How to Connect Apple Watch to NordicTrack Bike? Explained

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Many people have fitness goals but what a good part of those people may not have is the ability to achieve those goals from the comfort of their homes. But, having the NordicTrack bike in your home can make your fitness dreams real.

The NordicTrack bike gives you a one-of-a-kind workout experience. It offers you a lot of conveniences, and connecting it to an Apple Watch gives you excellent results that keep you going. Please read on how to connect an Apple Watch to a NordicTrack bike. 

Does NordicTrack Bike Work With Apple Watch?

NordicTrack Bike is compatible with the Apple Watch via wireless and Bluetooth. You can connect the NordicTrack exercise bike to the Apple Watch via the Watch Link app, an Apple Watch and an iPhone.

Why Connect Your Apple Watch to NordicTrack Bike?

Connecting your NordicTrack bike to the Apple Watch helps you enjoy the functionality of both devices. Some of the benefits include:

Track your improvement

Connecting your Apple watch to your NordicTrack bike helps you to; track your workouts to know your progress. You can check each workout session and decide what has worked for you and has not.  

You can work out anywhere

When you link both devices, you can record your workouts even when you’re not at home to use the bike. So, you can track both workouts with the NordicTrack and those without it. 

Heart rate monitor

The Nordictrack bike and the Apple watch will read your heart rate and display it on the screen for you to see. You’ll be able to know your exercise intensity and if your heart is in the right state while working out.

How to Connect Your Apple Watch to NordicTrack Bike?

You can connect your Apple watch to your NordicTrack bike through:

  1. The iFit system
  2. The Echo Heart Rate app

Connecting Via the iFit System

To connect your Apple Watch to your NordicTrack using the iFit system, you’ll need the following:

  • An Apple Watch
  • A Nordictrack bike 
  • Access to the iFit app
  • iOS smartphone or tablet

The steps to connect both devices are:

Step 1

Open the iFit app on your iPhone and choose “Tap to Start.” Then, pair your devices by following the instructions on the screen.

Step 2

Launch the Watch Link app on your iPhone to connect it to your bike. Ensure the smartphone is placed about ten feet from the bike. 

Step 3

Next is to launch the Watch Link app on your Apple Watch and select your workout type from the listed options.

Step 4

The iFit app will also display workout options on the screen of the NordicTrack bike. Ensure to choose the same workout you selected on your Apple Watch.

Step 5

Begin your workout, and the Watch will show your recorded heart rate on the bike’s iFit screen within 30 seconds of your workout. 

Connecting Via the Echo Heart Rate App

To connect your Apple Watch to your NordicTrack using the Echo Heart Rate app, you’ll need the following:

  • An Apple Watch
  • A Nordictrack bike
  • An iPhone
  • The Echo Heart Rate app

Here are the steps to connect both devices.

Step 1

Begin by downloading the Echo app on your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Step 2

Click “Tap to Start” on the Echo app and choose your workout equipment from the options given. The app will display “Waiting to Connect.”

Step 3

Now, begin your workout on the bike, and the app will connect a few seconds into your workout. It’ll display your heart rate on your Apple watch, NordicTrack bike’s screen, and your iPhone.

About the NordicTrack Bike

The NordicTrack bikes stand out as one of the best among tech-savvy users. The various models have many resistance levels that allow each rider to adjust to their suitable sizes. The bikes have a sturdy build and offer a high level of comfort for the user.

No matter your style of cycling, there’s a NordicTrack bike that suits you. It helps you to do low-impact workouts that prove effective. The NordicTrack company has three home bike series, which are: upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and studio-style cycling bikes.

Some of the bike’s features are:

  • Live classes
  • Multigrip handlebars
  • Lumbar support seat
  • HD touchscreen
  • Ergonomic seating

Benefits of Using NordicTrack Bikes for Exercise

Exercising with the NordicTrack bike has many benefits, as you’ll see positive results in the long run. Some of the benefits of using the bike include:

  • Weight loss and enhanced fitness
  • Toned and strengthened muscles
  • Improvement in heart health
  • One-touch controls for easy adjustments
  • Lots of entertainment while exercising

Features of an Apple Watch

The Apple series has come a long way, and they keep evolving with each new series. An Apple Watch does much more than telling the time; it tells about your well-being, making it a super workout buddy. 

The Watch has many features that let it do loads of things and give you a satisfying user experience. Such features include:

  • Heart Rate app: the in-built heart rate app in your Apple Watch looks out for your heart rate. Irregularities in the heart rhythm can mean an underlying health condition. The app recognizes such symptoms and sends an alert to your watch screen. 
  • Fall Detection: The Watch has an app that detects when you have a hard fall and may be unable to stand up. It’ll contact emergency services to come to your aid. However, you can quickly stop it from connecting to the emergency services if you don’t need it.
  • Tracks your Workouts:  Apple Watch can track your workouts; walks, yoga, cycling, Pilates, or HIIT. It traces them and displays the results on the screen for you to trace your progress.
  • Blood Oxygen Reader: The Watch has an oximeter and an in-built app that measures the blood oxygen to reveal if the user’s brain is getting a sufficient supply of oxygen. It sends signals when the blood oxygen level is low and could lead to a complicated health issue.


Workout can be more exciting when you can trace how far you have come, and connecting your devices is a smart way to start recording your progress. So, this piece shows you how to connect your Apple watch to your NordicTrack bike in simple steps.  

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