How Much Are Bike Pedals – All Types Pedals Cost Explained

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So you are curious about how much are bike pedals. Sounds great! The prices of bike pedals vary model to model and brands to brands.

After all, mostly it depends on the quality, you know. But be sure that you would cost a bit more when you are going to pick quality pedals.

How much are bike pedals? The answer depends on the type of pedals. To be more specific, flat pedals demand $20 to $150. The clipless pedals need approx. $50 to $200 again the dual platform pedals need $40 to $250. This is just an overview of the pedals market. But to know it accurately you should move next to discover the details.

Detailing the Prices of Bike Pedals

The prices of bike pedals change form type to type and features to features. The more comfortable features, the more the costs.

Oh, that doesn’t indicate that you need to waste thousands of bucks; instead, it’s limited on your budget. No worry guys instead look below to discover the as usual price limit for individual pedals type.

Flat Pedals Costs

Flat Pedals

Are you clear with flat pedals? In short, pedals without toe clips or cleats called flat pedals that come with the bigger platform with the metallic pin.

By the way, the price of flat pedals mainly depends on raw materials, comfort zone, pins, and bearings.

Few brands demand more price as it’s giving adjustable pin as well as foot-relaxation.

In contrast, some are attracting you with lower prices. But among them, you need to discover the right one within the budget.

Keep in mind. It costs around $20 to $150 for a quality pedals. But you know lots of higher prices pedals available on the market. It just depends on your capability.

Clipless Pedals Costs

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals have wide ranges of types with higher to lower features as well as the comfortability.

However, we checked 21 clipless pedal prices out of 30. Finally, we got the usual price range of clipless pedals. To be more exact, the price is $50-$200.

This scale is not fixed just an estimation to give you a proper concept. But to make you relax we can assure you that quality pedals available in this range.

One thing, you know bunches of clipless pedals available for instance road bike clipless pedals or Mtb(mountain bike) clipless pedals. No matter which one you need just be straight on picking the exact quality as the price is on this range.

Dual Platform Pedals Costs

Dual Platform Pedals

No pedals with double facility available but the dual-platform pedals you know. Asking why is wordless as it helps provides clipless pedals and the flat pedals at a time.

However, our team confirms the usual price form core research about $40 to $250.

To knock you sense, please don’t make your mind fixed with the stated price range; instead, you should consider more when you got the expected quality.

Factors that vary the Prices

Some riders ask the reason for increasing prices of the same pedals form different brands. The answer is relatively simple. To make it clear, we sorted out three main points to consider.

Unique Elements

You know the durability and long-lasting capability make the riders crazy. Sometimes, the pedals made with durable and longer-lasting materials demand more price than the other in spite of being the same.


So this one is a standard scale that plays a vital role in determining the prices. However, a more significant proportion of the same products and brands need extra bucks.

Extra Comfort

Riders who are seeking for a lavish journey must look for extra comfort pedals. Am I right? However, you should keep in mind this would cost some extra bucks.


Still, have you any confusion about bike pedals prices? `Actually, how much bike pedals prices it’s depends on the brand’s demand and quality materials.

By the hope, you got the hidden key about the bike pedals pricing!