Centerlock Vs 6-bolt – Which Is Better Brake Rotor System?

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Do you think about centerlock vs 6-bolt brake rotor, which will be perfect for your bike wheel, disc brakes, and hubs? Now, you will find several types for wheel center lock, and six bolts are best of them. Though the rotor types are the same for both items, these have some differences have between those.

Why they are unique and which you should pick? I describe my analysis after using both of these. To make a final decision, my personal experience will helpful for you. Let’s know the comparison with the pros and cons.

Centerlock Vs 6-bolts:

The core difference between the center lock tool and 6bolt rotor with a short comparison table will help you to decide between buying. Also, you can pick up the right things within a short time.

Centerlock 6-bolts
Center lock Need a unique key for connecting a six-bolt rotor Doesn’t need a unique key for connecting.
It can move with high speed and stop at instant Moving, and stopping is
More error proved and more straightforward installation method Less error proven than a centerlock brake. Installation may take more top time.
Light weight tool A little bit additional weight than centerlock brakes
As a lightweight, best for professional bikers. As a little bit heavy, best for frequent users.
Centerlock is expensive Less expensive than centerlock
It might be not very easy to find the right one in the market without proper analysis. It doesn’t need depth research to find out the right one because the available maximum of six bolts is okay.

Centerlock Brakes Rotor:

Centerlock is a system patented Shimano, which makes the brake installation process more comfortable. Typically, the disc always has on the hub surface and locked to use a unique key.

The connection point of all hubs and disc are made of quality steel. The lock is on the center point, so you don’t need to try to set specific 6 torque on the rotor.

Advantage of center lock brakes:
  • Steel material point to connect the hubs
  • The rotor doesn’t bend because of the inner ring
  • Its rotor is removable. So, you can get apart from the rotor during shipping.
The disadvantage of center lock brakes:
  • Heavier rotor weight
  • You have to buy another tool for installing and removing a rotor.

6-bolt Brakes Rotors:

6 bolts rotors are traditional brake rotors that come in the market end of the 1900th. Up to 90% of available brakes in the market are 6 bolts. Besides, you can get 6 bolts with center lock adapter.

Besides, the 2-pieces rotor section is available in this rotor, which helps a biker to be safe from warping and overheating. In this rotor, you must use torque and apply it to the star pattern of the brakes. Otherwise, there was a risk of uneven brakes. Similarly, tightened the bolts very carefully.

Advantage of 6 bolt brakes:
  • Multiple brake feature
  • Quality brakes with less price
  • Its rotor and adapter have got easily
The disadvantage of 6-bolt:
  • Maybe occurring great risk
  • Often the bolts may come apart from the brakes
  • The rotor may be thrown away by accident.

When should you use a center lock

If you are fond of biking a lot in the hot summer season, then it will be helpful for you. Because one of the notable features of center lock is that manufacturer company, Shimano includes ice tech freeze rotors. Luckily, you can use a Freeza with a casual bike and mountain bike. These features always lower the temperature of your rotor.

Most importantly, if you can combine the ice tech disc pad and the freeze rotors, then your rotor temperature can down from 400 degrees to 300 degrees. Braking power increases when the heat is low. You have not a braking loss in this rotor. So, if you would love to downhill biking mostly, you could go with center lock, I think it will be better.

When should you use six bolts

6 bolt disc rotor is best practice for the climbing hill, COM and TT. I think if you are more substantial in weight, you should go with this brakes rotor .

It can margin the brake weight with your won. Moreover, it is necessary if you have a hub with a system of 6 bolts pattern. So, choose 6 bolts according to your needs.

Which keep in mind before choosing centerlock or six bolts

Rotor size:

It is the most crucial matter. Because you have to fit your new rotor according to the actual rotor size. You will find it on the brake specs or in the backside of the current rotor of your bike. Typically, the maximum rotor size is 140 to 160 mm, but it is 180 mm for mountain bikers. Sometimes, this diameter size might be 220 mm.

Which do I like most between the two of them?

I love two of center lock and 6 bolts. I have already converted the center lock rotor to 6 pins for my convenient. As a passionate biker of the summer season in the mountain, I love most the center lock rotors because it has less risk of comparatively than another rotor. E with temperature resistant quality and low-risk features. Though the higher price, I love it much.


1) When should brake rotors be replaced?

The rotor comes with your bike is disposable, and it will need to replace after 15,000 to 70000 miles riding. Moreover, it depends on much according to your using style, riding way, and the total time of travel. Some brakes pad should need to replace after a short time. Because of aggressive pads, you may notice a lot of pollen while braking.

2) How do you know when brake rotors are bad?

Whenever you notice that it creates odd noise during braking, you have to understand that there some problems with the rotor. Besides, the rotors may be warped partially. Then you have to replace a new rotor.

Final words:

I think that all of your confusion with centerlock vs. 6 bolt rotors is clear now. I want to say again that which will be best for you depend on your demand. So, analysis of the features and quality of both and make a final decision. If you have anything more to know. You can ask the comment box.