Peloton Power Zone Training for Weight Loss (Explained)

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Cycling intensity levels are generally categorized as Power Zones, with each zone corresponding to a percentage of your FTP (Functional Threshold Power). Peloton power zone training provides for ongoing performance increases without overtraining or overloading the body. The effort levels evaluated by power output and individual FTP scores are the peloton power zones. Power zone workouts allow you to accurately quantify the intensity and duration of your ride.

Is Power Zone training good for weight loss?

In general, Peloton power zone rides are really effective for your weight loss goal because it allow to keep your heart rate between the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, affects the body’s energy systems in a distinct way that provides unique benefits and adaptations. Thus, It boosts oxygen demand in your body, allowing you to burn more fat over time.

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Here in this article, I will discuss about best power zone training for weight loss. Stick with me.

Peloton Power Zone Training | Courtesy: Onepeloton

What is a Power Zone Training on Peloton?

In general, Peloton Power Zone Training is a type of deliberate training with over 400 classes focusing on an output or power metric (measured in watts). Output/Power is a combination of cadence and resistance that measures the rider’s rate of work on the bike. It is an excellent tool for both improving and tracking your fitness over time. Power Zones, also known as power levels.

How Often Should You Do Peloton Power Zone Classes?

In general, you can do peloton power zone classes 3-5 times a week, depending on your fitness level, training volume, and ability to recover from workouts. It is suggested to do power zone endurance rides 4-5 times a week for trained riders. And the People, who train for anaerobic workouts should do power zone max rides 2-3 times a week.

What are the Benefits of Power Zone Training?

  • Quantifies the rider’s rate of work on the bike
  • Great aerobic endurance and improving the anaerobic threshold
  • Thus, Improve your fitness level and helps to lose weight faster

How Is The Peloton Power Zone Calculated?

To be precise, Peloton power zone is calculated based on the percentage of the functional threshold power (FTP) score. After completing the FTP test, peloton records the results and shows the power output spectrum dividing into 7 power zones.

Peloton power zone chart | Courtesy: Onepeloton

Peloton Power Zone Classes for Weight Loss

There are 5 types of power zone rides that are designed for weight loss. (Beginners to Advanced). These are:

  1. Power Zone Beginners Ride
  2. Power Zone Ride (Beginners to Intermediate)
  3. Power Zone Endurance Ride
  4. Power Zone Max Ride
  5. Power Zone Theme Ride

1. Power Zone Beginners Ride

Peloton power zone beginners ride is the most basic power zone class featured in the Peloton app. Each class lasts 20 minutes and is designed to get you started with power zone training.

The goal of this class is to train you how to interpret your power zone bar so that you can accurately assess your current zone, feel more comfortable, and prepare for more advanced workouts.

Some popular peloton power zone rides for beginners

  • 15 min Intro to Power Zone Ride by MATT WILPERS
  • 20 min FTP Test Ride by DENIS MORTON
  • 20 min Beginner Ride by ALEX TOUSSAINT
  • 20 min Beginner Ride by CODY RIGSBY
  • 20 min Beginner Ride by ROBIN ARZÓN
  • And many more

2. Power Zone Ride

Peloton power zone is a series of classes that take 30 minutes to 60 minutes and these are designed to train between zones 3 to 6. The class normally starts with a long ride at a slower pace, followed by interval training at a higher intensity. This type of workout is excellent for improving performance without exhausting the body.

Some popular peloton power zone rides

  • 30 min Power Zone Ride OLIVIA AMATO
  • 30 min Power Zone Ride CHRISTINE D’ERCOLE
  • 30 min Power Zone Ride MATT WILPERS
  • 30 min Power Zone Classic Rock Ride DENIS MORTON
  • And many more

3. Power Zone Endurance Ride

Peloton power zone endurance ride is one of the most popular weight loss classes in the community. The classes go between 30 and 90 minutes, and the goal of this session is to work on zones 2 and 3.

This class is ideal for those who prefer to increase miles rather than intensity during their workout. Because of the moderate intensity, it is excellent for weight loss and cardio endurance.

Some popular peloton power zone endurance rides

  • 60 min Power Zone Endurance Ride by OLIVIA AMATO
  • 60 min Power Zone Hip Hop Ride by MATT WILPERS
  • 60 min Two for One: Power Zone Ride by DENIS & MATT
  • 45 min Power Zone Endurance Ride by DENIS MORTON
  • And many more

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4. Power Zone Max Ride

The power zone max ride is the most difficult of the peloton’s power zone classes. This session will teach you how to go to the highest power zone and achieve your maximum power output.

The class consists of a mixture of zone workouts, including intervals of short bursts of HIIT, recovery rides, and tempo rides.

  • 45 min Power Zone Max Ride by MATT WILPERS
  • 30 min Power Zone Max Ride by OLIVIA AMATO
  • And many more

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Peloton power zone theme rides are one-of-a-kind classes that workout in a range of power zones while listening to themed music such as pop, dance, hip hop, or classic rock.

Some popular peloton power zone theme rides

  • 30 min Power Zone Endurance Hip Hop Ride by DENIS MORTON
  • 30 min Power Zone Endurance 90s Ride by MATT WILPERS
  • And many more

Peloton Power Zone Training Plan and Schedule (Sample)

DayBeginners ScheduleAdvanced Schedule
Monday30 min power zone endurance + 15 min glutes and legs45 min power zone endurance + 20 min glutes and legs
Tuesday20 min Bike Bootcamp30 min Bike Bootcamp
Wednesday30 min power zone ride + 15 min arms and shoulders60 min power zone ride + 20 min arms and shoulders
Thursday30 min Power Zone Endurance + 20 minute Total Body Strength45 min Power Zone Max + 30 minute Total Body Strength
Friday30 min Power Zone + 15 Min Upper Body45 minute Power Zone + 20 Min Upper Body
Saturday30 min Power Zone Ride60 min Power Zone Ride
Sunday20 min Recovery30 min Recovery
Sample: Peloton Power Zone Training Plan and Schedule

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Peloton power zone vs HIIT

In general, The peloton power zone and HIIT differ in their performance indicators.

HIIT and interval training classes are based on your cadence and resistance. In the power zone session, intensity is cued in accordance with your power zone as an indicator.

Peloton power zone vs Heart rate zone

In general, The peloton power zone gives you a more direct response based on what you generate in real-time.

On the other hand, The heart rate zone is not the best way to determine the current effort level. The heart rate response is slower (around 30 seconds) to adjust to changes in exercise intensity.

How to Use Power Zone Training to Improve Performance?

See this FB video what Matt Wilpers says: Link

Power Zone Training Tips: 5 steps to help you achieve more PRs

  • Firstly, Build a good training plan
  • Stay focused and consistent
  • Train hard, but smart.
  • Interval training
  • Progressive load

See this FB video what Matt Wilpers says: Link

Peloton Power Zone Instructors

Peloton has 5 instructors working on the power zone project, which includes FTP tests, rides, and design programs. These are

  • Matt Wilpers
  • Denis Morton
  • Christine D’Ercole
  • Ben Alldis
  • Olivia Amato

Final Words

Peloton power zone ride is a great way to lose weight because it allows you to maintain your heart rate between the aerobic and anaerobic threshold. Maintaining a heart rate in this range results in burning more fat over a long time, which helps you lose weight.

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