How to Connect Peloton to Sonos? Easy Solution!

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If you are fortunate enough to possess both peloton and sonos, you may be pondering how you could connect Sonos to Peleton to make a unified sound system throughout your ride. In this article, we will explain few methods.

How to Connect Peloton to Sonos ?

Sonos speakers are highly rated for their sound quality, usability and versatility. They can be connected to Peloton’s bike and tread through the Sonos Move and Roam speakers available on Amazon which support Bluetooth connection.

Other models of Sonos speakers require an adapter to connect. Audio/Video receivers with Bluetooth streaming or direct wiring from the tablet to the speaker can also be used.

SONOS and Bluetooth Receiver

I recently accomplished connecting my Sonos device to Bluetooth by utilizing its line in port. To connect this, you will need a Bluetooth receiver linked up to the line in and set the Sonos system to play any connected speakers when an input is received via the line in.

  • Buy the “1Mii B06 Plus Bluetooth Receiver” from Amazon.
  • Link the red and white jacks found in the package to my Sonos Connect Amp.
  • Connect the device; it is displaying B06 on my phone.
  • Go to the ‘Line in’ feature on the Sonos app on your phone, and it should be there.
  • On the bike tablet, choose Bluetooth and link to B06.

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