How to Clean A Bike Cassette Properly? 3 Easy Ways Explained

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If your bike’s cassette become dirty due to dirt, mud, water and you do not clean it for too long, your cassette may shorten the life of the use.

Now, If you do not know how to clean a bike cassette, this content is for you. We will show you some of the best ways to clean a bike cassette, from which you can clean your bike cassette by following the method of your preference. Let’s take a look at the processes.

What Is a Bike Cassette?

A bike cassette is the clump of sprockets placed on the stern center of a bike, slotting against a freehub body and held determinedly in a location with a threaded cassette lock ring.  A standard cassette can have sprockets between five and 13.

How To Separate the Parts Of Cassette?

Manually cleaning, the cassette performance is long. It is important to separate each part of the cassette while cleaning the cassette. We will tell you how to separate different pieces of a cassette.

  • Remove the cassette from the hub, flip it over, and remove the stack that holds it together. It is often labeled with short letters.
  • Turn clockwise and remove the screws by Use a hex key. Now the largest sprocket can be removed. Each gear has a plastic spacer.
  • Carefully disassemble all the sprocket and spacer.

How To Clean A Bike Cassette

We’ll show you some best ways to clean your bike cassette; from here you can choose the one that suitable for you.

Method 1

This way, you need to separate the wheel of your bike from the bike and then clean the cassette.

Tools you need:

  1. Clothes
  2. Chain cleaner spray.
  3. Bike Cleaner spray.

Process Of Cleaning:

  • First, brush the excess dirt on the cassette with a brush or cloth.
  • Now spray the chain cleaner in a cassette well.
  • Once sprayed, rotate the cassette with a cloth and thoroughly clean the cassette. Now cleaning your cassette is complete.
  • Finally, spray the bike cleaner on the cassette. This does not prevent dirt from cassette.

Method 2

To clean the cassette in this manner, you have to open the entire cassette and then wash it.

Tools you need:

  1. A big pot.
  2. Diesel or petrol
  3. Tissue paper

Cleaning process:

  • Separate the separate parts of the cassette.
  • Remove all parts of the cassette in a large container.
  • Now pour diesel/petrol in the container with the cassette, so that the parts of the cassette are submerged. Then leave for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, remove the parts from diesel/petrol and wipe them thoroughly with tissue paper.

Now you can see that your cassette has been cleaned up by something new.

Method 3

By following this procedure, you can easily clean the cassette off the bike using the accessories available on hand.

Tools requirement:

  1. Cloth
  2. Brush
  3. Golden degreaser
  4.  Soap and water

Cleaning Process:

  • First, remove your bike’s cassette with a cloth or brush.
  • Now apply golden degreaser too cassette and brush.
  • Scrub with speed brush for few minutes.
  • It has risen off the golden degreaser. Now it’s ready for soap and water. Dish soap and water is best.
  • Now apply dish soap and brush.

How to assemble the parts of the cassette?

When all parts of the cassette have been cleaned, reconnect each part of the following process.

  • To remove dirt and grease. Clean all the pieces. The sprocket will be glossy; formerly, all the oil is impassive.
  • Establish the small hole on the bottom of the sprocket. Insert screw through hole so that the head of the screw is on the same side as the letter.
  • When adding the spacer to the sprocket lying on the table, locate the alignment hole, and slide the top of the screw.
  • For sprockets, line all the teeth properly.
  • Each sprocket has three holes, and only one has a mark. It is always the hole closest to the alignment groove.
  • Slide the sprocket on to the stack, With the marking facing downward
  • Bring together the rest of the spacers and sprockets in the same way.
  • After assembling the entire sprocket, flip the stack up and tighten the screw with a hex key.

You can easily clean your bike cassette by following a procedure you like from the above methods.


We have tried to show you how to clean a bike cassette through this content. By following this, you can easily clean the bike cassette.

By no means keep the bike cassette dirty. Always clean the proper way so that you can use it much time; otherwise, your cassette may become obsolete within a few days.