How To Clean Peloton Screen? (Full Guide For Beginners)

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Learn to clean your Peloton screen, especially when you love Peloton as the best option for your home workout while keeping the riot of other types of home gym equipment. 

The screen is a vital part of a Peloton bike. Your bike won’t remain clean and pristine unless the touchscreen is dusty. So you need to learn how to clean your Peloton touchscreen. The task is quite easy and the best part is – you don’t have to invest a lot to keep it clean and maintained. Moreover, you don’t have to devote yourself to spending lots of hours to keep the screen clean all the time.  

Along with teaching the cleaning process, we will introduce you to the Peloton bike’s screen and discuss some important facts related to it. So if you are ready, it’s time to clean your Peloton screen.

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What to Know About the Peloton Screen?

You must know the item before you are going to clean it, right? Therefore, we have decided to go through a brief introduction of the Peloton screen before discussing the process of cleaning it. 

The Size of The Peloton Screen – 

It varies when it comes to the size of the Peloton screen. While specific sizes can be guessed for other types of flat screens, this rule doesn’t apply to a Peloton bike. Normally, the standard Peloton bike comes with a 21.5” screen while the Peloton Plus model offers a 23.8” touchscreen.

Each Peloton model offers different sizing for its screen. This also applies to the tread models. The normal tread consists of a 23.5” screen. On the other hand, 32” is the size of the screen for the tread plus variant. 

The Difficulty of the Process – 

All the models do have a common fact despite having differences in size and configuration. That is – all the Peloton screens are HD touch-sensitive. The screen may look tip-top in shape but it is really delicate in nature. This makes the cleaning process a bit challenging. So, be as gentle as possible while cleaning.

The Proper Cleaning Material – 

From Peloton’s official website, we have come to know that using Windex on the Peloton screen is good. But, there are electronic-friendly cleaners available in the market.

These cleaners are specially designed for Peloton bikes and they have turned out to be better for cleaning. So, this is a dilemma going on in the minds of Peloton users.

Rules for Rigorous Use – 

From one point of view, implementing a cleaning routine for each family member is important if they are all using a single Peloton bike for home workouts.

The bike will remain safe and new after going through rough and continuous usage. In this way, the members will learn to take care of the bike eventually. 

Maintenance Cost and Effort – 

You don’t have to spend a huge sum of money or an entire day cleaning in order to maintain the original appearance of the screen. You can always keep it dust-free if you know the right process of cleaning. More importantly, if you are regularly following the process.

To make the cleaning process affordable, use cheap cleaning vinegar instead of traditional Peloton cleaning solutions that cost way higher. Either way, the screen will remain clean and dust-free no matter if you use the cheap one or the pricer one.     

Judging all these, we have come to the conclusion of writing this article to instruct you on the right process of cleaning the Peloton screen and make you realize the importance of keeping it cleaned. 

How To Clean the Peloton Screen?

We have already said cleaning the bike’s screen is easy. However, you have to know the proper way before going to clean the screen as you may always face trouble for the fragile nature of the home screen. 

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing that you need to remember is not to spray or apply any cleaner directly on the touchscreen.

Some electronic components may not function properly if you have applied cleaning chemicals directly on the screen. Also, there are chances of breaking the screen by applying too much pressure on your fingertips. 

Step 2:

Second, take a quick look at whether or not the touchscreen is shut down before whipping it with a washcloth.

You can shut the Peloton screen by holding the red button situated on the top of the screen. And it is on the back of the screen, not the front. 

Step 3:

The best and easiest way to clean every nook and cranny is to apply a few drops of disinfectant spray on a wet microfiber cloth and clean the screen with it.

Compared to other methods, this is a better process of keeping the screen disinfectant and cleaner. In fact, Peloton has officially recommended the following for cleaning the screen – 

-“Use Windex wipes for the screen and use a microfiber towel to wipe after.”

But before you wipe the touchscreen, make sure the disinfectant spray is electronic-friendly.

Step 4:

For rubbing the screen, you can either use a microfiber cloth or a cleaning wipe. However, disposable wipes are expensive and they are not reusable like a microfiber cloth. Also, wipes will generate more trash than usual.    

Step 5:

Wipes are better for cleaning the back of the screen whereas a microfiber cloth is good for cleaning the front.

The best cleaning wipes for a Peloton bike are available in the market. You can use these wipes if you can afford them.     

Step 6:

There are premium disinfectant sprays on the market, dedicated to clean the Peloton touchscreen and the bike itself.

These sprays can kill 99% of germs and they are electronic-friendly. They also have a eucalyptus scent.

So, you won’t feel the odors and use these sprays as a cleaner as well as an air freshener.      

Step 7:

If you are looking for cheaper options, you can also use eyeglass cleaners or suitable screen cleaners for LED and LCD touch screens.

Using such cleaners allows you to spray them directly on the screen and then wipe them out with a microfiber cloth.

Step 8:

It is suggested to clean the touchscreen gently and slowly. You don’t have to apply pressure while cleaning.

You don’t want to replace this expensive touchscreen frequently, in terms of both cost and convenience.      

Step 9:

And as always, you are required to incorporate the aspects of a quick cleaning regimen into your post-workout routine to make a hassle-free process.

As for advice, clean the touchscreen after every workout. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Even if you miss cleaning it for a single day, make sure to clean it on alternative days.  

Just for a clear demonstration, watching the following video can give you a detailed idea, especially when you are a newbie and don’t know much about a Peloton bike –


When Should You Clean the Screen Again?

If you have cleaned the screen for a day, it is recommended to clean it the next day. Thus, it is suggested to clean the Peloton screen every day during the post-workout period.

You should always remember this sensitive screen allows you to touch and even manipulate it with your sweaty hands during a workout. So, it deserves a better cleaning than the other indoor equipment parts that you regularly come in contact with. 

If you are tired of the daily cleaning work, you can go through a full cleaning involving both the front and back of the screen, once a week or once every two weeks. 

We suggest you use electronic-friendly wipes if you want to keep up with the daily cleaning routine. Only wiping down the front of the screen will be enough for the regular-based cleaning. Alongside this, use wipes or a microfiber cloth to clean the back from time to time.       

Should You Use the Peloton Screen Protector?

The Peloton screen protector is exactly like a mobile screen protector. Luckily, you can currently get one from the market as a company named “Drip Accessory” makes such protectors.

So, a big shout out to this company. A screen protector will keep the screen covered. As a result, it will remain free from dust and safe from minor scratches. 

And that’s not all!

Similar to the headlight of a car, this screen protector is replaceable. So you can change it when you feel like the brightness of the screen is too low. Changing the screen protector is easy and quick. So, you can always increase the brightness of your screen by changing the protector at any time. 

Get a Peloton screen protector if you don’t want to be involved in the hassle of cleaning daily. You will soon notice better results after implementing such a protector, which will work as a dust cover for the screen.         

Can You Lysol Wipes to Clean Peloton Screen?

After going through deep research, we have found that Lysol Wipes are recommended as one of the widely used cleaning solutions for a Peloton bike. Although it is suggested for cleaning the Peloton bike’s body, it will be equally effective for the screen. 

The Wipex Natural Wipes for Fitness and Method All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes are also some honorable mentions.     

Can You Take Off the Peloton Screen?

Yes, you can take off the screen from the Peloton bike. You need to take it off when you need to move the bike to another location. And you may not want to leave the screen on the bike when there are kids moving around your apartment.

However, it is not wise to take off the screen and put it back repeatedly. If the screen remains on the bike, the chances of accidents are low. As a result, it can remain safe for a long time when you don’t have to bother looking for a separate place to hide the screen.   

Does Peloton Accept Replacing the Old Screen with a New One?  

Peloton does a favor to its users for accepting requests for replacing a new screen by taking the old one. But that is of course, including a decent price.

The new screens equipped in the Peloton bike plus and treads plus, feature more advantages than the standard one. This is a luring feature that drives more customers to buy the new Peloton models.

The new screen has the ability to rotate at 360 degrees, inclining to a defined angle. Furthermore, the new HD screen supports a higher resolution. So, you can enjoy the training lessons more.   

How Much Do You Need to Pay for Replacing a Peloton Screen?   

You need to take care of your Peloton screen properly as it is quite an expensive device. Usually, you will have to count 750 dollars to get a new Peloton screen, which is insane.

So, you should understand the importance of maintaining this delicate screen in the best way possible. Because damaging the screen can break it down completely and it will not function again. 

On the contrary, Peloton gives a discount when you are trying to get the newer version of the screen. The discount depends on the bike model, whether it is a tread plus or bike plus.

Anyways, we think it is a great option for the owners of the standard version to get a hold of the new screen.   

Bottom Line

Occasionally, all you need is a screen cleaner and a cleaning wipe to clean the Peloton screen. Be patient and gentle while cleaning the screen.

Don’t forget to follow a quick cleaning regimen that you have scheduled for cleaning the bike’s screen. This will bear the fruits of a long-lasting display.  

The process is neither costly nor time-consuming. So, disobeying the occasional cleaning regimen after your workout will be unfair to you and your Peloton bike.

Thanks for reading this article. We wish you all the best to uphold a durable Peloton screen forever. 

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