SRAM Apex vs Rival Groupset – The Ultimate Comparison Guide!

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The groupsets are bike components that is manufactured by a complete collection of mechanical parts. It is mainly referring to the parts that help to make a bicycle perfect other than bicycle frame, fork, and wheel. Here we are going to discuss SERM Apex and Rival Groupset.

SRAM Apex groupset came in late 2010 with an idea of gearing revolution. Here we are going to consult about an important component of the groupset.

Also, you will about an opponent groupset named Rival groupset. Even after completing the whole writings, you will get an idea of SRAM groupset hierarchy and Rival groupset Hierarchy.

Moreover, there is a chance to know about the general question people got to know about the two groupsets. Additional tips will help you to understand the attention need to maintain a road bike securely.

Head To Head: SRAM Apex VS Rival

There are some differences among the SRAM Apex and Rival groupset. The SRAM apex has many models and the SRAM rival also many models including SRAM rival 22 groupset and SRAM rival 1 groupset.

You can have a look at the basic differences between SRAM apex and Rival groupset. Sram Rival Full Groupset.

Generally, it comes with only one brake system but this system works better. The Rival brake comes with two brake systems that are effective for particular riding.
It will offer you a nice shifting with an easy procedure. Though the shifting procedure is a little uncomfortable it is more precise than the APEX.
This crankset will offer you to choose between two different sized chains. The crankset from RIVAL will allow you to ride comfortably as it has the feature of control speed.
It’s a bit expensive than the RIVAL It’s cheaper.
SRAM Apex VS Rival

More about RIVAL Groupset

The SRAM Rival 1 groupset has been introduced in 2006 and also came with new technology.

It has heavily revamped double tap levers with Red’s 10mm long brake lever blades as well as bigger shift paddles.

For knowing more about the ability and quality, you have to go through its features.


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SRAM Rival Groupset offers you to use your road bike quickly and precisely. It’s 1 flat bar allow a cyclist an extensive range of available gear shifting right at your fingertip. Generally, SRAM Rival 22 offers 11-speed gear shift levers.


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SRAM Rival 1 groupset comes with a huge upgrade in performance and authenticity to Cyclocross, pathway, and other 700c disciplines.

It is famous for its simplicity, durability, and efficiency on the road as well as it comes with 1x mountain technology and X-sync.

The sharp, narrow tooth of the crankshaft and rounded edges help to manage the deflection of the chain. It has mud-clearing notches for chain links and rollers. Finally, the cranksets offer you a lightweight of almost 800g.


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SRAM Rival 22 groupset has a hydraulic brake and brake lever that offers a precise braking performance. The brake lever is made with aluminum and shifts paddle gives a smooth modulation deft shift while putting the weight low.


SRAM’s Rival 22 right shifter has designed for the 11-speed cassette.

Details for SRAM APEX

For eBike, The SRAM apex 1 groupset is the best choice so far. You have already noticed that SRAM Apex groupset comes with exclusive features that can perform a valuable role in biking.

For a biker, the best groupset should be the priority. However, you should know more about the performance and the parts of SRAM Apex groupset.


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The crankset comes with white color and suitable for two different sized chains. The crankset can hold the stiffness of your bike quite impressively.

It is built with aluminum, and the chainring is long-lasting. The GXP bottom bracket of Apex Crankset will offer you a smooth-spinning.


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The SRAM Apex brake comes with a black finish, which is very cool to see. This part of the bike is also built with aluminum.

You will have extra benefits from the brake caliper, such as the easy replacement method of the calipers. There is a quick-release option available with an adjustment barrel.

The control of the brake is very easy and effective. You will find comfort while riding and be facilitated with an instant brake facility. The rear brake hose length is 180 cm, and the front brake hose length is of 95cm.


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The Apex shifter is easy to use, and it comes with black color. The shifter can perform in the 11-speed bike, and you can change your gear quite comfortably.


  1. Is SRAM Apex or rival better?

– Both SRAM apex and rival is good for your bike. Generally, an SRAM bike comes with initial RIVAL groupset. If you need to replace than the APEX should be the best choice.

  1. What is SRAM Rival equivalent to?

– The SRAM rival is near to SHIMANO 105 groupset.

  1. Is SRAM better than 105?

– No. They both are the same and show equal performance.

  1. What is SRAM force equivalent to in Shimano?

– Not exactly equivalent. The main difference is in their weight.

Additional Tips

Avoid cross the Chain: Always try to maintain a suitable changing of gear. You need to avoid using extreme inverse ends of the gears. Don’t use the smallest or largest cogs for both back and front at the same time.

Shifting gear serially: Don’t try to overtake gear sequence. Sometimes it causes chain jumps up from clogs completely. So, you have to ensure that you are changing gear gradually.

Avoid unnecessary heavy braking: Do not brake to and fro with heavy pressure. It may damage your brake pad and losses brake efficiency. Try to remove extra weight from the bike.

Final Note

There has some groupset of SRAM. SRAM Force Groupset is one of them. Among them, SRAM Apex and Rival both the groupset provide the best quality component, which is efficient for the road bike.

Yes, you may find little difference between their functions and cost. But these two groupset set works pretty similarly on your bike.

However, these tools are made for comforting and securing your ride. But overall, security has to be in your hands. So, you have to ride safely. Otherwise, an accident may happen at any time.


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