How to Break a U Lock That is Designed Unbreakable?

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Mistakes, accidents, and disasters are the things we don’t want to happen but also can’t help if it is ought to occur. Call it whatever one of these three, losing your key for the U-lock does fall under that brings a lot of trouble. Since we know that U rings are made in a way to not be breakable.

However, in a moment of absolute necessity, one may want to look for methods on how to break a u lock. And today’s writing is exactly for those folks.

Step by Step Analysis of How to Break a U Lock

There are easy to hard different methods possible and workable for this specific U lock breaking problem. However, it would be nice to provide a general guideline to this matter for convenience. We are planning to do exactly that.

Get a Cleaned Air Spray

If you want to learn how to break a U Lock, then you want to follow some steps to get success. There are some moments when you will face your U-lock is stuck and don’t work to unlock. To get rid of this type of snag, one thing you have to do is to break the U-lock.

For that, you want to go to your near store to find out a suitable cleaned air spray. And, U-locks are quite unique to open if you try to hammer or use force to open up. If you hammer the U-lock without any cleaned air spray, there will be fewer chances it will break out.

Make sure you have selected cleaned air spray that is compressed or canned to use easily. Check the ingredients if the selected air sprays have chemical difluoroethane and cool up to -13 degrees. If you have successfully got an air spray, rush to the next step.

Place the U-Lock in the Right Way

After purchasing the air spray, you want to place the U-lock in the right way. When you are doing the hammering process, you definitely don’t want the U-lock to be attached with a key or other thing to get the job done easily.

If your U-lock is attached to your bike or home door handles or other things, it will be harder to achieve perfect hammering without damaging the surface. In simple words, it would break some of your materials too.

You don’t want that when hammering to the U-lock so try to position it in a place where the lock can be broken without damaging the bike or other things.

Make sure you have placed the bar of the U-lock resting flat on the road after removing the keys. Also, you can place it next to a strong surface to avoid damages. After you have placed it in a secure place, go to the next step.

Press the Canned Air Spray at the Keyhole of U-Lock

The next thing you want to do is to use the spray at the keyhole of U-lock to weaken or wane the material easily. If you do this step, you’ll see the spray is eventually helping the U-lock to be weakened with no snag.

Spray the canned air that you have purchased from the store and use it at the U-lock keyhole attaching area. Make sure to press down the canned air spray at the keyhole of U-lock standing about a foot away.

So, after making the spray one foot away, you want to hold the trigger of the canned air spray and go to the next process.

Continue Spraying for No More Than 30 Seconds

In this step, you want to hold the canned air spray for up to 30 seconds continuously without pausing. When you are continuously using the spray, at one instant make sure to look at the bars as it will eventually turn into white for chemical reactions.

If you see the bars have become white after 30 seconds, it indicates you are ready to hammer it. Make sure you have aimed the spray at the keyhole that we mention in the upper step and focusing on the bar when spraying. Then, follow the next step.

Start Hammering At the U-Lock Keyhole

Then, you want to grab a hammer to start the process of hammering at the U-lock keyhole. You see, the white surface of the U-lock keyhole is easier to hit by a hammer to break out successfully.

When you see the white cast in the bar of your U-lock keyhole, it’s the right moment for you to start hammering it. Make sure you put your left hand on the U-lock by its loop against the strong surface or in the ground and the right one to hammer.

While you are hammering, make sure your fingers are away in a secure distance where you are hammering. Also, don’t hammer when your U-lock slide or moves.

Continue Hammering Until the U-Lock Break Out

And, the last thing you want to do is to continue hammering until you see the output with your eyes. Mostly, it’ll take not more than 20-30 seconds to break out the U-lock.

Wrap Up.

So that was all you need to know about how to break a u lock. Now there are a few things we want you to know before finishing this topic. Don’t forget to try jimmy the lock before trying to break it.

Sometimes hacksaw is enough to break less durable U-locks. However, if the lock is of good quality then this process may not work. Pay attention and be extremely cautious while doing this task.

You should not be causing any sort of further damage to the thing. Also, do enough research to be aware of the whole thing without confusion before trying this breaking process.

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