Types of clipless Pedals and How Do They Works?

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Clipless Pedals the cover name of clip-in pedal mostly known for its amazing power-boosting capability and high-end comfort.

But few of us still confused about the types of clipless pedals, and it’s working procedure.

How do clipless pedals work? Well, there are cleats attached with shoes clipped in with the pedals and make a smooth connection between them. Here are significant benefits, you can clip in or unclip it when you need but trust me, it’s safer if you wear clipless pedals as it’s providing you advance stroking capability.

Below I detailed about how clipless pedal work on both road bike and mountain bike. Stay relax and continue.

We also here discussed the types of clipless pedals in detail as possible. But before going next, make your mind lock for a couple of minutes and continue next.

Types Of Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals are mainly three types and these are:

  1. 2 Hole designed clipless pedals
  2. 3 Hole designed clipless pedals
  3. Dual platform clipless pedals

So here we break down these main types of clipless pedals. Continue with a cup of hot coffee. Don’t skip a single line as you can miss the gist.

Clipless Pedals With 2 Hole Cleats

Clipless pedals with 2 hole cleats come with all-around features that boost you the road biking. It mainly understands the structure of the roads and analyzes the journey to explore the best output.

This type of road bike clipless pedal is a well-made kit that’s perfect for on-road only.

Comparing all other clipless pedals, this one is wider or made with a bigger platform. Surprisingly this larger platform lets place your foot altogether. As well as the road bike pedals come with big cleats than the Mtb bike pedals.

These pedals come with three big come with light-weight materials. No heavy metal use in these pedals. Cleats. Those big cleats give extra support to the riders even in their critic situation.

Stroking is more comfortable with these pedals as it’s

Oh, it’s simple to have a question actually why road bike clipless pedals lighter than the Mtb pedals?

Well, you know mtb clipless pedals come with a rubber sole but surprisingly the road bike clipless pedals don’t.

That’s the main reason of being light-weight comparing the Mtb pedals. Riders love these pedals as it’s help in risky moments as well as the severe racing on the road.

However, the cleats feel you covered adequately with the pedals and inspire you with easy and exciting pedaling. As a result, you needn’t extra energy instead of just go and go.

The Positives We Found

Covering up this part successfully, we researched a longer list of on-road clipless pedals to be more exact. After the journey discovered a few highlights that will make you happy.

For instance, this pedal is ultra-comfort for road biking and handy as well. The larger cleats support you thoroughly than the other pedals available in the market.

Few Negatives To Consider

The only fault we found, you can’t use these pedals comfortably for your handy use. To be more specific, use is for walking is tough as the cleats won’t allow it.

That’s why don’t use it when you need to stop or clip in or clip out after a certain period. For instance, the delivery man needs to stop the bike after every few moments. Then it won’t suit him well.

Tip: Keep in mind road bike pedals only work best on the road, but still you can use it for a gravel bike.

Clipless Pedals with 3 Hole Cleat

If you ask around thousands of bikers about versatile clipless pedals, up to 80 to 90% will vote the Mountain bike clipless pedals. Yes, we did the same. By the way, these versatile pedals mostly called as MTB clipless pedals.

For these pedals, the deeper you go, the more exciting benefits you will discover. However, these pedals made with heavier metals that make it weighty.

The pedals platform is smaller than the road bikes. It covers the single side of your foot that doesn’t feel complete lock as the road bike pedals.

The cleats come with two-bolt. Clipping in our out is more comfortable and need no time actually. So every rider can clip in or out when they feel the necessity.

This features mainly attract the MTB bikers as you know the road is not made proper planned; instead, it’s a survival journey that gives adventurous feelings.

Making the ride successful with no major accident, the rider needs enough foot support where this pedal is perfect as you can clip in or out anytime.

Besides, the pedals need a bit of time to be hot and boost the speed of your mtb bike. By these pedals, you can save lots of fo energies as it has excellent stroking power.

The Positives We Found

At first, diversity makes us mad about using these pedals. You can use these pedals undoubtedly in mountain bike riding as well as the others, including gravel biking or road biking.

But the question, Why mountain bike clipless pedals can use in multiple purposes?

Well, the answer is the rubber sole those are placed on every Mtb shoes around the cleats. These soles allow you to walk or saves the cleats form extra pressure as well as feel you no comfort when walking or rocking.

Few Negatives To Consider

We rarely found only cons are bit pressure unclip the pedals and sometimes it causes little injury. Besides, this pedals bit heavier but if you are okay with it no matter then.

Dual Platform Pedals

Haven’t you already got the gist from the name “Dual Platform Pedals”?

Maybe. However, dual-platform pedals are made with the combination of clipless pedals and flat pedals.

You know there are two main types of bike pedals. One is clipless(clip-in) another is flat pedals or platform pedals.

In short clipless pedals are made with cleats and clipping technology where flat pedals don’t use any clips.

Amazingly these pedals made with 2 in 1 feature. For details, riders can use these pedals according to their needs. For this diversity, riders love to pick the dual-platform pedals. Because at the same purchase, they get double benefits.

The Positives We Found

The only attraction that makes the riders excited is its versatility. If anyone asks us, it would be wiser to choose or not. We will surely recommend this for road biking or mtb biking.

Moreover, there’s no complicated math that you can’t solve. Instead, it’s easy to turn clipless to flat within a while. But the only concern is to choose the right shoes for you; otherwise, you may fall on a problem.

How Do Clipless Pedals Work

How Do Clipless Pedals Work

Finally, you are the right place where we covered the desired question how do actually clipless pedals work.

By the way, working progress is not different than the other pedals. But it needs to understand few terms and techniques to moderate it properly as you need.

Lots of question we face about clipless pedals and its working strategy. But to be straight, it’s simple and easier to maintain.

And, that doesn’t mean anyone can be the master rather you should know the tactics step by step as well as its mechanism.

You know riders sometimes got confused when they failed to power up the bike with the clipless pedals.

Working Process:

Setting up clipless pedals not much more comfortable that’s shy first make sure you know the roadmap very well. Then you should go for set up. By the way when you are all done, now it’s time to gear up.

Another thing, please pick a shoe that suit with the pedals most. So now try to place the shoes and press them simply. Hope the clipped will be in and then start riding.

Again when you need just usually force to unclip that will be disengaged. The cleats are well-designed. So no worry about damage, rather clip-in or unclip it hundreds of time if you need.

There some brands who offer advance clipless pedals available in the market, for instance, Shimano, Crank Brothers, etc.

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Clipless pedals On MTB Bikes

The mountain bikers are really King of Riding. Trust me, many of our team do risky mtb biking with so many adventurous events.

I know the feeling is really fantastic and wow. But before going out, you must ensure the 100% safety with no excuse at all. All of your gears should be high quality and ok to use.

However, let’s focus on the topic. You know clipless pedals has a couple of types such as a road bike and mtb.

MTB clipless pedals mainly designed for off-road with small cleats and surface. Beside secure on-off system and rubber sole make it accessible to every rider.

Because these addons allow riders to boost himself correctly, one thing you know, sometimes rider needs to walk or survive certain areas by walking, climbing or something else where clipless perform best.

On the other hand, mtb riders are enough excited about stunning because you know the adventurous roads inspire themselves to do something unique and new.

To cover up all the stated reason and facts, mtb riders mostly love and feel safe to use the clipless pedals whenever they go out for chill.

Clipless Pedals On Road Bikes

Working process of clipless pedals are the main contradictions between the Mtb riders and the road bike riders.

Most of road biker doesn’t feel comfortable with clipless pedals. However, that doesn’t mean road bikers have no alternative or anything else.

Before jumping, let’s clear the road bike riding again. One thing you can skip, you know it.

Road biking mainly refers to riding a bike or bicycle on the road. Not on any mountain or gravel or any off-road. Hope you got the parachute!

I once described the available types of clipless pedals. However, road bike clipless pedals come with larger platform as well as the bigger cleats.

Although these bigger cleats help in covering the feet perfectly, these pedals don’t support in walking or anything else.

But you know, people who work in delivering products from door to door, they must walk after a certain period of time.

When they are doing so, they face a huge problem in walking. In some cases, they got injured. The reason is simple that the cleats are bigger than the normal in sizes as well as there’s no rubber sole attached with the road bike pedals shoes.

However, for all the discussed reason riders nowadays don’t feel comfortable with the clipless pedals when they are on-road biking.


Confidently you know the types of clipless pedals as well as its benefits and drawbacks too. By the clipless pedals is sure a wise pick whether it’s for a road bike or Mtb. So, don’t hesitate anymore spreading your love if you are clipless pedal lovers.