How to Watch TV on Peloton Bike and Tread? Explained

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As a whole, Peloton’s devices do not come with built-in support for streaming services. You can watch TV on Peloton, though, if you go to the WebView Browser Tester. On Peloton device, you can also download and install APKs for streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video etc.

Hence, you can watch your fav shows and movies during exercise sessions. Stay glued to this piece if you are keen on learning how to watch TV on Peloton.

Watching TV on Peloton

Watching TV shows during a workout can be helpful, as it boosts hedonic motivation. With your favorite show on screen, you are bound to enjoy your exercise routine more since it becomes pleasurable.

What’s more? Research hints at audiovisuals increasing human motivations, which can give you a positive fitness experience without worrying about missing TV shows. Furthermore, this distraction would ensure you don’t get tired quickly and push through your workout goals better. 

As stated earlier, you can watch TV on Peloton, even though it is not part of the basic programs offered by this fitness service. Since you know that Peloton does not vaguely support streaming services on the screen of its devices, how then can you watch your fav TV shows while working out?

The best way to do so is by using the WebView Browser Tester or installing streaming APKs like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. While getting your TV mounted in your fitness area is recommended to avoid specific issues, some people find this “too much of an adjustment.” If you are one of such people, the section below reveals how to watch TV on Peloton. 

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Comprehensive Guide for Watching TV on Peloton Bike and Tread

  1. Start by turning on the tablet.
  2. Access the web browser on the screen; navigate towards the bottom-right area of the screen and click on the “three dots.”
  3. Tapping on the “three dots” pops up a menu, and do well to select “about.”
  4. Another tab pops up, and you must tap the down-right area seven times to move further. Surprisingly, you would find a series of apps on the screen with persistent tapping.
  5. You will find the “WebView Browser Tester” with an android icon – click on it.
  6. Once opened, hover over the search box and type the URL of your TV show.
  7. After watching, return the setup to default by clicking on the Peloton logo at the bottom of the tablet screen. 

How Does Peloton Work?

Peloton has many workout devices, including bikes and treads that work well for cycling or running indoors. These fitness machines have an HD touchscreen attached, which lets users view on-demand and live workout classes. 

They have excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, a great ANT sensor, and an improved Bluetooth capability. The expert Peloton instructors conduct live classes from their studio, and exercisers can stream them from the comfort of their homes.

Although these classes are not free, the monthly subscription is worth it since there are thousands of fitness content to view, and you can choose one that matches your fitness level at any time.

Without a peloton subscription, you can still use the machine with certain limitations; more importantly, without accessing the screen.  

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Are There Any Downsides to Watching TV on Peloton?

While watching your favorite TV series on your Peloton bike or thread may seem fun, there are a few disadvantages. So, it would help to know about the downsides of watching TV on this workout equipment, and they include:

  • Encountering Hitches 

Since TV is not a primary function of your Peloton fitness machine, there is a high possibility of encountering hitches as you go. The truth is that there is no guarantee that you would enjoy your TV time on Peloton. So, you can decide to make an alternative arrangement if you’re keen on watching a TV show.

  • Forfeiting your Warranty

All original parts and components of Peloton machines, including the screen, come with specific warranties. However, if your touchscreen malfunctions while watching a TV program, you would be required to pay for replacements and repairs. 

Why so? This service does not allow folks to watch programs other than their workout content, hence, why YouTube, TV, and similar programs are not prominent. If any malfunction results from such programs, the warranty won’t cover it.

  • Risk of Damage

While trying to hack into other programs outside Peloton’s fitness content, things may go south. Your tablet may crash, and that would be pretty devastating. 

Handling Glitches after Watching TV on Peloton?

Since there is a high chance of your screen malfunctioning while watching TV on Peloton fitness machines, you should learn how to fix such. If you encounter a glitch when you decide to watch TV, it is not something that should freak you out.

All that’s needed to salvage such a situation is a factory reset. To conduct a factory rest on the tablet of your Peloton bike or tread, press the power button till you see the “shut down” option pops up.

Click on “shut down” and wait till you see the screen goes into dark mode. Then, hold power and volume up button simultaneously until the Peloton logo comes up. Doing so would get the recovery mode of the Peloton screen initiated, and you can now toggle up/down using the volume button.

Move through the recovery menu and choose the “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option (once you scroll toggle to the option, use the power button to select it). Delete your data and reboot the system to complete the factory reset.

Don’t worry about your user data; you can add it again by signing into the device with your relevant details.


Peloton is an excellent fitness service that allows users access to an extensive library of workout content. With scheduled live classes, you can further enjoy the motivation and guidance from the active Peloton instructors.

But, what happens if you want to watch a TV show instead? Does Peloton allow you to stream TV shows? If you are interested in knowing how to watch TV on Peloton, kindly note that you can do so using the “WebView Browser Tester,” and this piece explains more. 

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