7 Best Kickstand for Road Bike In 2024 – [Lightweight Picks]

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Kickstand, one of the most common tools that your road bike should have. Without having a quality kickstand every rider feels helpless when they need to take a bit of rest or other works while riding.

The reason for having a quality kickstand is it helps a lot to hold your bike strictly where you need and won’t let your bike down.

Now if you’re looking for the best quality kickstand, here we researched so many bicycle kickstands and found  7 picks as the best for road bicycles and all of them available on amazon.

We mainly prior the light-weight kickstand as you know road bike is not so heavy at all. Besides, we care about your buying experience too that’s why detailed buyers guide also available here.

Best Kickstand For Road Bike:

If you are in a hurry then here is the quick list of the best kickstand for road bike:

  1. Greenfield Kickstand– Best for Road Bike
  2. BV Adjustable Kickstand– Best for Hybrid Bike
  3. Lumintrail Center Kickstand– Overall Best Kickstand
  4. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand– Best for BMX Bike
  5. Upstanding Bicycle Kickstand– Best for Bicycle
  6. BV Adjustable Center Kickstand- Best for Trekking Bike
  7. Lumintrail Center Kickstand– Best for Touring 

Lets start the full review

1. Greenfield Kickstand– Best Kickstand for Road Bike

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If you are looking for USA top quality kickstand that suits the best for road bikes, then Greenfield kickstand is right for you. It has two sizes to decide.

And we don’t stop there as it has amazing frames that are designed for fitting in most light-weighted, mid weighted and cruiser bicycles. Plus, it requires no additional tool for adjusting.

Besides, it is trouble-free to mount on bikes with its welded on mounting plates. Also, the bicycle stand gives better terrain to standing on an uneven field.

In our experience, it has different colors for choosing user’s desires. But, the black in retail packaging kickstand is our pick for its amazing durability.

Overall, it has good design and better quality for adjusting on any bikes. The cycle stand has a bottom bracket mount to give a secure fit on bikes to hold weights.

  • Highly economical.
  • Useful for parking on the field.
  • Have good functions for beginners.
  • Amazing quality and light-weighted.
  • It has a universal installation design.
  • Come with no short hex bolts.

2. BV Adjustable Kickstand– Best for Hybrid Bike

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The KA76 kickstand has an exclusive design that fits in most types of bikes. Also, it helps bikers to enjoy biking with extra comfort, expediency, and good style.

In our experience, it has a better flexible latch for regulating the size of the kickstand. Also, the adjustable stand gives more ground support with tool-less active height adjustments.

Another wonderful thing about BV kickstand is they provide good warrants support. With no fault in manufactures, it gives 1 year time period warranty from the day of purchase.

Also, the adjustable bike stand is durable for lasting longer. With the stainless steel base design, it can carry all weights of bikes for balancing on the ground.

Overall, the bike stand has a good non-trip design with board shatterproof plastics that stop losing balance in mud. It has steel bolts for avoiding the bottom from slipping off the kickstand.

  • It is super rock hard.
  • Good for prospective safety hazards.
  • Has a customizable fitting option.
  • Great for regular use.
  • It has a good design.
  • Hard to tighten the screws.

3. Lumintrail Center Kickstand- Best Bicycle Kickstand

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Lumintrail Kickstand is made of aluminum steel that has rear dual mount adjustments. Also, it has good ground support and works amazingly on mountain bikes.

No doubt about it, the tool has a great design with a fast and simple press key for adjusting the length of it. Plus, it helps the bike to park anywhere anytime.

Besides, we find it really amazing to the uneven ground with its non-slip sole for avoiding slippage on a wet surface. In fact, it gives good support even in muddy areas.

The kickstand is super light in weight to bear bike weights for avoiding tripping. Also, it gives no trouble to adjust on the bike with adjustable screws and mounting caps.

Overall, the legendary center kickstand has good fitting and simple maintenance for installing on any bikes. It is convenient for most low-weighted, average and cruiser bikes.

  • It is light in weight.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with good quality.
  • Well designed kickstand.
  • Very strong and hard-wearing.
  • Not suitable for tall or heavy bikes.

4. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand– Best for BMX Bike

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TOPCABIN bike stands are comfortable and convenient for parking on any place or bumpy field. Also, it has perfect sizing option that gives good fitting for BMX bikes.

The best part of this bike stand is customizable screw tightening option for setting length size. With this option, a user can adjust to their comfortable size to reach the ground.

Also, it has an anti-slip rubber design that gives full support for not losing balance on mud or wet area. With this option, users can park the bike easily.

We are not through it as the kickstand has aluminum alloy design for users to use well. Also, it is anti-rust and waterproof that gives full support on any harsh weather.

Overall, the top quality kickstand is good for everyday use and comes with 1-year warranty support. It has good customer service for solving any sort of product-related problems.

  • It is water-proof.
  • Simple to adjust.
  • Good for novices.
  • Has 12-month warranty support.
  • Good customer service.
  • It is not durable.

5. Upstanding Bicycle Company Kickstand- Best for Bicycle

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Another USA brand kickstand that gives durable and strong baseline for bicycles is Upstanding Bicycle Company. It has good design for users to fit in most other bicycles.

This USA brand has light-weighted design that gives maximum support to the land to stand tall even in wet areas. Also, it attaches perfectly to bikes with the help of small screws.

No doubt about it as the kickstand is made for long term usage with hard-wearing outline for standing in any situation. Also, it is foldable for fast storage.

Want to know the best part? Well, the carbon fiber design makes this kickstand irresistible. In fact, it gives better land support for standing tall.

Overall, the kickstand is good in every sector and provides safe attachment with its easy detachable and attaching option.

  • Great for long-term usage.
  • Good in value.
  • Simple to set up.
  • It is removable.
  • Simple, strong and light.
  • The tabs are weak.

6. BV Bicycle Adjustable Center Kickstand- Best for Trekking Bike

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The KA36 kickstand has amazing features with adjustable push-button for adjustable sizing for any trekking bikes. Also, it is created with hard-wearing materials for long-term usage.

But wait there’s more, the bike kickstand has no slippage sole option for standing in mire and mud. Plus, it has wide non-breakable plastic foot that stops slipping and sinking.

This magical bike stand gives full support on uneven grounds for balancing bike weight. Plus, it gives secure fitting and prevents bike to fall or go down.

Another wonderful thing about this bike stand is it has amazing customer service. With this option, a user can find all the solutions to product issues.

Overall, the adjustable kickstand has excellent quality and features with 1 year of warranty support from the BV brand. It has two-way installation options for adjustable fitting.

  • Very well made kickstands.
  • Great on rough grounds.
  • Made of aluminum stainless steel.
  • Has amazing quality.
  • Trouble-free to set up on bike.
  • Doesn’t work on diamondback bikes.

7. Lumintrail Center Bike Kickstand- Best for Touring Bike

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We have another mention of the Lumintrail brand kickstand that has a quick and easy design for fitting on touring bikes. Plus, it has a good fitting with adjustable size.

This product has unique designs with two leg center stands for finding maximum terrain even in rough areas. Also, it gives good control over heavy loads on bikes to ride better.

We’re not through yet as it have two different colors with black and silver to choose from. However, the silver one catches our attention for its unique design.

Like everything else, the kickstand has top quality with greater ground support for avoiding sliding on wet surfaces. For that reason, users don’t have to worry about repairing.

Overall, it is right for using on any weather and prevents bike to fall off on damp surfaces. The exceptional design gives good fitting for adjusting length with tool-less option.

  • Long-lasting kickstand for regular use.
  • Good leg extension system.
  • Reasonable price.
  • It is quite sturdy.
  • Simple to put in.

How to Choose A Road Bike Kickstand?

Are you looking for a kickstand for your road bike but don’t know how to choose? Well, no need to worry about as we have effective solutions to this problem.

Many brands come with good quality and value while others don’t have though that gives beginners a headache to pick one. However, here are some simple hacks to find good kickstand:

Decide On Its Durability

We all know how important durability is as the kickstand you are choosing will be with you for a long time.

So, the first thing you have to do before choosing any brand is to check its durability. For that, you may need to check its manufacturing warrants and materials to find if it is durable or not.

Pick Low-Weight Kickstands

Do you know the weight is essential for understanding its traction? Basically, most people choose heavyweight bike stand and suffer later of slippage.

Besides, light-weighted products are super simple to use and give less pain on attaching. So, make sure to pick a brand that offers a light-weighted kickstand for bearing bike weight or other loads.

Choose Budget-Friendly Stuff

Choosing any brands requires much stuff to follow especially the price that you are investing. Depending on your desire, you should pick the featured product that has a reasonable price.

The cheap price product doesn’t have good quality and features to adapt. So, try to pick the costly product to find the best of both worlds.

Manufacturer Support is Important

The last but defiantly not the least thing to follow is to choose a product that has manufacturer support for instantly solving any product-related problems.

Manufacturer support will give the time limits for dealing problems by restoring, repairing or even returning mistaken products. So, make sure to pick a product that has good warranty service.

Frequently Asked Question!

Does these bike kickstands are universal?

Well, these kickstands are universal fit that may work in most of other bike types for fitting perfectly. In fact, they have wonderful adjustments for attaching perfectly on Road, MTB, BMX, Trekking and Mud bikes. Also, you can easily fit these with screws and mounting caps.

In fact, these bikes have long and short length adjusting options for fitting in the perfect length. For the adjustments, the brands offer one size for all bikes.

How to install kickstand on bike?

If you want to know how to install kickstand on a bike, you may need to follow these steps to understand.

Firstly, you should find the lower flame bars to put the second kickstand bracket. Then, place the main kickstand part for inserting screws with a screwdriver to give a perfect fit.

For cautious, you should care on the kickstand parts if they are positioning in the right way or not. If you see any missing flanges, then it’s the right time to contacting a professional or mechanic to get rid of this problem.

What is a bike kickstand?

Actually, the kickstands are a device that gives ground support on the bike or cycle to not to fall or trip.

Plus, it allows the bike to sit in an upright position with no help of tree, wall or even other stuff. But that just a part of the story as it is designed in a straight format that can be folded.


So that was our list of 7 Best Kickstand for Road Bike. You can surely choose anyone out of these and we guarantee they’ll be satisfying.

Why are we so confident? Well because the actual experience, as well as quality of each recommendation from this list, are beyond awesome when you consider the budget factor as well.

In short, these are pretty amazing for a budget-conscious safety gear kit for your road bike. Good Luck on Choosing!

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