How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal?

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Peloton shoes are not like regular cycling shoes. There are some facts to know before putting on peloton shoes in the most effective way. These shoes even look different from regular shoes.

If you want to start peloton cycling or if you happen to have a peloton bike in your home, it is best to master how to wear peloton shoes properly. Once you master wearing these shoes, you can take the most advantage of them. 

We sincerely thought about this and want to help you regarding this subject. That’s why you need to read this step-by-step guide to know how to use peloton shoes properly. So, we are expecting complete attentiveness from you.

How to Assemble Peloton Shoes and Cleats?

To begin the assembly, you need to know how to install cleats on peloton shoes. The process of installing cleats to peloton shoes is quite easy. However, you need to make the right adjustments. And we will show you how to do that.

  • Wear your shoes and put a mark on the bottom of the shoes tracing the ball of your feet. You can use a pencil or marker for this. This is needed so that you can adjust the middle of the cleat across the ball of your foot.
  • Place the cleats on the bottom of your peloton shoes by matching the three screw holes. 
  • Now place each washer into the appropriate recess of the cleat.
  • Insert the screws into the screw holes. But don’t screw them immediately.
  • Check whether the cleats are facing forward and in line with the place where your toe will be placed. Cleats will be placed straight on the line that goes from heel to toe.
  • Using a  4-millimeter hex key, tighten the screws until they are properly secured.
  • Now, repeat the above steps with your other shoe. 
  • Start pedaling to check the alignment. It will be okay if the pressure goes to the ball of your foot while it is remaining directly on the pedal axle.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable after some time, check whether the screws got loosen. This can sway the cleats from the pedal axle. You will feel difficulty in unclipping the cleats and you may also hear noise coming from them. Tighten the screws more securely to solve this issue. 

If you are still confused about the whole process or if you find the description too hard to understand, we recommend watching this video – 


How to Clip In Peloton Shoes To The pedals?

If you have successfully adjusted the cleats, put on your peloton shoes. We guess you are mature enough to know whether you have worn the shoes comfortably or not. The difficult part is – clipping in peloton shoes on the pedals.

Follow these steps very carefully otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable even after properly adjusting the cleats. 

  • Step 1 – 

Before hopping onto the bike, place your legs apart on each side of the peloton bike while holding the handlebars.     

  • Step 2 –

Now try to clip in one foot while the other remains on the ground. Make sure the pedal on which you are going to put your foot is at the 6 o’clock position. In this position, the pedal remains flat giving your foot the most convenient way to step in.

  • Step 3 – 

Now it’s time to clip in. While the pedal remains at the 6 o’clock position, lift up your foot a little higher from it. Point your toe downwards placing the ball of the foot on the pedal.

  • Step 4 – 

While pedals facing up, push the pedal with your foot downwards in such a way until you hear a creaking sound. This means that the cleats are clipped in properly. You can apply some pressure or twist it to have a stronger grip.

  • Step 5 – 

Apply the same procedure for the other foot. This will be quite easy as you are already familiar with the process and the other foot is already in a stable position. Be sure the pedal that you are going to place your foot on remains at the 12 o’clock position while the other is at the 6 o’clock position. This is the best placement for clipping in your peloton shoes on the pedals.

Watch this video for a more clear understanding as watching can provide a clear demonstration rather than reading the steps.


How to adjust peloton shoes?

For adjustment, a buckle closure system (mostly Velcro straps) can be noticed on peloton shoes. Adjusting peloton shoes means tightening and loosening the buckle of the shoe.

So first, we will show you how to buckle and tighten peloton shoes. Following that, we will show you how to loosen and unbuckle them.

How Can You Buckle Peloton Shoes and Tighten Them?

A fastening button can be found on the sides of the peloton shoes. Locate the button and keep it on.

Then, you need to slide the buckle strap into the loop. Raise the button a little with some pressure and release it. Easy right? 

To tighten the buckle, pull the button inwards from the outside and release with a little pressure. Tighten the buckle to a relaxing limit, neither too tight nor too loose.      

How Can You Unbuckle Peloton Shoes and Loosen Them?

Unbuckling and loosening your peloton shoes is even easier. Press the buckle button that secures the buckle belt. It will flip open, unbuckling the shoe. Once you unbuckle the strap, the strap will be loosened. It means you will get access to remove your feet from the shoes.  

Are you still confused? Don’t worry, we have provided the following video so clear any confusion about the whole process  –


Useful Tips For Putting on Peloton Shoes

You may have learned to put on, adjust, and clip in peloton shoes. For some reason, we want you to take a look at these useful tips to avoid any mistakes – 

  • Double-check everything before pedaling. You don’t want to be a victim of serious injuries. Also, you will feel discomfort and pain in your knee and foot for any wrong adjustment.
  • Don’t keep the cleats too tight or loose. If the cleats are too tight, you may face a problem unclipping them from the pedals. In worst-case scenarios, the cleats can break or get damaged. On the other hand, there are high chances the cleats will remain stuck on the pedals if they are too loose. You may need to apply force to unscrew the pedals to unclip the cleats. That will be daunting and time-consuming.
  • Before clipping into the pedals, double-check whether you have adjusted the cleats into the right places. Else, you may have to repeat the whole process. 
  • Try using your hands to clean your peloton shoes. Machine wash is not recommended as it can damage the cleats and soles of the shoes.   


After much analysis, we have found that – people often asked these questions regarding peloton shoes – 

Why are there lines and numbers on peloton shoes?

Ans: You can find lines and numbers at the bottom of peloton shoes. These are there to help you position cleats in the right place. The diagonal line gives you the right direction to line up the cleat according to the ball of your foot. While the horizontal numbers help you to detect if the cleats are facing straight with the line. 

Can SPD cleats be used with peloton shoes?

Ans: Actually, you can’t use SPD cleats on peloton shoes because of the number of holes. SPD cleats usually have 2-holes meaning, you can insert only 2 screws under the shoes. But peloton shoes are built with three-hole cleat surfaces. 

That is why peloton shoes often come with Look Delta cleats that allow you to install 3 screws. However, SPD-SL cleats can be used with peloton shoes as they are built on the 3-hole mechanism.       

Do cleats always come with peloton shoes?

Ans: No, they don’t. Some peloton shoes come in as packages where you will get both the shoes and a pair of cleats. However, that’s not always the case. You need to buy cleats separately. Usually, the cleats that come with the shoes are not that good. So, it is better to buy a pair of aftermarket cleats for increased longevity.

Are peloton shoes comfortable with wide feet?

Ans: Peloton shoes are designed for narrow feet. So, if your feet are really wide, you may not be able to use peloton shoes. But there is an alternative. There are shoes for wide feet that are compatible with the 3-hole SPD-SL or Look Delta cleat system. We recommend looking for Venzo shoes as these shoes meet both criterias.  

Can you use regular sneakers for peloton bikes?

Ans: Of course, you can. Peloton pedals are designed to work flawlessly with regular sneakers. Cycling will become more enjoyable if you use toe cages. Peloton pedals are compatible with toe cages and you can install them to have more fun with wearing your regular shoes.  


How to use peloton shoes properly? You now have the answer. With this in-depth guide, you can start your spinning sessions wearing your peloton shoes. Safety, confidence, and commendable performance are now evident every time you step on a bike. 

We hope you found this useful article and we advised you to carefully follow the steps and procedures. Otherwise, reading this article taking your patience won’t be of any use. Leave a comment if you have any query and we will see you at the next insightful blog like this one.

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