13 Peloton Bike Maintenance Steps and Tips (Complete Guide)

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As long as we own and use machines with electronic components, we can’t eliminate maintenance. In this case, the problem is when we have to allocate a significant amount of time doing it.

Peloton bike owners can relate to this problem more than others. That is why we researched and gathered useful Peloton bike maintenance tips to reduce the maintenance-effort.

This article will let you know some small but important tips that can even save some money from repairing costs. So, let’s not wait anymore and jump right into the topic.

Does the Peloton Bike Need Maintenance?

Peloton bikes and bike + require regular maintenance. Since it features a belt drive without oiling, it’s easier to maintain than other bikes. Clean the bike after use, check the nuts and bolts, and change the pedals annually.

Peloton Maintenance Schedule

So, how do you make a maintenance plan for a Peloton bike? I’ll tell you when I personally take care of my Peloton;

After every workout, clean the touchscreen and bike frame by wiping them down.

Check the pedals once a week to make sure they are tight. Also, check the cleats and tighten them if they are loose. Also, press the resistance knob down to make sure it works well.

Check the bike’s bolts and nuts once a month to make sure everything is in good shape. If you need to tighten them, use the screws and Allen keys that were given. Also, check the seat nuts and how they are adjusted, the handlebars, and how tight the pedals are.

Every three months, pay close attention to all the moving parts, like the flywheel, crank arm, and pedals, to hear if there are any strange noises.

Change the Peloton bike pedals once a year.

Where will I service the Peloton bike?

The best thing about a Peloton bike is that you can do most of the maintenance yourself.

But if something goes wrong that you can’t fix, you can always contact Peloton support service. If necessary, the staff will assist you.

See Peloton Protection Plan

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Quick cleaning steps to your post-workout routine

  • First, press the tablet’s red button to turn off the touchscreen.
  • Next, clean your touchscreen with an appropriate electronic cleaner and a microfiber cloth.
  • To avoid rust, clean the frame with a moderate cleanser or wet cloth. Don’t use water or soap. After every cleaning, be sure to dry everything well.
  • At least once a month, tighten your seat, pedals, and cleats.

13 Peloton Bike Maintenance Tips and Tricks for All

How do you maintain a Peloton bike? That is a common question among owners, and there are lots of general methods to do it. See the peloton company user manual.

What we are missing is the small tips and tricks that decrease the maintenance cost and effort dramatically. So, let’s see 13 of the most useful and easily applicable Peloton bike maintenance tips below.

1. Use bike mat to avoid floor damages

The very first Peloton bike maintenance tip is to use bike mats at any cost. Bike mats are the necessary cushioning between the hard floor and metal base of the device.

While exercising, the bike vibrates a lot, and it puts a certain pressure on the floor. Vibration with pressure on a hard surface is the secret sauce of quick damages.

That is why you must use the best Peloton bike mats as they can significantly reduce vibration and protect the floor. Also, don’t forget to clean the mat on a regular basis.

2. Don’t use carpet to prevent dust

Now, you may think that I already have a carpet and use it instead of a mat. But you should know that carpets are great at storing small dust particles. By placing a Peloton bike on a rug or similar type of thing can affect the bike performance.

It is because the dust particles can easily get into the openings and settle in between the moving parts. That would introduce resistance and premature tear reducing the longevity of the bike.

3. Maintain some space to avoid accidents.

Exercising on a Peloton bike needs lots of movements. So, it would be wise to keep a minimum of 25″ free-space all around the cycle. Place other equipment besides your stationary bike keeping even more distance.

4. Clean after every use to increase longevity

After some days, you have probably realized that cleaning Peloton bike is mandatory. It is because exercising on a stationary bike can make you sweat like crazy.

If you leave it for monthly maintenance schedule, the sweat can damage metal parts. So, don’t wait that much longer and use baby wipes for safe everyday cleaning.

5. Cleaning with harsh chemicals can discolor the bike

You can’t skip the cleaning part from the maintenance schedule. Some people use whatever cleaning agent they find in their homes to finish the task. But it can discolor, warp, or crack the metal parts and seat cover easily. The safest bet is to use Wipex Natural Gym & Fitness Equipment Wipes.

6. Allow only adults to avoid misuses

If you have kids in your home, you should not let them near the bike. The Peloton makes durable and reliable bikes for indoor exercises, but there are vulnerable parts in it.

A user who doesn’t know the functions may increase maintenance work and repair costs. Also, don’t let overweight persons exceeding the weight-limit ride on this thing.

7. Seat and pedal maintenance every week

You can check out how to adjust a Peloton bike seat in the right way if you are a first-time user. After that, it is necessary to tighten the seat and pedals every month.

Due to continuous usage, the seat gets loose most of the time. If you continue to ride on a loose seat, it will harm your body and result in a broken part. On an additional note, you should also know how to clean the bike seat and pedals after every ride.

8. Oil wheels and belt for smooth performance

Oiling is an occasional task that you need to perform on a flywheel and chain. These moving parts decay faster than any other components because of friction. By using Peloton bike lubrication, it is possible to ensure smoothness between metal objects.

While you oil the parts, check the flywheel, transport wheels, and leveling feet for any damage. Repairing it, in the beginning of a problem, would cost you less.

9. Solve resistance knob issues easily

One of the common problems of old Peloton bikes is that the resistance knob becomes non-linear. As a result, you can’t set the resistance as you need. The easy solution is to use Peloton lubricant, which can clean and smoothen out from the inside.

10. Install the screen carefully

Installing the screen on your Peloton is a daunting task. Here, we are sharing two tips that you may miss in the installation process. First of all, it is a must to stabilize the bike using the front and rear stabilizers.

Secondly, there are a total of 6 washers that come with the package. If you have recently moved out to a new apartment, lost the manual, and forgot the sequence, we can help you. On each side, use 2 washers on the inside and 1 on the outside of the nut.

11. Turn off the bike after every use

Lots of people ask, should I turn off my Peloton? The answer is yes, and you should turn it off to save power and protect your investment from sudden power surges.

12. Solve buffering issues within minutes

App freezing and buffering are some of the most common issues of Peloton screens. Doing a history-clean and cache-clean can solve your problem within a few minutes or seconds.

13. Please take the right decision before it is too late

Before every major incident, we get some clues. That doesn’t happen in every situation, but it is real for Peloton bikes. It shows symptoms before going wrong. So, you should schedule a regular maintenance task and hire a professional. It will let you act before the machine gets broken down completely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Clorox wipes on my Peloton?

You can, but you should not because there are small traces of bleach in Clorox wipes. And you know that bleach can discolor the seat and metal parts.

Can you watch Netflix on a Peloton?

Usually, you can’t use other apps like Hulu or Netflix on a Peloton. But there are ways to stream Netflix on your stationary bike. Search how to watch Netflix on a Peloton, and you would get proven methods to enable Netflix.

Can I wash my Peloton heart rate monitor strap?

Instead of cleaning the heart rate monitor, you should clean the strap that absorbs your sweat. Please give it a good wash every week and dry it before using it again.

Can you use baby wipes on Peloton?

The best cleaning hack for Peloton bikes is the use of baby wipes. It is the safest product with no harsh chemicals for your favorite Peloton bike.


We hope that our Peloton bike maintenance tips would help you in real life. Don’t you think that small maintenance tasks every day are the most effective ones to avoid extensive repairs?

That is why our recommended tips are full of tiny effortless tasks. Make a checklist and maintain it regularly.

Finally, let us know whether your riding experience has got any better after applying those tips and tricks. Happy cycling!

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