Can You Watch Netflix on NordicTrack? How? Explained

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As a whole, Netflix can be watched on NordicTrack from a TV, tablet, or smartphone, but not the iFit tablet. Netflix doesn’t work on iFit because the Android OS isn’t accessible.

Many people are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained during workouts and might be wondering if it’s possible to watch Netflix on their NordicTrack bike. Although possible, the bad news is that you wouldn’t be able to do so directly from your iFit Tablet.

But, if you are keen on knowing how to watch Netflix on NordicTrack bikes, we’ll show you how to do so in this blog post.

What Ways Can You Watch Netflix on NordicTrack Bikes?

Since you can’t download Netflix on your iFit tablet or stream movies and shows, how else can you access this service if you want to? As hinted earlier, there are other alternative ways to watch Netflix while riding your NordicTrack bike, and here are two practical options.

1. Mount a TV Monitor Within Your Workout Space

Since you’re indoors, you can mount a TV monitor within your workout studio. All that is needed is installing the monitor on the wall, as a point where you can comfortably watch your TV shows while working out. Once mounted, be free to connect your movie streaming services like Amazon Fire, Hulu, Roku, and Netflix.

2. Attach a Smartphone/Tablet to your Bike

You can permanently attach a secondary device (another tablet or your smartphone) to the NordicTrack bike using a holder to keep it in place. You can use your iFit workout program while watching Netflix simultaneously.

3. Install Netflix in your Nordictrack Anyway

See this below method which will work for sure.

Due to a software update, NordicTrack bikes no longer have Privilege Mode. This new development is needed because Android freezes in Privilege Mode.

Watching Netflix on NordicTrack Bikes

NordicTrack stationary bikes are one of the best options for people keen on keeping their physical, health, and mental selves in good condition. What’s best, you can handle all routines indoors and have the expert NordicTrack fitness trainers to guide you through the entire process.

With different resistance levels and excellent adjustments, you can easily engage in the proper exercise routine that fits you. The NordicTrack iFit tablet attached to the exercise equipment works well for streaming thousands of fitness content.

While some people would prefer to finish up with their workout session before facing anything else, TV streaming may be the perfect distraction that gets you through your entire daily routine. Netflix is one of the top award-winning streaming services that provide a vast library of shows, anime, movies, and documentaries. 

So, if you are wondering if NordicTrack allows you to stream content from Netflix during rides on the bike, the answer is not far-fetched. This fitness service is not only excellent at helping you achieve your fitness goals from within the walls and comfort of your home but also appears entertaining.

However, the recent updates of the iFit app do not allow you to stream Netflix on your Tablet. Perhaps you must have heard otherwise, but this remains true. Previously, users were able to bypass the programming and were able to access the Android operating system.

Such tricks worked for accessing streaming services, but the latest iFit updates put it out with its potential. NordicTrack stopped such incentives following the subscription-service iFit merged with the attached monitor on their fitness devices.

While some exercisers were left disappointed and unhappy about such change, the fitness company responded plainly that such hacking attempts could cause a void of warranties on the fitness bike or tread. 

Nevertheless, you can employ an alternative when you can’t watch your favorite Netflix movie from the iFit Tablet. Yes, you heard right! You can continuously stream Netflix from a mounted smartphone, Tablet, or television and watch your series during your workout.

Why Netflix Doesn’t Work on the iFit Tablet?

There are a few reasons why you won’t be able to stream your favorite Netflix TV show on the iFit Tablet of your NordicTrack bike, and here are some you should know:

  • Unofficial Android Hardware

Unlike most devices with an Android operating system, this one found on the iFit lacks access to certain Android features, including the Google Play Store. Furthermore, removing the “Privilege Mode” puts users in a tight corner where they can’t stream external services or download Netflix on their NordicTrack systems.

  • Design Restriction

It is not a hidden fact that the iFit Tablet is custom-made hardware. So even if it comes having an Android operating system, it is solely designed to work around the iFit software. What does this mean? 

Well, folks do not intend to use this device to access non-related programs or content. Hence, it would be best if you stuck to streaming live or on-demand classes as provided by the system.

  • Memory

The iFit system does not have a different running system to handle such resource-intensive programs. Thus, making it difficult to stream such services as Hulu and Netflix. Kindly note that the Tablet that runs the iFit program comes strictly designed for this system alone, without any arrangements for such additional services.

So, even when folks bypass the system, they often encounter specific issues and malfunctioning. In most cases, the programs would freeze, which is not a pleasing experience.

Tips for Watching Netflix while on your NordicTrack Bike

Assuming you have a Netflix account on your attached secondary devices or mounted on the wall of your fitness studio, here are some tips you should consider if you want to watch TV and work out simultaneously.

  • Begin by putting your bike in a comfortable position. You may need to adjust the seat and handlebars to find the perfect position.
  • Once satisfied, open the Netflix app on the smartphone or Tablet.
  • Start playing your movie or show, and adjust the volume as required.
  • Ensure you don’t completely ignore your exercise routine; keep cycling, do the right thing, and don’t get carried away by the TV show.


NordicTrack has excellent fitness bikes in various styles; recumbent, upright, and studio-style. Irrespective of your choice, you are sure to have an outstanding workout experience. Again, you can enjoy the broad categories of workout content this company provides on the iFit app.

Like many people, you may be looking for ways to stay entertained while you get your workout in. If you have a Netflix account and want to watch shows or movies while cycling, this piece would teach you how to watch Netflix on NordicTrack bikes.

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