How to Clean Peloton Bike Properly! Detail Guide

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With you every day using the Peloton bike, sweat is obvious to occur and damage your exercise equipment. And the case is the same with a peloton bike. So, it’s important you worry about learning some tips on how to clean peloton bike right.

Not only will sweat cause damage but also very gross smelling. And that can heavily displease you during your workout sessions. In some cases, this can also snatch away your motivation and interest to really involve in an intense workout.

Because our activities and interest are hugely impacted by surroundings. So do mind about keeping a good eye on the maintenance need particular cleaning regime of your peloton bike.

Discussing How to Clean Peloton Bike Properly

The process of cleaning the peloton bike should not be rocket science hard to understand because simply it’s not. A little focus will do good with understanding the cleaning. Let’s talk about the entire process in steps right below.

Wipe Down Your Peloton Frames

If you are looking for how to clean Peloton bike, then your first step would be wiping down the frames of it.

Pelotons frames are made out of steel that doesn’t rust if contacting with sweat for the first time. Yet, if you continue to leave your bike frames damp with sweat, it will eventually output you metal marks or peeling issues. Even sweats damage the frames which need to be clean.

For that reason, you want to get rid of all the sweat that has been contacting your Peloton frames. So, grab a damp towel to clean the frames of Peloton. Make sure to wipe the frames such as the handlebars, under seats, and other sides gently and carefully.

After wiping the frames, you should check if it is right to leave or needed to dry out. If you see it is still damped, then use dry clean clothes to wipe out. When you are done drying the frames, move to the next step.

Clean Your Bike Seat and Pedals after Every Ride

After you have cleaned the peloton frame, you want to wipe down your bike seat and pedals carefully.

Bike pedal and seat cover also get damages if it contacts with sweats. You may not see it but leaving bike pedal and seat cover unclean with sweat will output the peeling issue. For that reason, use the damp cloth for cleaning your bike seat and pedals.

You want to wipe the bike seat and pedals carefully to not damage that will crack up the surface. It would be better if you clean them with water and liquid mixture solution by using a brush. After you have wiped them down, you want a tissue to dry out the damp surface.

And, you want to clean them at least 3 times a week to avoid facing peeling snag. If you are done doing so, then head to the following step.

Use the Damp Towel to Clean the Monitor

How to Clean Peloton Bike Properly

The next thing you want to do to clean your Peloton bike is to wipe your monitor. You see, Peloton monitors are an electric device that is similar to Tablet PC. This type of peloton screen needs to be clean carefully and gently.

To clean the peloton screen rightly, you want to grab a damp towel that is not too much moisture. Try wiping the back and then the front of it after spraying with the glass cleaner solution. Make sure you have cleaned them perfectly without leaving any space.

And then, you want to use a paper or tissue to dry out the surface and then rush to the next step.

Avoid Using Damp Towel in the Metal Parts

You definitely want to ensure it is to avoid using the damp towel in the metal parts. Most metals parts of Peloton bike results in rust or corrosion. You don’t want to reduce the lifespan of bolts that will crack or break.

Yet, try not to use any damp clothes in the bike metal parts without drying them out. But, it’s better to avoid using the damp towel in the metal parts.

Use an Odor Spray to Get Rid of Bad Smell

The other thing you want to do for ending the process is by using an odor spray to give a new-like feel to your old peloton bike. After you have done doing all the steps above, use any of your favorite air fresheners or spray inside your room and peloton bike.

This thing will give you a nice feel on your next workout. As the peloton bike tends to bear all the sweats in their frames and other parts, so it’s best to use an odor spray to avoid the bad smell. Also, try to spray the pedals as they also contact with sweats.

Do All the Processes Every Week

You want to do the upper steps every week to ensure your Peloton bike parts are good in the state. Also, try following some tricks that will help peloton to get less dirty.

You on top want to clean the area where you are practicing your workout.  Plus, take a towel when working out to wipe sweat as it’ll help getting less dirty.

Wrap Up.

So that was all about how to clean peloton bike. Once you finish working out, it’s good to make a habit of wiping it with a microfiber cloth. This will help to keep it away from too much dirt to build up.

Once in a while do give it a thorough deep clean. There’s nothing much to invest in for this process. However, you may want to check the manufacturer’s guidelines. There could be suggestions on what type of cleaner you should use or any method for cleaning specifically. It’s best to stick with that if provided.

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