Shimano Altus vs Acera – Choose The Right MTB Groupset!

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If you are looking for groupset for your MTB then Shimano Altus and Acera groupset will just have to be in your first choice. Here we are going compare the two groupsets between Shimano Altus and Shimano Acera.

For your comfortable riding on a mountain bike or hybrid bike and smooth operation at a suitable price, you must go through Shimano Altus Vs Shimano Acera groupset details, which you will get here.

A comparison table will help to understand the difference between Shimano Altus and Acera. Shimano Altus review will help you to understand the different models of Altus like Shimano Altus m310 and Shimano Altus m2000.

Comparison Table: Shimano Altus Vs Acera

Every groupset has different build quality and different features. The different groupsets are built for different bikes. The SHIMANO Altus and SHIMANO Acera have different too though they are from the same brand.

This shifter is not suitable for all kinds of bikes. Some particular bike can go with this shifter. This shifter comes with a unique design. This shifter is suitable with maximum numbers of bikes.
These brakes are more effective than the SHIMANO Acera. These brakes can show great performance while riding.
This crankset has many features and this crankset will help you to get a comfortable ride. For getting an excellent ride you can choose this crankset for its good quality.
The whole groupset is comparatively cheaper. This groupset is costly but at an affordable price.

About Shimano Altus Groupset

SHIMANO bikes are very much famous to the bikers along with the groupsets that the SHIMANO brand executes.

However, if you want to build a hybrid bike or looking for groupset for your mountain bike than SHIMANO Altus groupset can be a perfect choice.

The specialized feature of SHIMANO Altus groupset will amuse you. So, it’s time to have a look over the parts.


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The sifter and shift levers from SHIMANO Altus are consecutive bike parts. This part is only compatible with ALFINE S7000-8 hubs. It has a two-way release feature. There is an optical gear display in this shifter.


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The SHIMANO Altus brakes are more flexible and comfortable while to ride over the bike. These brakes come with the awesome feature of instant stopping the bike. The wire used in the brakes is very much suitable for the easy braking opportunity.


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SHIMANO Altus crankset comes with three different sizes with different numbers. This crankset is suitable for two different sized chainring.

For a reliable shifting of speed, this crankset is just perfect. You can replace the chainring with this crankset easily. The crankset comes with gorgeous black color.

Rear Derailleur

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The quality of rear derailleur is good in quality from SHIMANO Altus groupset and very much durable. You can easily replace the derailleur for different speeds bike. This part is compatible with 7 and 8-speed bikes.

Shimano Acera Groupset Details

Shimano Acera has been known as the mid-level groupset in Shimano MTB groupset Hierarchy. Among the different parts of this groupset, the derailleurs and brakes are built for core trail riding with the feature of lightweight.

The most important thing is the Acera has a regular improvement every year, as a result, the performance also improves day by day.


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The most important thing about the Acera M360 groupset’s shifter is that the pod design can offer the user to use any brake lever with it.

Also, this shifter is popular for its low-friction design. You will get an easy access clamp band adjustment for a quick set up.


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Generally, Shimano Acera offers a disc brake system for MTB. Also, you will find a hydraulic disc from Acera.

This brake is solid and has a durable system that is capable of giving the respectful force of stopping power in any type of mountain bike.


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Acera comes with a huge upgrade in the performance of cranksets. These cranksets are popular for their durability, lightweight, and sturdiness.

The cranksets can combine with any type of chain and shifters. Shimano Acera M361 triple crankset offers a hyperdrive system to prove quiet and trouble-free shifting.


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The most important thing about a bicycle groupset is derailleurs. In Shimano, Acera derailleurs come in 3×7, 3×8 and 3×9-speed combinations. The front Acera derailleurs come with the feature of the swing model which seems plane.

This part is also lightweight so it will not add any extra load. You can adjust the cage comfortably that can give you an idea for tuning for cable tensions.


  1. Is Altus better than Acera?

– Though it’s a common question, it can’t be answered so easily. They both are good for different bikes. However, Acera is a bit better than Altus.

  1. Is Shimano Altus better than tourney?

– Yes, the Shimano Altus is better than the tourney.

  1. What is Shimano Altus?

– Shimano is a brand of bike and bike components and Shimano Altus is a set of bike components that are made by SHIMANO. You can choose this groupset to build your hybrid/compound bike.

  1. What is Shimano Acera?

– Like SHIMANO Altus, the SHIMANO Acera is also a set of bike components.

Additional Tips

Keeping crankset clean: crankset is the heart of a bicycle. You should need to clean the crankset clear as much as possible.

Avoid unnecessary heavy braking: Do not brake to and fro with heavy pressure. It may damage your brake pad and losses brake efficiency. Try to remove extra weight from the bike.

Final Note

Now you have a primary knowledge about Shimano Altus and Shimano Acera. You may go through some other comparison articles like Shimano Altus vs Claris and Shimano Altus vs Deore etc.

There have few things to know about these two groupsets other than this writing. You may think the best groupset may offer you lifetime support and will be best for your MTB. But the main thing is you have to maintain a safe riding. Safe riding is essential both for your bicycle lifetime and your safety.


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