Bullhorn handlebars: Who Should Ride With This Type Bars?

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Have you got tensed about your touring bike handlebar? Isn’t it relaxing enough for your spine? These are the initial question that should come earlier before changing the handlebar or bike.

Especially for a road bike and aggressive biking on highway bullhorn handlebar is the perfect one. It can make your journey super quick and stable enough to pull pedal at a high circular motion.

As you know, riding experience depends on many parts of a bike, but among them, handlebars have a considerable influence on riding. You will get perfect stability and power if you find a suitable handlebar for you.

Here you will know every detail about bullhorn handlebars. Moreover, I will let you know about the features and some additional tips about the best bullhorn handlebars.

Also, I will let you know the advantages and disadvantages of the handlebar. Hopefully, this will become effective before buying a bullhorn handlebar.

Type of Ride Suits with Bullhorn Handlebars

If you have any road bike, then you can think of adding bullhorn handlebars on it. Otherwise, the handlebar won’t be suitable for any bike.

Road bikes are for fast and long-time cycling. That’s why you need a handlebar that can support your back nicely.

Flat bars, riser bars are not suitable for a long and steady ride. Back pain can happen at any time if you use flat bars.

To get rid of the back pain and other pain on-highway ride, bullhorn handlebars support well. Bullhorn is suitable for the riders who have aggressiveness.

The primary method of this handlebar is to transfer the rider’s weight to the handlebar fully. This releases the pressure from the back wheel to the front wheel and offers a swift and fast ride.

Features of Bullhorn Handlebars


There are three different sizes of bullhorn handlebars. They are 26X400mm, 26X420mm, and 31.8x400mm. Generally, the bullhorn handlebar is designed for time trial style brakes, and bar ends shifter.

It provides approximately 19.2mm inside diameter. Before buying a bullhorn, you have to ensure that you are looking for a bar-ends shifter with these dimensions.


The bullhorn handlebar has a 40mm drop for comfortable forward and aggressive riding. Drop is essential for swift and comfortable travel.

For aerodynamic riding with a high speed, you have to ensure the drop-down of the handlebar is suitable for you.


The structure is essential for your bike’s look. Also, the structure provides sturdy, durable, and exquisite workmanship.

Bullhorn handlebars provide non-slip and comfortable riding. A rider who needs secure and non-slip control will be happy to have bullhorn handlebars.

Checking the Best Bullhorn Handlebars

You will find places where you will get bullhorn handlebars for sale. Which is the best bullhorn handlebar for your cycle, and what to take? Well, you have to be careful while buying the best bullhorn handlebar for your bike. Here, you will find the ideas- how to choose the best one for your bike.


Before buying a bullhorn handlebar, you should know some variables. Otherwise, it won’t be perfect for you.

Generally, a 26 mm diameter from the center section and 42 cm width is ideal for any road bike. But if you want to buy a smaller bullhorn handlebar, then you should look try 26cm width handlebar.


Before buying, you have to ensure the quality of the material. The bike handle should be made with aluminum, and it has to be rust free from all conditions.

Also, aluminum provides a meager weight and sturdy fitness. That’s why the aluminum body is perfect for bullhorn handlebars.

The material quality also determines the bike routing on different road conditions and situations. The material can offer you the best performance while riding.

Clamp diameter

For proper spacing and comfortable riding, handlebar diameter has to be perfect. Bullhorn handlebars come with two variations.

Stem clamp has 25.4 and 31.8-mm diameters. Before changing your handlebar, please check every handlebar detail and determine the perfect diameter for you.

Angle of the Handlebar

The angle of the handlebar can give you flexibility while riding the bike. The middle position of the handlebar should be as straight as possible so that you can take a smooth turn.

For an aggressive ride, your handlebar should have a gentle curve to grip.


Suitability depends on the built quality and bike quality. You need to choose the handlebar that is suitable for your bike. You need to go through the user manual of the handlebar and know about the compatibility of the handlebar.

However, you can also follow the product descriptions to know more about the suitability of your bike’s handlebar.


Cost is considered the main thing before buying a bullhorn handlebar. As different bullhorn handlebar has many types, you should be careful about the price of the handlebar.

On the other hand, you have to care about maintenance costs. All handlebars need extra care and extra maintenance.

Pros of Bullhorn Handlebars

  • Bullhorn allows you to get lower when you are heading against the wind. It will enable a high speed you want quickly and decreases your workout.
  • It offers biker the best possible climbing experience up to the hills. Flat bars give your body much room when you are moving forward. This room is not essential for a rider, especially when the rider is going to climb a hill. Bullhorn doesn’t allow rider any room.
  • Pursuit bullhorn is better than standard bullhorn handlebars as the pursuit offers a rider to go deeper tuck than other standard bullhorn handlebars.

Cons of Bullhorn Handlebars

  • Already you may notice that bullhorn handlebar is shorter and lower than a flat bar and also offers less room. As a result, it isn’t possible to take a sharp turn. Chances of an accident due to extra front clearance are high.
  • You have to cautious about rough riding by bullhorn handlebar. Otherwise, wrist injury can play a vital role during riding.

Additional Tips

You need some professional tips to buy bullhorn handlebar, and you will find the tips here-

  • You need to see the durable quality before purchasing the handlebar.
  • The angles of your bullhorn handlebar should be perfect.
  • The thickness of the metal should have the correct diameter.

You should choose the handlebar that comes with a suitable curve.


How do you hold handlebars on a road bike?

The three different places you can hold handlebars are the hoods, the drops, and the tops. Most of the riding is done on the hoods.

It is the most comfortable position for long-distance riding as there is less strain on the back. In this position, hands are close to the brakes and shifters. As a result, you can slow down and shift gear swiftly.

Also, you can ride out of the saddle with the hands-on the hoods. But you have to be careful of the uneven road as your hand can slip out of the hoods.

For steady and long trips, people generally hold the tops. Avoid holding the tops in a crowdy road. Finally, the drops offer the most aerodynamic position which is suitable for stability and great control

What width handlebars should I use?

The wide bar offers more space, while a narrower bar offers less space and for aggressive riding. Rides who like plough steep roads should use a wider handlebar. Otherwise, the narrow handlebar is perfect for long and stable riding.

How can I make my cycling more comfortable?

You can make your ride comfortable in different ways. You have to use proper gear, sit up straight, and shift your weight to the handlebar.

Also, the handlebar grip can allow a comfortable ride. So for your handlebar, you have to buy a suitable and soft grip.

What angle should my handlebars be?

Always handlebars should be mounted parallel to the ground or slightly angled forward. Do not mount the handlebar pointed to the ground. Allow your handlebar to make an angle between 180-175 degrees.

Should bike seat be higher than handlebars?

Handlebars should be as same as your seat’s height. You can adjust your handle upper than your seat. But if you set the handlebar lower than your seat, then more stress on wrists, necks will happen.

Final Note

Riding with a bike is a trend and fashion nowadays. This works as a perfect time pass in the leisure period. So, this generation wants to ride with a bike regularly.

But for a smart and comfortable riding, you need to select a perfect bike with perfect components. Otherwise, your tour won’t be memorable.

Handlebars are one of the main things that a rider wants to choose manually. Here I’ve talked about bullhorn handlebars.

People who want to ride fast and aggressive may choose this handlebar because it offers three positions to hold the handlebar.

So, you can choose your perfect position in different situations, and less leverage will be done in this handlebar.