Garmin 935 Vs 945: Choose The Best GPS Watch for Triathlon?

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Wishing to buy a smartwatch of Garmin but dangling in which one to choose between Garmin 935 vs 945? Then, your right solution is here for you.

Garmin 935 and Garmin 945 are the two top models of the Garmin smartwatch. Both are a unique one in their features. But choosing a  suitable one sometimes can be very troubling.

Well, no need to get worried about that.  In this article, we are going to discuss all the features with the merits and demerits of Garmin 935 and 945 models. And this will help you to find out your suitable one!

Comparison: Garmin 935 Vs Garmin 945:

Garmin Forerunner 935 (available on Amazon), best known as a forerunner, is an excellent GPS smartwatch. It has every single feature that you need to track while running, cycling, swimming, and even golf playing. The most exclusive feature of it is it is excellent for the triathlon.

On the other hand, Garmin Forerunner 945 (available on Amazon) watch is the trendy and updated one. It has a high rated silicon band and some extra features included, which make it the authentic and splendid to choose.

Let us dig into the comparison table of the features between Garmin 935 vs.945

Garmin Forerunner 935 vs. 945
Case & Strap
stylish body with a silicone strap wrist band.


The case is of a fiber-reinforced polymer.

Available in two different color- black & lemon

 Premium one with a high rated silicon band.


Available in black color only

44x47x13.9 mm 47x47x13.7mm
49 grams 50 grams
Display Screen
Protected with durable chemical glass Has the advanced Corning Gorilla Glass protector
Storage Capacity
Can store up to 64 MB media Can store up to 3 GB of media that includes almost 1000  music
Bluetooth Connection
Can support Bluetooth version 4.1 and ANT+ Can support Bluetooth version 4.2 and ANT+
NFC( Near Field Communication) System
No NFC connection mode Has NFC connection mode
Fitness Features
Sleep tracking, Heart rate monitor, distance measurement system, calories counting, running, and even climbing steps. Sleep tracking, Heart rate monitor, distance measurement system, calorie counting, running, swimming climbing steps, thermometer, and pulse rate counting features are available.
Garmin 935 available on Amazon Garmin 945 available on Amazon

More About Garmin 935 and Garmin 945:

Both smartwatches are useful enough for athletes and triathletes. Now have a look at some other features of these two forerunner fitness trackers.

Garmin Forerunner 935:

Let’s start with Garmin 935.


As it is a smart device, so it is equally important to have a battery with the highest time supporting power. In this regard, 935 has a long time supported Lithium-ion cell. the battery can last up to 2 weeks when the watch is in smartwatch mode and last up to 24 hours when it is in GPS mode.

Bluetooth supporting music

When thinking about Bluetooth features, Garmin 935 supports the Bluetooth system. But it does not support music through Bluetooth.  Again it does not have any sim supporting system. It does not have any loudspeaker nor even a microphone.

Media Support

For considering the media, it can store up to a limited capacity of music. But it does not have any camera or any radio support.

Android Version

Garmin 935 is a smartwatch, but it can support only some specific versions of Android and iOS. So it lags in this case that it can’t support all the versions of Android or iOS devices.

Pros and Cons of Garmin 935

After knowing all the features, we can have a look at the strengths and weaknesses. This table includes the advantages and weaknesses of Garmin 935. It will help a lot to compare and choose your one.

  • Light-weighted, available in two different color
  • Forerunner and triathletes smartwatch
  • Stylish body and bets suitable for man use
  • Best fitness tracker for the crazy athlete lovers
  • No thermometer and pulse detector sensor
  • Does not support Bluetooth music from its store
  • Does not support all version of Android & iOS
  • Does not have colorful maps viewing option

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Garmin Forerunner 945:

Now, let’s unlock the added options for the 945 forerunners.


Considering its battery, it also includes a cell of Lithium-ion that can stay up to 2 weeks during smartwatch mode, 10 hours in music mode and 36 hours in GPS mode without music.

Garmin 945 forerunner includes all the specifications of any smartwatch. Updated one with some extra features. This particular device is also known as a fitness tracker for the triathletes ever.

Bluetooth Supporting Music

Jumping into media, we can have more from the 935 series. This 945 also does not support any sim card. It does not have the camera, loudspeaker system, or any microphone. It does not show any supporting radio system also. But it is ahead in the case of supporting Bluetooth music from its store.

Android Version

Considering the android version, Garmin 945 can support any kind of any version of Android and also iOS devices. This exclusive feature makes it the most favorite to all the athlete lovers.

Thermometer and Pulse Rate Detector

The other extra features of it are, it has the thermometer option that can measure the temperature of the body and give the measurement. Again it also has the pulse rate detecting sensor that can detect the pulse rate of your heart along with the HRM. So we can say that it has the facilities of the ECG options.

Pros and Cons of Garmin 945

Now let’s have the strengths and weaknesses of 945.

  • Best fitness tracker for triathletes, swimming, running, climbing.
  • Available in one black color
  • Can support all versions of Android & iOS device
  • Has a colorful location map viewing option
  • Support Bluetooth music from its store
  • Has thermometer & pulse rate detecting sensor

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Which One is For You:

Garmin 935 and Garmin 945 both are the forerunner smartwatch that is useful for the athlete trainer or athletes to track in triathletes, running count, swimming, climbing, or even any other workouts. But to use it as a professional fitness tracker  Garmin 945 is the best one we can advise.

From Garmin 935 vs.945, you can have almost all the same features, but Garmin 945 includes some extra and advanced one. So, regarding these, we can say Garmin 945 is preferable more.

The article includes all ins and outs about Garmin 935 vs. 945. We can assure you, by reading this article, you can compare and choose your one and have your fitness tracking for any sector you need.