W will be a good FTP score on Peloton, but it varies according to person to person and bike.

What is an Average FTP on Peloton?

The Average FTP on Peloton varies according to weight. For example, a 70 kg rider can maintain an average of 163.8 watts for the 20-minute test. 

But, a pro rider can maintain this metric around 429.8 watts. But, If you get a below score, it doesn’t mean you aren’t improving your fitness. Peloton doesn’t recommend comparing the score with others.

Quick Tips: If you’re just a beginner at cycling or you’re a little bit out of shape, it’ll be a good decision to wait a while. At this point, you won’t get an accurate result because you’ll rapidly be improving in every sector. For this, the zones won’t provide you with an accurate result even after a week.

How To Gain a good or average FTP on peloton cycling?

Here are some tips that will help you gain a good or average FTP score on peloton cycling.

Warm-Up: This is the most important factor to do better in the test. You can’t just jump into the ride without warming up yourself. Your body won’t respond well while you’re on the test. For this, you won’t get a score that reflects your true power.

You’ll find several versions of the FTP test on Peloton. To do a warm-up test, filter the classes to 10 minutes in power zone training.

So, If you want an accurate and good result in your FTP test, the first thing you need to do is join an FTP warm-up class. The instructors also help you to test out different resistance and paces during the warm-up session. That also helps you to select a pace to start at as a beginner.

Bike Setup: Make sure your bike is fully ready for the test. You need to check everything like seat position, height, clip adjustments. Proper setting of those provides you with significant improvement in your output.

Easy To Hard: It’s always better to start with an easy task in your first test, then move into a little harder. If you start with a little easy test, you can always bump up or improve the pace or resistance a little bit every minute until you touch your desired threshold.

If you come out too hard, you might exceed your limit too quickly. But, your body’s going to be filling up with lactate. So, for this, you might not be able to flash it out, and you’re going to be burning up. So, you’ll witness this 20 minutes as hell than it should be, and you’ll get a worse result.

So, always start with an easy one and then move into the harder one to get better performance.

Play With Different Resistances and Cadences: Some people find a slower cadence and a higher resistance to be more effective, while others prefer a faster cadence and a slower resistance.

So, always find out which cadence and resistance provide your most comfort and adjust according to it. It’ll help you to get the highest power output.

Take The Test On Rest Day: Don’t take the test before you’ve had a full day of rest or recovery so your body won’t be tired from previous workouts.

Don’t Eat Before The Test: It’s best to do this test on an empty stomach. If you have a lot of stuff in your stomach throughout the test, you’ll feel worse and less blood will help circulate oxygen through your body to provide you with the most oxygen possible to push your limit. 

So, Ensure that you’re taking food around 4 to 6 hours before the test.

Avoid Dehydration: Make sure that you’re well-hydrated before the test day and the test day. If you have a 1 percent dehydration issue, it’ll affect your performance up to 5 to 10 percent. Also, during these 20 minutes, you won’t be able to grab the water bottle to drink as you’re pushing the bike as hard as you can.

Don’t Disappoint: If you notice that you can’t improve your FTP score, then don’t feel bad and unmotivated. After a while, everyone faces this issue as it gets harder and harder. 

You need to mentally prepare yourself and physically if you want to go into that deep dark spot for those 20 minutes to break your own record.


FTP will help you to know your true power. Also, It helps you take your next move and which workout you need to focus on. But, It’ll be better to compare your FTP score with your own peloton bike because different people have different capacities that might not match you.

I hope, The above guide might help you to know everything about the FTP test. Also, The tips will help you to get a better result in your next FTP test.

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