What Means Bike Tune Up And How Much Does It Cost?

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If you have a bike and you are a hardcore cyclist, you should know what the value of bike tuning is. Bike tuning is more like tuning a mechanical instrument.

The bike mechanicals must have the technical skills, sensible touch, and a good ear. Nowadays, a tune-up is a word that is used seriatim across the bicycle shops in the country.

You cannot classify tuning up exactly. It depends on mechanics experience, what tuning level you need and the relation between you and bike mechanics. So, it’s challenging to find the answer to how much does a bike tune-up cost.

Here I am going to inform you about many things about bike tuning and its cost. Moreover, you’ll find the services included in bike tune-up, where you’ll find quality service and labor guarantee.

I will answer here most frequently asked questions and finally, I‘ll give you some additional suggestions. So, let’s start.

Why Do You Need to Tune Up Your Bike?

Like any vehicle, you have to tune up your bike. Moving parts of your bike won’t give the correct service every day.

After biking some days, you will find a small problem in any part of your bike. If you don’t solve it down immediately, it can come with a more significant issue. That’s why tuning up is needed.

Moreover, for a bike traveler, it is more than essential to tune up bikes frequently as they do not want their bike as a crocked vehicle in travel.

If you’re not a frequent biker who leaves his/her bike untouched in rain and winter, you can collect ideas from the bike tune-up group on and choose a spring tune-up for making the bike smooth.

How much it will Cost to Tune-Up Your Bike?

It has no specific answers. Tuning cost depends on different things. If you want a full tune-up anywhere, it will cost around 30$ to 75$.

Besides, if you maintain frequent maintenance on your bike, the cost may decrease during tuning up.

On the other hand, many shops will discount you 20$ air and oil tune-up for free to maintain courtesy service. But average full bike tunes up cost NYC is up to is less than other cities.

The Services are Included in Bike Tune-Up

What does a bicycle tune-up consist of?” is a common question go through among a biker. Bike tune-up has many things to handle appropriately.

Tuning a bike is all about the experience. Now I’ll let you know what does a bike tune-up include or not include.

Washing the Bike

First of all, a full tune-up of a bike needs to be cleaned top to bottom properly. The chain-drive, chainrings, freewheel, brakes, derailleurs and the full-rim will go through water.

After that, the whole bike will be dried up and degreased. They will try to use as little water as possible to dirt free the bike.

Wheels Checking

Here, the mechanic will adjust the external tension of bearings. After that, the mechanic will make sure a true wheel by giving the exact tension.

This is how the rim remains straight. A wheel tuning needs at least 100 minuscule turns.

Cables Checking

During tuning up, the mechanic will examine the cable with its rubber coating. If he/ she finds any rust, crimps or cleft, he/ she will replace it new cable.

Besides, the mechanic will adjust the gear and brakes cable by loosening or tighten them as required.

Solving Gear and Brakes Troubleshooting

If there are any troubleshooting in gears and brakes, the mechanic will adjust it. Your gears may need smooth adjusting. In that case, the mechanic will coax it as required and adjust the up and down of the chain.

For brakes troubleshooting, he/she will adjust the cable and position of the brake arm. Here, if your bike has any noise problem due to break, that will be solved out.

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Lubricating Drive train

Lubrication of chain and chain-drive is a must in bike tuning. A rusty chain can cause much troubleshooting of your bike directly or indirectly.

Check and adjust tire pressure

40 to 80 psi is the ideal for mountain bike’s tire, and 120 psi is the maximum for a road bike. In tuning, the mechanic will adjust the air pressure and make the tire ready for your riding.

Tuning Up a Bike at Rei

For tuning up your bike, Rei is probably one of the best options. There are a few things that they look at right away. First, they check the wheels and tires.

They make sure the tire pressure backs up to the recommended pressure, which is always listed outside of the tire.

Then they check five bearing surfaces on a bike. After that, they check the overall bike frame to make sure nothing’s bent and misaligned.

Then they check chain dive, check the brake system. Finally, they make sure all the bolts are correctly torqued. How much does a bike tune-up cost at Rei is not the fact. Fact is carefully and professionally they do it


How much is a basic bike tune-up?

Bike tune-up depends on the number of services consists of the tune-up. For a full tune-up, expect to pay around 65$-75$. Never forget to check the websites.

What does a bike tune-up include?

Cleaning, cable checking, adjusting gears and brakes and lubricating the drivetrain are the basic things included in bike tuning.

How long does a bike tune -up take?

It doesn’t take too much time. For basic tuning up it takes around 30-60 minutes. To find the troubleshooting, a mechanic needs a maximum of 15 minutes.

Final Note

Tune-up bike is the essential need for a biker. For tuning-up, you won’t need to go far away. Just search for “bicycle tune-up near me” and go there.

If you find the basic tune-up there, I’ve talked here; you can tune-up your cycle there. Tuning up a bike isn’t a hard task. It would be best if you learned bike tuning as soon as possible.