Shimano Claris Vs Sora – Choose The Right Bike Groupset!

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As a biker, you should know the importance of a group-set for your bike. Well, a group-set for the bike is important because the bike’s part can be damaged for various reasons. For replacing the parts you can choose the group-set.

Shimano brand has many group-set for your mountain bike and ordinary bike. In this content, you will know about Shimano Claris vs Sora and which one to choose.

However, Shimano Claris and Shimano sora both come with good qualities though there are some differences among them. These group-sets are best in different sections according to their features and quality.

Now, you should know the difference between these two Shimano groupsets. Let’s dig into the content to explore the differences and suitability.

Head to Head: Shimano Claris vs Sora Groupset

It’s time to make a difference table between Shimano Claris and the Sora groupset. Here you will find the differences and can make your decision to choose one of them as they both are the best.

Perfect for higher speed bicycle. This shifter will allow you easy shifting and the quality is very satisfactory. Perfect for lower speed bicycle. Shifting control is a bit easier than others. The quality of this shifter is also good.
The brakes lever, brakes calipers are the best attachment for not only SHIMANO bikes but also in other bikes too. The brakes are only suitable for SHIMANO bikes but you can use them on other bikes too.
It’s cheaper than the SHIMANO SORA and comes with a nice outlook. This group-set maintains good quality and a bit expensive than the SHIMANO CLARIS. It comes with a gorgeous black finish.
Designed for high speedy bikes. This group-set is designed for all kinds of bikes but more suitable for a 9-speed bike.

What to Know more about Shimano Claris

Shimano Claris is considered the power-priced groupset among Shimano Groupsets.  Claris is suitable for road bikes. This groupset has considered one of the finest for its features, strengths, and efficiency.

As we are going to find the best option for you from Shimanoclaris vs Sora vs 105, first we have to look at the features of Shimano Claris.


The key reason to buy Shimano Claris is its shifter design. Claris mainly uses the similar integrated brake and gear lever system that has been used in Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset.

That means Claris doesn’t a shifter design like Tourney. When you need to shift up the back gear, you have to push the right-hand lever behind the brake lever and for shifting it down you need to push both levers inwards.


Shimano Claris is providing the best brake set for road bikes. As we know road bikes are often used for racing, brakes will be an important issue for it. So Claris is providing a complete groupset brake levers and brake calipers.


Generally, all the groupset providers of a bicycle don’t provide a ring frame for attaching the chain. Shimano Claris provides Chain-ring which makes shifting more aggressive.


Claris has eight sprockets on a cassette. It is quite standard for a road bike. So the compatibility of Shimano Claris is 8-speed.

About Sora Groupset

Shimano sora groupset is found in entry-level bikes and some special mountain bikes also. This group-set is overlooked for its feature, quality, and performance. Let’s have a look at the group-set.


As you know in Shimano bike there is an option to change the speed with the changes in gears. You can rely on the sora shifter for your Shimano bikes. With the light paddling, you can change the gear by pressing the shifter.

The build quality of the shifter is very good. Again the shifter is smooth and you will have comfort while changing the gears.


The sora brakes come with great quality. Brakes are built with aluminum dual-pivot calipers. You will find the finish in black which is cool. The brakes are remarkably well in their business.


After brakes and shifter here comes the chain-ring. The chainring from the Shimano sora is well-rated by the bikers. You can attach your different sized chain in this chain-ring. This part is also finished by black.


It’s a different thing other than the bike parts. Here arrives the question which groupset is perfect for various speed bikes? You should know that the SORA groupset is perfect for the 9-speed bike. If you have a 9-speed bike than you can easily go for the Sora groupset.


Can I race with Shimano Claris?

Shimano Claris doesn’t make for racing. But it is made for road bikes. It will provide you an aggressive gear shifting ability so that you can speed up and down easily.

Can Shimano Claris use an 11-speed cassette?

No, Claris you cannot use an 11-speed cassette.  As Claris is an 8-speed system, it doesn’t have the same spacing between cogs of an 11-speed cassette. Shimano Claris derailleur won’t be adjusted to work with the narrower spacing.

Is Sora Groupset suitable for MTB?

Yes, it is suitable for mountain bikes but not for all-mountain bikes. Shimano Sora Groupset is used for special types of mountain bikes. You can’t use it for an ordinary mountain bike.

Additional Tips

Don’t cross the Chain: Always try to maintain a suitable shifting of gear. You need to avoid using opposite extreme ends of the gears. Don’t use the smallest or largest cogs for both back and front at the same time.

Shifting gear gradually: Don’t try to overtake gear sequence. Sometimes it causes chain jumps up from clogs completely. So, you have to ensure that you are changing gear gradually.

Final Note

Shimano groupsets provide the best quality materials for every king of the bicycle. Claris and Sora groupset are the best groupsets for Shimano.

These two groupsets are manly efficient for mountain and road bikes. By comparing them we’ve found little difference between them and their functions.

Also, there is a small-scale difference between their prices. You should understand the difference between their works and gear shifting.


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