8 Hardest Peloton Rides and Workouts for All Level

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Peloton bikes are perfect for those who are fitness enthusiast and want to build muscle mass, burn calories, and improve their endurance. You can take a variety of classes, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts. Whether you want to dive in hardest peloton rides or do easy rides initially, there is a class for you!

Here you will find a deep discussion about hardest peloton rides and workouts. And who are eligible and what are the benefits of hardest peloton classes. So keep reading for more.

So, What is the hardest peloton ride?

As a whole, the hardest peloton ride is a 20-minute FTP test ride with an average difficulty score 9.5. The classes are taken by Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton or Christine D’ercole. This FTP test is designed to measure your power output and it helps you to make a training plan that will improve performance.

And, What is the hardest peloton workout?

As a whole, the hardest peloton workout is 60 min Full Body Bootcamp with an average difficulty score 8.9. These bootcamp classes (Bike and Tread) are taken by Jess Sims. This high-impact well-rounded workout with a hardest instructor keeps your heart pounding and great for your cardio & strength.

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When You’re Ready for the Advanced Classes? Tips to Know

New to peloton? Start with the beginner classes. Its a great way to gain an understanding of how the instructors train and the pace and expectations of each class. You can try 5-10 minute classes to starting out!

Once the beginner classes start to feel easy, you can start classes under Intermediate category. Intermediate-level classes are designed to challenge your strength and cardiovascular endurance. It is recommended that you stay at this level for at least a few months before moving to advanced level.

DO NOT OVERWORK! Progressive Overload is Recommended.

After a few months, if you feel that you’re trained enough and capable to move on to Advanced level classes, then take the plunge! The Advanced classes are meant for those who understand the proper form and technique of various exercises. You will need to start with shorter classes in order to get a good idea about how you feel, then move slowly to longer classes.

Benefits of Advanced Peloton Classes

  • High-Intensity Interval Training helps to lower your blood pressure and improve your endurance.
  • The Bootcamp classes are great for building muscle and burning fat
  • Climb rides can help improve your cadence and endurance, as well as lose weight. They also allow you to hold onto muscle mass that you already have.

Hardest Peloton Rides

The hardest peloton rides usually include ”advanced” and ”hardest” marked classes which have difficulty level 8 or above. These classes are typically high-intensity interval sessions that require a lot of effort and designed to improve your overall workout performance.

#1 Peloton FTP Test Ride

The FTP stands for functional threshold power and it calculates your average power output for the whole session and that’s your current FTP score. A FTP test can actually show how strong and powerful you are in comparison to previous. After taking the class, you will be able to see live feedback of your effort level in watts and power output across 7 power zones.

Courtesy: Onepeloton

This is a very important fact that you need to understand if you want to improve your power zones.

However, with an inaccurate FTP test, your numbers may not be accurate at all!

Some Hardest Peloton FTP Test Classes

#2 Tabata Ride

Tabata is a new High Intensity Interval Training workout that was created by Dr. Izumi Tabata of Japan. We call for a 2 to 1 effort to recovery ratio, which means your rest is half as long as your effort. You can find more than 320 Tabata rides in the peloton library that range from 15 to 45 minutes.

In Tabata rides, work to rest ratio is greater and it allows you to maintain 85–95% of the maximum heart rate. The hardest peloton Tabata ride is 45-minute class with Robin Arzon and Ally Love, which have average difficulty around 9.4

Some Hardest Peloton Tabata Classes

#3 Peloton Pro Cyclist Ride

Peloton Pro Cyclist rides is one of the most difficult and challenging class available on the peloton app. These classes range from 30 to 45 minutes with average difficulty level 8.9. Peloton pro cyclist rides taught by the professional road racing cyclist. Here, each class is based on interval training where you will increase intensity progressively.

Some Hardest Peloton Pro Cyclist Classes

#4 Peloton Metal Ride

Peloton Metal ride is a theme ride with a Metallica soundtrack. Average BPM is between 80-120. It makes it very easy to sync your moves to the beat, because you can be out of the saddle for most of the class. Plus, it helps you motivate yourself to keep adding more resistance.

Some Hardest Peloton Metal Classes

#5 Peloton Climb Rides

There’s something about climb rides that make people want to push themselves harder than they should. cranking up the resistance will help you ride your own journey to the top in this hills-based class. The average difficulty is around 9.

Some Hardest Peloton Climb Classes

Hardest Peloton Workouts

#1 Full Body Bootcamp

Peloton full body bootcamp is designed for both strength and cardio use, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to lose weight or build muscle. I love the way that Peloton instructors Jess Sims and Adrian Williams emphasize both strength and cardio in one class.

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For example, In a 60-minute Bootcamp includes running on the treadmill for 4 to 10 minutes and a full-body workout using weights and bodyweight training.

Some Hardest Peloton Bike Bootcamp Classes

Some Hardest Peloton Tread Bootcamp Classes

#2 Hills & HIIT Run

HIIT stands for “High Intensity Intervals Training”. This is a type of running that involves high intensity bursts, which will result in active recovery throughout this run. This is the best way to improve heart health, build Endurance, strength, and speed.

Also, To build strength and endurance advanced hills run is effective.

Some Hardest Peloton Hills & HIIT Run Classes

Hardest 20 Minute Peloton Rides

As a whole, Considering the difficulty level and rider experience; the hardest 20 minutes peloton rides are MATT WILPERS and DENIS MORTON’s 20 min FTP Test Ride with difficulty level 9.8 and 9.7 accordingly.

Hardest 30 Minute Peloton Rides

As a whole, Considering the difficulty level and rider experience; the hardest 30 minutes peloton rides are ALLY LOVE’s 30 min Tabata Ride and KENDALL TOOLE’s 30 min Metal Ride with difficulty level 9.6 and 9.4 accordingly.

Hardest 45 Minute Peloton Rides

As a whole, Considering the difficulty level and rider experience; the hardest 45 minutes peloton rides are Robin and Ally’s 45 min Tabata Ride with difficulty level 9.5 for both classes.

Hardest 60 Minute Peloton Rides

As a whole, Considering the difficulty level and rider experience; the hardest 60 minutes peloton rides are BEN ALLDIS and CHRISTINE D’ERCOLE’s 60 min Climb Ride with difficulty level 9 for both classes.

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Who has the most Peloton rides?

Its really hard to say but according to reddit discussion, I got to know that someone finished more than 6700 rides on peloton rumored.

Final Words

So, there are lots of peloton classes that are leveled as hardest or toughest according to difficulty level. The hardest peloton rides and workouts are challenging, so it is recommended to start with easy hard classes and along with time you should move to hardest classes. Don’t forget to share if you like and stay tuned!