Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike – [Top 7 Heavy-Duty Picks]

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Finally, you need a kickstand for your mountain bike, but don’t know how to define an ideal mountain bike kickstand?

Well, it can be single or double kickstand depending on layers or your standing position. But for first it should be heavier because you know mountain bike is weighty than the other bikes.

Maintaining all of the major criteria we selected 7 best kickstands for mountain bike and placed a depth buying too.

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Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike:

If you are in a hurry then here’s our quick list for the top 7 best kickstands for mountain bike:

  1. BV Bike Kickstand– Overall Best Kickstand
  2. BV Foldable Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Fat Bike
  3. Ursus Jumbo – Best Kickstand for Heavy-duty Bicycle
  4. Lumintrail Center Bike Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike
  5. BV Rear Side Bike Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Trekking Bike
  6. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Carbon Fiber Bike
  7. Pletscher Bicycle Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Lightweight Bike

Let’s start with the details.

1. BV Bike Kickstand– Overall Best Kickstand

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The KA76 kickstand has great quality that gives wonderful good control over ground. Also, it provides a better balance on uneven roads for BMX bikes.

And we don’t stop there as it has spiral laden latch that gives amazing adjustments with no need for extra devices. Plus, a user can able to adjust the length of bike stand.

Besides, the bicycle stand has fantastic plastic foot design that gives better support on slip or uneven roads. With this option, users can easily avoid slippage or sinking in mud.

Also, it has unique outline with steel hexagonal bolt that helps to stop slipping or sliding down from the bike stand. In fact, this feature is useful for holding over vandal.

Overall, BV bike kickstand brand has good tool-less designs for simple maintenance. It gives good materials and manufacturers for providing 100% customer satisfaction outcome.

  • Comes with 1-year warranty support.
  • Has adjustable height length option.
  • Well-made constructed.
  • The kickstand has comfortable design.
  • Great in value.
  • Super tricky to tighten.

2. BV Foldable Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Fat Bike

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The BV brand provides good adjustments and exceptional terrain support for better land support. In fact, it is super simple to install on Fat bikes.

In our experience, the bike stand has amazing adjustments with built-in mounting plate to mount in perfect sizes. With this option, riders can regulate their sustain kickstand at ease.

What’s more? Well, it is foldable for easily crease in one kick to give sustain to the bike. Also, the kickstand has double leg support for balancing on rough roads.

In addition, it has good design that prevents the bike chains from getting tangled whenever being in low position to touch the ground. Also, it has comfortable design for user’s benefits.

Overall, the adjustable bicycle stand has good durability and stylish construction for regular use. It can bear loads and bike weight for avoiding parking in trees, benches or walls.

  • Strong and sturdy design.
  • Perfect for long-term usage.
  • Light in weight.
  • Very adjustable.
  • Double-leg stand gives better balance.
  • Doesn’t work on E-bikes.

3. Ursus Jumbo Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Heavy-duty Bicycle

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URSUS Wheels brand has exclusive double-leg kickstand that works the best for heavy-duty bicycles. In fact, this Italian brand has 100% hard-hitting construction with safe components.

We are deeply in love with its friendly design that works amazing on bikes to provide good terrain support. Plus, it has 2-way installation options to stabilize.

Besides, the bike stand can carry maximum weight loads for over 176 lbs so that the bike gets better control on jagged ground.  Also, it helps most bikes to stand tall even in wet surfaces.

The best part of this device is it has folding option for preventing bike to catch bike chain while installing. Plus, it lends a hand to stop slop over floor.

Overall, the adjustable kickstand is great in quality and feature for new to be rider. It has excellent stability and perfect design for all time use.

  • Amazing kickstand with good quality.
  • Has aluminum steel finish design.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Super simple to install.
  • Good stability.
  • It is expensive.

4. Lumintrail Center Bike Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike

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Limintrail brands are famous for their strong and sturdy design to find better terrain props. In fact, they come in 2 different colors.

These are just a couple as it has quick and simple press button option for adjusting the size of the kickstand. Plus, it gets better for balancing bike on uneven ground without any help of tools.

Want to know the best part? The mind-blowing bicycle stand has fully extensive leg height that allows adjusting sizes for both long and short width.

Also, it has double leg installation option for gripping support so that riders don’t have to search for trees or walls to parking. On top, it helps the bike to stay upright position.

Overall, the center kickstand has top quality and durable layout for riders. It has slip-free sole to stop slip or fall on wet or mud surfaces.

  • Good quality and features.
  • Has durable design.
  • Comes with non-slip benefits.
  • Super light-weighted.
  • Very functional for daily use.
  • Doesn’t work on fat bikes.

5. BV Rear Side Bike Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Trekking Bike

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Another mention of BV brand that comes with irreplaceable features and better quality for trekking bike. In fact, it gives good traction for avoiding tripping in floor.

Also, the bike stand has good width adjustments for users to adjust the width size. With this option, users can fit it on bikes.

Besides, the kickstand has unique double leg length adjustments for adjusting the size of the leg. Plus, it is super simple to adjust extend or undersize fit.

But that’s not all, this brand comes with 2 different colors for users to get their desirable bike stand. However, we find the black one more interesting for its repairs.

Overall, the BV rear kickstand for bicycle has good fittings and adaptable size adjustments. It has 1 year of warranty support with a good quality guarantee.

  • Has supreme quality.
  • It fits perfectly on oval chain style.
  • Has protective plastic grip.
  • It has good outline.
  • Gives secure attaching.
  • It is hard to install.

6. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Carbon Fiber Bike

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If you wish for a kickstand that has top quality with good construction, then we may suggest getting this brand. TOPCABIN brand offers good setup for fitting in carbon fiber bikes.

And on top of that, the bicycle stand has good packaging that offers all the goodness for simple attaching. Plus, it comes with one kickstand, one pair of rubber mat and 2 wrenches.

Another wonderful thing about this product is it has 3 different colors for users to get desirable bike stand. However, we like the black bike stand for its good adjustability.

But wait there’s more, the aluminum alloy design of this wonderful tool lasts longer. Plus, it is water-proof, rust-proof and wear-resistance for all-time use.

Overall, the incredible brand has good length adjustments with simple installation option. It has 100% customer satisfying guarantee with 12 months of warranty service.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Perfect adjustments.
  • Gives good customer approval guarantee.
  • Super durable and strong.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • The screws are hard to adjust.

7. Pletscher Bicycle Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Lightweight Bike

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Pletscher brands are famous for their options and benefits that give customers satisfying results. In fact, the brand gives better ground support for road bikes.

No doubt about the kickstand workings as it has folding option that gives support to not catching the bike chain while standing on ground. Also, it folds easily on one side.

Like everything else, the kickstand gives better balance over the ground with its 2-leg adjustments. In fact, it gives wonderful control to stay upright even in patchy roads.

Want to know the greatest thing? The bicycle stand has strong and sturdy designs so that riders can enjoy this for a long time. Plus, it can hold maximum weight and great for everyday use.

Overall, the bike kickstand has premium quality and better features for fitting in most bikes. It has good adjustments that prevent bike to trip.

  • Super safe and secure kickstand.
  • Easy to use.
  • Well built construction.
  • Perfect stability for long-term usage.
  • Good quality at this price.
  • It has no rubber foot.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Kickstand?

We all know how tough is to find a good quality kickstand for mountain bikes at a reasonable price, right? Market places and online sites give different types of brands that may or may not work for everyone.

Don’t worry! We have done some research on this topic for providing life hacks and tips on choosing good kickstand and let’s get into it:

Focus On Weight

Yes, this is the key point that will automatically help you getting the ideal pick. Mountain riding is bit risky than the road biking because the road is not well-planned and constructed. In this situation heavy weighted bike gives a stability as well as safe riding experiences.

Good Price Point

Do you know most people choose less costly brand stuff afterward suffer from the outcome? It is true that people make buying decisions depending on products price.

But, it’s really important to focus on the quality even if it’s a bit pricey. So, make sure to note it before choosing any product.

Look for the Adjustments

Another thing to follow before chooses any products are the adjustments. Yes, you’ve heard that right as it gives perfect size, benefits and support for fulfilling your desire. So, ensure to look for a product that has good adjustments.

Dig up Strong and Sturdy Design

Choosing kickstand for bikes needs to be tough and strong for long-term usage. Why? Well, you will be with it for a long time so it’s should be strong for bearing all the weights of bike and loads. For that reason, search for a product that has strong and sturdy designs.

Don’t Forget About the Quality

Of course, you should look for a product that has good quality before choosing any. In fact, the quality of any brand refers to its workability if it’s good or bad for regular use. For that reason, take care of the quality of not regretting later.

Find Not-Slip or Rubber Feet

A rider knows how important is to have a non-slip or rubber feet option for avoiding slippage on mud or wet surface. So, you may need to choose a kickstand that has these benefits for giving bike better ground support.

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Frequently Asked Question!

How to attach kickstand on hybrid bikes?

To begin with, you may need to find the lower flames bars to put it on the right location. After that, put the chief kickstand part to add screws and caps with the help of a screwdriver. Then, clean the whole surface and you are ready to go outside.

Which one is better double-leg kickstand or single leg kickstand?

If truth to be spoken, both kickstands are great in different ways. Single leg kickstands are good for daily use with easy installing legs. On the other hand, double leg kickstands are great for heavy-duty bikes for giving strong bike support.

Why you need a kickstand for the bike?

Kickstands are a tool that gives ground support for the bike not to trip or fall on uneven land or wet surface. If you don’t want to place bike on floor, wall or behind the tree, then your bike may need a kickstand.


There will be always options available for anything you want to get. But the wise people will always trust the power of finding, knowing, researching and finally making a decision.

It’s about your bicycle safety when you want to consider a Kickstand for mountain bike. Don’t be too quick to judge any option and regret later.

You must go over and consider every point that plays importance while making this choice. That’s the only way to ensure your purchase is successful in every perspective. Good Luck with That!

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