10 Best Pedals for Gravel Bike (Flat and Clipless Both)

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Looking for gravel bike pedals but don’t know which one suits best on your bike, no worries; you are in the right place.

Gravel riding is a little bit similar to mountain biking as you have to get off the bike sometimes and walk. Also, the gravel road is full of dirt sometimes you may find muddy places to ride.

So you have to choose a pedal that easily cleanable and compatible with dirt and muddy gravel riding.

Which one do you need clipless or flats? It depends on you but my suggestion is clipless and every professional rider uses it. If you’re a beginner to clipless than you may start with flat ones.

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Best Pedal For Gravel Bike in 2023

We researched many pedals on the market and find seven clipless pedals options and four flat pedals (all of them available to Amazon.com) that perform well on gravel riding. Here is the list of 10 best pedals for gravel bike:

  1. SHIMANO XT PD-M8100 – Best For Both Gravel & MTB Bike(My Choice)
  2. Crank Brothers Candy: Ensure The Flawless Gravel Riding
  3. Shimano Deore Pedals: Best SPD Gravel Bike Pedals
  4. Time ATAC XC – Lightest Clipless Gravel Bike Pedal
  5. Crank Brothers Candy 3: Best Pedals for Gravel Bike
  6. VP Components Vice Pedal –  Best Flat Pedals For Gravel Riding 
  7. PA03A Composite – Platform Pedals For Gravel Riding
  8. SHIMANO PD-EH500 – A Beginner-friendly Bike Pedal
  9. Crankbrothers Pedal – Best Budget Flat Pedal
  10. Crankbrothers Eggbeater – Best for Muddy Gravel Riding

Let’s start the full review.

1. SHIMANO XT PD-M100 – Best For Both Gravel & MTB Bike

SHIMANO XT PD-M8000 is a stiff and durable pedal that comes with chrome-moly spindle with 8mm hex wrench mount. Its lower platform height allows more excellent stability when pedaling. The robust retention claws provide smooth engagement and release.

It creates a new method of active power transfer facility. These pedals are easily adjustable and make the rider padal smoothly. Also it comes with an open binding design that allows mud and debris to be flushed out when the rider steps in.

The new XT apparatus set makes it MTB quality and powerful. It accelerates well-organized power transmits and highly quick to respond braking.

This pedal has a comprehensive platform that makes release apprehension settings more appropriate and well-organized. Overall it’s one of the best pedal for both gravel bike riding and MTB ride.

What We Like:
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Easy to clip in and out
  • Highly adjustable
  • It’s lighter, better quality spindle and bearings
What We Don’t Like:
  • The clip can only clip in half
  • Be careful while attaching the pedals

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2. Crank Brothers Candy: Ensure The Flawless Gravel Riding

Crank Brothers Candy Clip-In bike creates opportunities for great riding. It has the high torque pedals that make smooth pedaling. Its corrosion resistance sealing system has made this a unique one. The paddles come with the best fitting system and more durable designing.

It Dregs with 435 chromo steel with one-piece plastic composite also. The wings are of steel with 300 Series stainless steel spring. Its bearing system also makes a great attraction for the rider. The inner bearing is glide bitting, and outer bearing is of cartridge bearing.

This gravel bike pedal has a four-sided entry system, light weighted and comes with so many series to try. The pedal is perfect for riding, racing, and even for a long time spindling also. Its customizable floating technology with the two-sided platform has made it superior. The pedals provided with 150 and 200  release angle that give relief to the adjustment of tension settings.

What We Like:
  • lighter than some of other more expensive models
  • perform flawlessly
  • Can easily fit on any kinds of bike
  • Easy to clip in and out and nicely spin
What We Don’t Like:
  • No way to adjust the spring tension
  • Sometimes creaks under climbing

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3. Shimano Deore Pedals: Best SPD Gravel Bike Pedals

Shimano Deore XT M8020 SPD trail pedals are the super comfortable pedal for rough riding and stable enough, durable, and spindle with 8mm hex twisted. During pedaling, it’s lower platform and height help to calm perfectly.

It provides the easiest way to cleat in and cleat out. Also it creates a new method of active power transfer facility. Again these pedals are easily adjustable and provide two-bolt SPD cleats that make the rider paddle smoothly.

Its mud-shedding design allows a rider for the greatest pedaling ever!  The cleats work well enough if you clip in from one side or both. The paddle has an extended platform that makes the release tension settings more appropriate and effective. This pedal makes a great riding while climbing uphill or going downhill, going over bumps, or through sketchy areas of trail.

What We Like:
  • Best for mountain bike, raised railroad tracks or to limp on sidewalks
  • Comfortable with some extended platform
  • Works in short distances ride with sneakers also
  • Doesn’t take long to be able to clip in
  • Pedals work  flawlessly
  • Pulling out foot becomes intuitive after some rides
What We Don’t Like:
  • Need to be careful while attaching the pedals

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4. Time ATAC XC – Budget-Friendly Lightest Gravel Bike Pedals

The XC bike pedal is known for its amazing feature and perfect quality for riders to ride extremely. It has strong metal body parts for shielding the little accessories from getting damaged.

And we don’t stop there as it comes with amazing power diverting traction for riding in full-speed.

The pedal has supreme mud-shedding option for avoiding big splash of mud while riding in on-field. It also has small accessories that are super trouble-free to install.

The bottom line is it has faithful quality for a newbie to purchasing and wonderful in worth. Also, it is small and unique in design which a user can simply set up without difficulty.

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5. Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals: Adjustment free Bike Pedals for Gravel Bike

Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedal makes a great pedaling for the riders. The pedal’s design is such that they don’t need any adjustment before pedaling. This bike pedal is lightweight and has a four-sided entry system that makes it more exclusive and preferable.

The pedal is great for MTB use. Its customizable float makes it a more authentic one to choose. It comes with the premium bearings that make them more trendy. It also has the technology of 150 and 200 release angle and needle bearing inner and ball bearing outer.

The pedal’s body is of aluminum metal, and the axle is of  SCM435 Chromo Steel. Per pedal is 304 gm weight that does not make it heavy at all. These pedals also come with a cleat for the shoes, which make it a splendid one to buy.

What We Like:
  • Flawless platform for entry and exit
  • No need for adjustment, no hard breakaway
  • No socket like others have
  • Gives Pain-free riding comparing others
  • No need to think about pedal tension
  • Any spot, mud and muck come out easily and quickly
What We Don’t Like:
  • Not well enough for trail riding
  • fewer colors are available

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6. VP Components Vice Pedal – Lightweight Flat Pedals for Gravel Riding

The vice pedal is great for it’s super durable and light parts which help on biking at ease. It has unique length and width with thin and light-weighted design which is made of aluminum metal body.

These are just a few as it has supreme thin flat paddle assist which helps the bike to move in any direction.

It has small steel pins for adjusting the size simply with a simple set-up. We are in love with its workings and power for adjusting in bike.

Overall, it has superb value and worth riding more freely. The platform pedal has excellent durability and sturdiness which is right for novice to ride.

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7. PA03A Composite – Best Gravel Bike Platform Pedal

PA03A bike pedal is famous for its amazing convenient gripping support for biking. This flat pedal helps to grip or turn for changing direction with more power transformation.

But here’s the kicker, it is right in shape and design which is suitable for a mountain bike. We genuinely like about its layout that supports competition or racing as a player to move rapidly.  It also has wonderful traction which gives more control over the bike.

On the whole, the platform pedal is amazing in features and right for riders. It has amazing warranty support for returning broken products. The pedal works incredibly on gravel bikes for a fast ride.

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8. SHIMANO PD-EH500 – A Beginner-Friendly Pedal for Gravel Bike

SPD EH500 bike pedal is a perfect choice for beginners to be comfortable with. It has amazing versatile pedal on both sides with a convenient platform on the individual side for riding bike faster.

And we don’t stop there as it has SPD built-in unique design for paddling at ease. The machinery included SPD clear set with release pins to move your feet comfortably.

Also, it has an easy operator for adjusting pedal simply with clip-in and out option.

Overall, this product has durable parts that are useful for setting up small accessories. It is made with aluminum which helps to fight in any weather condition to avoid damages.

>>Check Price on Amazon>>

9. Crankbrothers Pedal – Best Gravel Bike Flat Pedal On Budget

This bike pedal is eminent for its unique curved platform for protecting the foot-clips. It has a mind-blowing griping option for twisting the path in any weather stage.

But wait there’s more, it comes in a 5 year of warranty service which we find awesome. The pedal can be returned within remaining time if delivered wrong pedal or occurred any problem. This feature helps get a perfect replacement for a beginner.

On the whole, it has great durability and strong parts which are perfect for outside. The bike pedal also has a secure footing option that protects from getting mud or water.

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10. Crankbrothers Eggbeater – Best Pedals for Muddy Gravel Riding

The eggbeater bike pedals are supreme choice for experts to ride faster and quicker. To begin with, it is made of stainless steel for protecting the pedal from getting broken.

Also, the pedal has massive bearings which help to keep it to stay in a perfect fit. It is light in weight which we find essential for riders to grip or drift in different directions. Plus, this bike pedal is super durable and strong which makes it safe for biking intensely.

In general, the pedal is good for beginners and experts for biking in style. It has great traction padding tech for providing more power through pedal.

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Types of Gravel Bike Pedals:

Gravel bike pedals are most of the time three types. We’ll talk about them below in sections for ease.

Clipless Gravel Bike Pedals

What is a clipless pedal? Clipless pedal has 2 sides for adjusting better. This type of pedal has one part which is a little small for locking little accessories and the other part contains clips to adjust the bike shoe perfectly.

The little accessories help to set the pedal to fit for connecting with protection. It also helps to adjust with maximum bike styles to joint perfectly. For that reason, the clipless pedal is safer for mountain or roadside racing which gives full-protection.

With the clipless pedal, the bike finds more energy or power which is diverting through pedal work. It is designed in a perfect way for riders to enjoy biking even if the weather is not so good.

The most clipless pedal is made of nylon which is a standard fabric for built-in for water, mud or chipping resistance. This type of pedal is most likely to provide maximum efficiency, safety, and power transfer.

Dual Platform Gravel Bike Pedals

Dual platform pedals are most likely convenient for a beginner to begin with.  This type of pedal has a combination of flat and smooth frontage which is being used in different kinds of bikes. With dual pedal, you can simply get better balance or control over pedaling.

Why is this pedal suitable for a newbie? Well, it is made of titanium, aluminum or any stainless steel for supporting various types of bikes balance. The dual platform pedals also suitable for diverting the energy by pedal assist.

Also, it has an accurate design for matching the size to the bikes pedal liner. These types of pedals have amazing maintenance for changing set-up without difficulty.

In general, it is right for mountain, BMX or road bikes and convenient for increased traction. The dual pedal is also useful for inserting different types of shoes for fitting rightly with simple applications.

Flat/ Platform Gravel Bike Pedals

Flat or platform pedals are one of the most common pedal types which everyone familiar with. Let me say it straightly, it is a common part that holds many bearings for adjusting screws in normal way. These types of flat pedals are uses in kids, adults and even mountain bikes.

So, what’s it all about? It is a pedal that is made with aluminum with lots of pins in the front to fit for better pedaling. It is usually used for giving good efficiency and grip. With this efficiency and grip, the bike finds more support for turning in different directions while riding faster.

It is also suitable for mountain and road rides just like dual platforms pedals. Also, the platform pedals are most likely to give safety for avoiding water or slippage while riding with friends.

What’s more? The flat pedals have different designs as most of the pedal in the world is made of these types of pedal. It is a convenience pedal that suits most of the bike pedals liner.

What to Consider When You Choose Best Gravel bike Pedals

Here are some considerations you need to take care of while choosing a gravel bike pedal. Especially if you go for a Dual platform pedal for road bike. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.


When you ride a bike, it’s bound to come across a few mishaps and sometimes fall offs as well. You may have to deal with those small accidents by wearing proper safety gear.

But what if suddenly a rock hits your bike pedals meanwhile and it’s all smashes. That’s going to be pretty disappointing.

So, you need to buy pedals that are suitable for your bike as well as come with a proper durability option. It’s important to invest for something that’s going to last at least a couple of years.


You should look for lighter in weight options when choosing bike pedals. Because with increased pedal weight, you’ll have to carry the extra mass while riding it.

So, try to find something easy to handle. Especially models that come with titanium axles or magnesium body. Most of the time they are designed to be handled pretty easily. Also, they are not as expensive as other lighter pedal choices.

Mud Dispersal

While choosing a pedal, make sure it has the mud dispersal feature in it. This will be quite helpful when you ride in mountain areas.

Most of the time these areas are pretty muddy and can get into your bike components to cause trouble. With the feature, this is not going to happen.

Pedal Size

There are usually two size pedals you want to choose from. It could be a bigger size if you want to easily find the pedals beneath your feet.

Better supportability is usually noticeable in huger sizes. However, this huge size may bring you some extra weight as well.

On the other side, smaller size pedals are better to get nice contact areas as well as mechanical protection. It helps to keep the clipless mechanism to work properly as well. More stiff shoes wearers and careful riders, the small sizes go well.

Pedal Price

With bugger pedals and extra features, it’s obvious to see a big amount for the price. However not always you are going to need the extra features.

Think About what particular settings or features you want in your pedal type and pay for those.

You should also keep in mind that too cheap pedal models are often very fragile and break with the slightest crash.

So, thinking about quality, make sure to invest in something that comes with a moderate price tag.

Pedal Functionality

The more features the better pedals, that’s how most of you might believe. But in reality, it’s all about the right feel and platform. The design needs to be comfortable and the performance has to be great in tough or rough conditions.

You want to take extra care for choosing a pedal if you have physical conditions or strain going around your feet. These are what make a pedal better at functioning.

Not a bunch of additional features that pop up on a product page. Make sure you give attention to your priority list to define if the pedal is worth your time and money.

Consideration On Clipless Pedals for Gravel Bike:

If you choose a clipless pedal believing it’s what your bike riding style goes the best with then there’s some point to focus on. Here’s a short list to help you figure out some common terms that are related to clipless pedals.


You need to check the cleats for choosing a clipless pedal. It usually comes with different types of design depending on the pedal itself. There are three belts available that help to keep your soles of shoes fastened.

For a road pedal, these three-point fastening is considered much like a standard. Most of the quality brands will use them with different or the same arrangement.

However, there are also some notable brands from the US that use a four-bolt pattern usually. These are quite effective with the clipless mounting onto shoe design. So that the pedal can easily act like the cleat and function accordingly.


Depending on your shoe type, you need to choose a clipless pedal. The pedals need to be of the right size that matches well with your bolt system of pedals. So, make sure you take your decision according to that.


Your foot will be able to make some movement once you allow it to move. Usually, this amount is measured using a degree. And in most cases, it is known as the float.

To let your feet fall in a comfortable and natural manner, this float system is enabled inside a clipless pedal.

So that you can ride comfortably while pedaling. Also, it helps to get rid of any stress going on in the knees area. Especially when the cleat seems to be not settled in the right way.

There are some cleats that are totally zero floated or fixed. This indicates that the pedal can release without too much foot movement, pretty little actually. In most cases, the float measurement is somewhere between 3 to 9 degrees.

Release tension

With a clipless pedal, you are allowed to adjust the releases tension amount conveniently. Here the necessary force required for the disengage between foot and mechanism is known as release tension.

You should go for a low tension releasing for easy handling. Especially, if you are from the beginner’s arena.

This way you’ll also find clipping into pedal very easy and convenient to go for. Once you are better riding clipless pedals, you can gradually increase the tension amount. This way you’ll be able to keep up with the secure connection with your bike.

Stack height

Starting right from the axle of pedal all the way to shoe’s sole is usually known as the stack height. You should always go for a low stack height. So that you can keep your foot closer.

And that way you’ll be able to manage better efficacy. With paddle hanging, you’ll have to go for some saddle height adjustments. This is probably because different models come with slightly varying stack height.

Consideration On Flat Pedals for Gravel Bike

There is some idea you need to grab for Best Pedals for Gravel Bike that are flat type. These terms are usually going to come into play when choosing one:

Platform Shape

There is various platform shape to go for. However, the most effective one is which goes well with your bike specifically.

If you need better ground clearance to go for a thin platform. It will help to keep your foot closer to the axle.

So that better efficiency is possible. Also, there will be fewer incidents of rolling over. With that, the grip and stability factor would increase drastically. Some manufacturers do compromise thickness due to concavity.

Be sure to go for a bigger platform shape if you have large feet. That’s going to also help in clearance and cornering. Also, you can ensure a tighter crank using axles. It will make strokes easier to perform.

Pedal Stance

The pedal stance is usually referred to as width measurement. This is basically the amount between the center of both pedals. You need to check in a pedal system if they are the right size to fit within a comfortable distance from each other.

This will affect the whole riding so you need to be careful of picking the right platform, shape, and size.


If you want to take care of traction and grip, you need to focus on pin size, shape and also layout. To get the most out of grip you should try grub screws with a hollow center design pick. These are better because of the small and sharp layout.

However, the design also invites easy bending and breaking. You can still manage to get rid of the harm with less effort so no need to worry.

Go for bottom-mounted designs as well. These usually come with pins threaded underneath.


Can you use road pedals on a gravel bike?

Don’t think to use road pedals for gravel biking, its risky and uncomfortable.

Final Words

It’s almost the end and you certainly have your choice in mind. Choose any one out of these ten Best Pedals for Gravel Bike, you won’t be disappointed.

Includes a good maintenance habit for every bike part. This will ensure better performance and also longevity. Have a Blast Riding your Favorite Bike!

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