How To Hang Bike In A Garage? -[3 Best Ways To Do It]

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Every bike lover wants to keep his bike in the garage. It’s necessary also to keep a bike in the garage. There are a few people who know about how to hang a bike in a garage.

A bike needs less space to store, and if you hang it perfectly then, it will save your garage space. Again if you have multiple bikes, then hanging the bikes is the best option to manage more space.

In this content, you’ll get an idea about the best way to hang bikes in the garage. You will also know about the ways by which you can hang your bike in the garage by yourself. So, let’s start with the necessity of hanging a bike.

Why do you need to hang Bike?

Though there are several reasons behind why you need to hang your bike in the garage, the main reason is a storage problem. Sometimes after keeping your car in the garage, you will find less space to keep your bike in the garage.

Again it looks very odd when you park your bike with a kickstand in the garage with your other vehicles. So, you need to place the bike in the garage’s wall or ceiling. About security, you need to know that a bike is more secure while it is hung in the garage. Your bike will remain safe and sound.

As you have understood the necessity of hanging bikes in the garage now you need to know the ways to hang the bike. Here, you’ll find the step by step directions to hang a bike in the garage.

3 Best Ways to Hang Bike in Garage

In this portion, I’ll instruct you to hang your bike in the garage. There are some best ways available to do so. All you need to do is that you can pick one method and follow the entire steps to hang your bike in the garage. Here are the main three options for hanging bike in the garage:

  1. Hanging Bike on Garage Ceiling
  2. Hanging Bike On Garage Wall
  3. Hanging Bike on Bike Rack

Way 1: Hanging Bike on Garage Ceiling

Do you know how to hang a bike on the garage ceiling? There are two methods available to hang a bike in the garage ceiling.

  1. Using rubber hook
  2. Applying Pulley

Using Rubber Hook

Step 1: Find a suitable place

First, you need to find a proper place to set the hooks to hold your bike in the ceiling.

Step 2: Choose non-metallic rubber hook

In this step, you need to select a hook that is non-metal. The metal will harm your bike as the bike is made of metal also. In this stage, you can choose a rubber made hook.

Step 3: Find out the joists of the ceiling

In this step before drilling, you need to find out the joist’s place of your ceiling so that it can bear the bike load. You need to find a place that won’t interfere with your vehicles at any stage. After that, you are ready to drill the ceiling.

Step 4: Drilling

First of all, you need to measure the diameter of your rubber hook and take the accurate drill bit. You also need to measure the rubber hook butt that will go into the ceiling. After that, you need to start drilling with your drill machine.

 Step 5: Install the hooks

In this step, you need to put the hooks in the perfect place where you drilled before.

Step 6: Place your bike

Now you are ready to place your bike in the hooks. You can also put your bike on a single hook, but I’ll suggest you place your bike in two hooks. Starting from the tire you can place your bike on the hooks.

Appling Pulley

Step 1: Buy pulley kit

Before starting this method of hanging bike in the ceiling, you need to buy the pulley kit from the nearest hardware store. You can also call them bike pulley. In this pulley kit, you will find a length cord, screws, two pulley brackets, and two hooks.

Step 2: Find the joist place of a ceiling

Here you should find out the joist place of your ceiling where you are going to hang your bike.

Step 3: Use an electric drill and screw up the pulley brackets

By using an electric drill, you need to make suitable holes in the ceiling to screw up the brackets. Here you need to be careful about the measurement of the brackets and put the holes at a perfect place. Then screw up the brackets.

Step 4: Set a hook on the sidewall

In this step, you need to place a hook in the sidewall. This hook will help you to place the cord correctly with a suitable tension. This cord will help your bike to use the pulley mechanism.

Step 5: Place the cord

Now you should place the cord between the pulleys. This cord has the strength to lift and down the bike. You need to loop the cord so that you can easily lift and lift down the bike. Here the hook will help to bind the bike.

Step 6: Place the bike

In this last step, you need to place the bike in the pulleys with the help of the cord.

Way 2: Hanging Bike On Garage Wall

You can hang your bike in the garage wall by following the hook method. This is a straightforward method and you can do it by yourself.

Applying Hook

Step 1: Select a suitable & stable hook

Basically, you need to select the hook that can hold the weight of your bike. As there are different kinds of bikes and they have different weight so you need to choose the hook which is stable enough. You will find these hooks from your nearest hardware shop.

Step 2: Take the measurement

In this step, you will measure your bike by using measuring tape. To find out the stud in the wall you can use the stud finder so that the hooks are placed in the perfect place of the wall. After that, you should measure the wall where the stud is.

Step 3: Drill with drill machine & place hooks

Now you need to use a drill machine to drill along the wall. After that, you are ready to place the hook on the wall. It’s easy to work to do.

Step 4: Place the bike

You can place your bike into the hooks sidewise. Make sure that your hook has the perfect length to place the bike as the bike has handlebars. The handlebars take space from the wall.

Way 3: Hanging Bike on Bike Rack

This is a different way to hang the bike in the garage. You will find several bike racks to place the bike on them. The way of installation process is very easy and the same for all of them. All the bike racks come with the same mechanized feature. To install and use a bike rack for hanging your bike you need to follow these simple steps bellow-

Step 1: Select your desired bike rack

First, you need to select your desired rack for bike hanging. You will find them from a cycle repair shop. All you need to consider is the strength of the rack.

Step 2: Take the measurement

In this step, you need to be very careful about the measure. During taking measurement, you should find the exact place of the wall where you can place your rack by drilling.

Step 3: Drilling

Now, take your drill machine in your hand and start drilling at your marked place in the wall. The drilled holes should have the perfect length so that you can place your rack easily.

Step 4: Hanging the bike

It’s time to hang your bike on the rack. A bike rack is pre-prepared for holding the bike, and so you need not worry about the rack face distance from the wall. Hang your bike into the bike rack in your garage.

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How can I hang my bike in the garage?

You can follow the ways and methods written above for hanging your bike in the garage.

Is it Okay to hang a bike by one wheel?

There is a controversy with this question. According to my experience, you should not hang your bike with one wheel.

How to hang bikes in garage wall?

I hope that you have found your answer from the second way that I explained before.

How much space do you need to hang a bike?

You will need a space according to your bike size.

How much weight can bike hooks hold?

A heavy-duty hook can hold up to 50 lbs weight.

How do you store a bike in a small space?

You can hang your bike on the ceiling.

How do you store your bike?

You can store your bike in your garage by hanging it in your garage.

Additional Tips

There are some other tips that you should follow to get perfection in bike placing at your garage.

  • Make sure that you are using the drill machine with an accurate drill bit.
  • Select a hook that can hold your bike weight.
  • Take an accurate measurement.

What you need to look before you hang your Bike

Before hanging your bike you should have some considerations. These considerations will make you understand about the bike storage perfection. So, let’s bring them.

The Weight of the Bike

The weight of the bike is a big issue in hanging your bike. Different bikes have different weights. You should remain concern about your wall and ceiling also so that you can determine about bike hanging capability.

Here you should not hang a heavyweight bike in your ceiling. You can hang that on the side-wall of your garage.

Space Management

This is an essential consideration before hanging your bike in a garage. As you need to reduce your space usages, you can hang your bike in the garage. But the main question is that- which way you should follow? You can fix this by the weight of the bike and the storage you have in your garage.

Condition of Floor & Wall

The condition of the wall and floor of your garage determine the bike’s holding capability. Here, you should be careful about the condition of your garage wall and bike weight. If you have a weak garage wall then you should not hang the bike in the wall or you should repair the wall.

Size of the Wheel

The diameter of the wheel determines the types of hook you need to hang your bike in the garage. A big wheel needs a strong hook to hang that bike in the wall. Again, a wheel determines the space you need in your garage.


You need to make sure about the security of your bike in your garage while it is hung. To avoid an unexpected accident, you need to be more careful while hanging the bike in the ceiling or wall in a garage. It’s on your hand to make sure the security fact.


The outlook of your garage should be gorgeous after hanging your bike. Your garage should be very clean so that anyone who visits your garage can admire of your garage. Again you can place your several bikes in your garage in different ways, and it’ll increase your garage beauty.

Final Note

As you know that bike hanging is necessary, and you should know how to hang a bike in a garage so that you can save your space for another vehicle. Again there is a fixed place for your bike, and it’s different from the other places.

You need to be very cautious while installing the hook, pulley, or rack in the garage as you need to use the drill machine. Always try to give priority to your safety. Follow the instruction to hang your bike in the garage perfectly and save your space.