Things to Know Before Storing Peloton in Garage!

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For the result-oriented performance in fitness, the Peloton has quickly grabbed the attention of many people around the world. More and more people are interested in buying a Peloton bike, and the number has extended for the worldwide pandemic. People want to stay fit yet don’t want to go to the gym.

Is it safe to store peloton bike or tread in garage? In general, the peloton is safe in your garage, as long as you ensure the optimum air temperature, good security system and prevent water damage. Some more crucial details I discussed below, so keep reading.

If you are one of many owners of Peloton, we are glad. But have you thought about storing the bike? You may be wondering for a suitable place to place your Peloton bike if it is not a gym, rather your house. In our opinion, your garage can be a suitable place to store your bike when it comes to your house.

However, there are some things people don’t follow that make them frequently change the location for storing the Peloton bike. That is why we need to discuss the things that you should know before storing the Peloton bike in your garage.  

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5 Important Things to Know Before Storing a Peloton in the Garage

We are going to discuss 5 very important facts that will tell how to store a peloton in a garage in the most appropriate way. Abiding these facts will help your bike to remain protected from any potential damages. As a result, both your home and Peloton bike will remain safe and sound. 

Clean the Peloton Bike Before You Store It

Your garage may not always be clean, as most of them usually aren’t. If the place where you are going to store your Peloton bike is already clean, then that is great. Otherwise, you will have to clean both your Peloton bike and the place before storing the bike. 

For proper cleaning, you should use only wet wipes and simply a Peloton bike frame pad to remove debris. You can use wet wipes to clean the touchscreen. A cheaper solution to clean the touchscreen is to apply some glass cleaner onto a synthetic cloth and rub the screen with it gently. After that, you can assemble your Platoon with the help of your friend. 

After that, it will be the right time to store your Peloton bike for storage. When storing your Peloton, it is best to store it safely with the help of other people to avoid accidents. If you still feel uncomfortable placing the Peloton, you should ask for expert help to easily store the bikes in the garage. Also, make sure the cables and monitor are secured. 

Ensure a Better Environment

Trust us, you don’t want to exercise with your Peloton in a lousy environment. So, how can you make a better environment in your garage to store a Peloton? That’s easy, you just have to add some decorations to your garage so that the environment becomes convenient for workouts.  

If you happen to have a window in your garage, start by adding a pretty flower basket to your window. To decorate the walls, try hanging some frames with motivational training pictures. This will not only create a good garage environment but also give you the motivation to train more. 

Aside from that, your garage can turn into a perfect workout room for keeping the Peloton when you put a small shelf for storing the fitness tools and accessories. Also, keep a comfortable chair in your garage to rest after your workout. 

No matter where you want to store the Peloton bike in your garage, putting a mat on the floor is always a great choice. 

These mats work better on rubber gym flooring tiles. One set of tiles will provide the perfect flooring to rest your bike on. To reduce noise and vibration, a set of 5/8″ tiles will provide a stable base for training. On top of that, these make the surface very easy to clean. 

Some recommended products are –

There are other things like ensuring the lighting fixtures in your garage and having constant airflow so that you have adequate ventilation to keep you sweat-free. A good light inside your garage will make sure the surrounding is safe for your bike. Moreover, a standard fan will keep you cool and fresh after your workout. 

Some recommended products are – 

Look for a Good Space in Your Garage

We are glad that you finally decided to move your Peloton in your garage. Once you have stored your Peloton in the garage, the first thing to do is plan an efficient storage space. Be sure your garage is not a messy one. If so, then it is not possible to store the bike inside the garage. 

Therefore, get rid of the mess inside your garage to easily create good storage space. We guess you are smart enough to manage a good space in your garage. As all you have to do is find the unnecessary stuff and keep them away. Don’t forget to clean off the walls before storing the Peloton bike.

To fix things up, you want to get rid of all garden tools, cables, and shelters. If you don’t have other storage options to keep these tools inside your house, then install additional cabinets or shelves in your home. You can also install tool mounting racks either in the garage or your home. Some suggested products are – 

Unfortunately, you may have to park your car somewhere else if you decide to make your garage a workout place for your Peloton bike. The garage will automatically allow your Peloton bike to fit in once you have arranged these things.    

If you are used to throwing your unnecessary household belongings in the garage, be sure to recycle them or store them somewhere else. Think about the most useful tools and place them near the front door.

Make Sure the Place Has Proper Security from Thieves

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a chart of crime according to statistics from the San Francisco Police Department – 

You can clearly see from the stats that the rate of vehicle theft and burglary has risen in 2020 for the pandemic crisis. Your garage is the first place targeted by criminals to commit these kinds of crimes. And your Peloton bike can also be a target if it is stored inside the garage.

To safely store the Peloton out from the perimeter of thieves, you need to ensure good security in your garage. Adding powerful security devices will ensure a secure infrastructure for your garage. This will also help get rid of stolen products from the garage. 

Make sure your garage has no open spaces or windows that are too exposed. If that is the scenario, try adding a surveillance camera or alarm system that makes sounds if someone tries to break in. It is essential that you add something like CCTV, a security alarm, or an activated light sensor that provides good protection, even if your Platoon is well covered. 

Perhaps, you can take a look at these cool security devices –

  • SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System – A complete security solution for your home, giving you the option for 24/7 monitoring. This smart solution works with both Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Yale LiftMaster Smart Lock – Specially built for home garages. Works better when it is paired with the smart garage hub that is sold separately. Furthermore, it doesn’t need any key to operate.
  • Skylink GM-434RTL – A ultimate home security alarm and monitoring system for any garage. This can be controlled over long distances. Gives you notifications with visual and audio indicators when the garage is open or closed.   

Adding a durable and non-transparent door to your garage is perhaps the most effective thing to do for the ultimate protection. This will keep the thieves restrained from entering your garage. Along with all these, a good security system for the garage door is crucial. 

Pro Tip:
Leave an extra key of the garage door to a neighbor that you are entrusted with. This will help if you are worried about getting locked outside the house. It is always better to keep a spare key even if your close friend or neighbor doesn’t live around. 

Protect the Peloton Bike Frame from Getting Damaged

Here is what we have learned from the Peloton officials – 

  • Peloton bikes should be only stored in dry and indoor areas.
  • The safe temperature range of a place for storing a Peloton bike is from 32 to 104F (0 to 40℃). Electrical or mechanical complications may occur if the bike is stored outside of this temperature range. 

Along with a good storage solution, Peloton bike frames need proper care and maintenance to get rid of dirt, bugs, and damages from the heat. After enhancing the security infrastructure of your garage, you want to use items that help your Peloton bike to stay stationary for longer.

Talking about items, you may use a mounting cover for your bike and a non-slip mat for the floor. If you are a regular Peloton user, it is essential to add a few good things to help you get rid of daily cleaning. This will also protect you from insect attacks.

Worth mentioning, you should use a cover to protect the Peloton bike frame from heat, sun, and humidity if you want to place your Peloton next to garage windows. A cover is also needed if you want to protect the Peloton from the most critical weather conditions. The aging of your Peloton bike depends on these factors directly.

After researching the market, we have come up with these covers – 

Wrap Up

And this has brought us to the end of this discussion about storing your Peloton bike in the garage. Along with breaking down the important considerations, we have taken care of almost everything for keeping your bike in a good shape when it is remaining inside the garage. 

You should give proper attention to all the tips that we have discussed in this article. And indifferent storage can really be a reason to repent later. So, practice good storage habits, whether it’s your Peloton bike or whatever training gear you own.