Do You Need Special Shoes For NordicTrack Bike? Explained

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Well, no, you don’t necessarily require any special shoes for NordicTrack Bikes. However, depending on your needs, you can purchase any SPD compatible cycling shoes to provide you with safety, extra comfort, traction, and more stability during intense exercise sessions.

So, in this blog, I will provide you with all the in-depth explanations of the benefits and drawbacks of having special shoes for your NordicTrack Bikes.

What Type of Shoes Do You Need for NordicTrack Bike?

The latest NordicTrack bike (S22i and S27i bike models) now ships with Dual-Sided Pedals that on one side support any SPD cleats compatible cycling shoes and a toe cage on the other side for riders who wear regular shoes or sneakers.

Do You Really Need Special Shoes For NordicTrack Bike?

There are many special shoes available in the market that enhances your experience when using any NordicTrack bike. These are made with specificity in mind for both upward and downward pedal strokes on the cycles. Special shoes are also made to fit snugly and prevent slipping off of the feet when using the NordicTrack Cycles.

Having the right shoes for indoor cycling or specific exercises can significantly determine how effective and comfortable your exercise sessions would be.

Here are some of the significant reasons you should grab some special footwear while exercising on your NordicTrack Bikes.

# Gives Overall Stability and Comfort During Exercise

Wearing special shoes can prevent you from hitting your knees by enabling you to balance better on the pedal. These shoes are made to fit precisely right according to your size.

It even helps you to align your body perfectly to the NordicTrack Bike, which decreases the strain you may have been putting on your body unnecessarily.

The perfect, snug and tight fit on these shoes puts minimum pressure on your feet and toes. This will prevent curling of the toes and flatten out your feet to put maximum pressure on the pedal to get the most out of your exercise.

# Even Distribution of Pressure

Specially made with stiff soles, these shoes evenly distribute the pressure you put on the pedal. The sole effectively puts pressure on the pedal and prevents any uncomfortable bending or slipping of the feet.

Moreover, the exertion of force from the feet to the pedal varies depending on the sole, which is why it is essential to make sure the sole is hard and strong.

The price of special shoes made for NordicTrack bikes varies depending on how stiff the sole is. These stiff soles exert even pressure on the pedal, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

# Closure Systems

Special shoes made for NordicTrack Bike bear a strong closing system and will not potentially come undone during your exercise.

Some of the preferred ways of closing or tying up the laces on these shoes are either velcro straps, BOA system, or buckle-ups.

These specific tie-up systems on these specially made shoes make them unique and highly comfortable without having to be worried about being latched onto the bike itself.

The high technologically made microfiber velcro and the BOA systems are used to ensure a safe and stress-free prolonged biking session.

# Extra Paddings onto the Shoe

Although NordicTrack bikes have the necessary foot padding you need. However, if you want the maximum comfort and minimum strain on your feet, special shoes have that extra padding to help with.

These paddings make the shoes softer and more comfortable to step on and apply more pressure onto the pedal.

Soft cushioned paddings all over the shoe give it a little bit of an additional height to it and cause less strain on the feet.

This specific feature minimizes scraping against the skin and distributes even pressure all over the feet

Providing the comfort of such soft cushioned paddings is one of the main reasons special shoes are so desired while being so worth the splurge.

# Cleat Compatibility

The cleat compatibility on special shoes is designed to fit the type of bike you are using. Not all shoes fit the kind of bike you have.

With the NordicTrack Bike, the shoes that come with the S22i model are the most optimum ones to pick.

This is why it is vital to know the exact type of shoe you need to purchase to be compatible with your bike.

Cleats on the specified type of bikes promote more use of muscles, thus, better exercise sessions.

It increases your capability of pressure exertion on the pedal allowing more muscle movements.

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Why It’s Not A Must to Have Special Shoes for NordicTrack Bike?

As much as the idea of having a specifically made shoe for a specific purpose, it is not always necessary.

So is the case with buying a shoe just for the sake of wearing it during your sessions on the NordicTrack Bike.

Wearing a regular running shoe during your cycling sessions does somewhat of a good job as any other would.

Therefore, spending such an amount on buying a new pair of shoes for the sole purpose of using them on your indoor cycles is almost unnecessary.

Apart from the price, there are a few other reasons why you don’t necessarily need to buy new shoes for your exercise. Some of these reasons are discussed down below-

# The Bike Already Has Special Feet Padding

During any exercise, especially on a NordicTrack Bike, wearing shoes with traction is essential.

However, even wearing basic exercise shoes won’t do much damage as NordicTrack bikes already provide proper traction and stability during the exercises.

It’s true that basic shoes would wear out more easily compared to special shoes. Since the basic ones don’t have the durability that most branded special shoes have.

Yet, it’s not a must to purchase special shoes for the NordicTrack bike as long as you feel fine with them.

# NordicTrack Bike Has Better Feet Gripping

Wearing any regular running shoes will serve you almost the same purpose as any specially-made shoes would.

The NordicTrack Bike comes with pedals with just the right amount of tension and traction. This traction on the bike’s pedal allows you to have more stability and grip during your exercise sessions.

So, basic running shoes have just enough padding to prevent your feet from slipping off of the pedals, causing you to strain or exert too much pressure on the legs.

# Cuts Down Unnecessary Costs

From one perspective of the situation, the prices of the specially-made shoes are justified by the materials and quality.

However, you can get shoes at a much lower price that does just as good of a job as these specially made shoes would do.

It may lack as much padding as the high-tech lace-up systems, but the purpose is almost the same since NordicTrack bikes already have the necessary padding you require.

Spending anywhere from $70-$180 on a single pair of shoes made solely to use during indoor cycling on a NordicTrack Bike seems irrational and unnecessary to some.

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Bottom Line

So, do you need special shoes for NordicTrack Bikes? Well, it’s entirely on you; But Yes, if you do biking regularly and have budget then you need a pair of special shoes.

However, NordicTrack bikes already have the required features that you need for better and adequately secured exercise sessions.

Therefore, going for regular running shoes will serve the primary purpose. So, unless you require extra comfort and all, going for regular shoes is absolutely fine while training on a NordicTrack bike.

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