Butterfly Handlebars: Best Trekking Bars For Bicycle Touring

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A bike’s handlebars can offer you the best feelings while riding over it. If you want to get comfort, then there is no option but to choose quality-handlebars. The butterfly Handlebars are one of the best handlebars for the bike tour.

Having a different hand position while riding can accelerate your riding habit. Butterfly handlebar will give you the offer to change the hand position frequently.

Different hand positions will allow you to have different body positions. The upright handlebars for road bikes can give you more comfort.

Compare to bullhorn handlebars these handlebars are more tour friendly. However, this handlebar comes with various features and benefits.

In this content, you will know about why you need the butterfly handlebar and what advantages you will get from this handlebar. So, let’s get started.

How will The Butterfly Handlebar help you?

Before knowing about the way how the butterfly handlebar will help, you should know that what is butterfly handlebar? They are a type of bicycle handlebar, which is often referred to as trekking bars.

They are usually observed on touring bikes. As they are designed for consolation and efficiency on lengthy rides, it will offer you a mess of various hand positions.

Why would you want those bizarre searching bars to update your contemporary handlebar setup? There are many motives to don’t forget attempting butterfly bars for your next tour.

If you want a comfortable ride, then you should go for a butterfly handlebar. The best handlebars for commuting can offer you-

  • Better posture
  • Position in upright
  • Feel Comfortable
  • Various hand positions
  • Not costly
  • Suitable for different roads

When using the hybrid bike with drop-down handlebars through the years, I locate my back hurts as this is extra of a hunched over position, but with the butterfly bars, they offer a greater upright function which allows over an extended excursion.

These handlebars are also extra sustainable. This function makes the usage of hiking bars so much more comfortable compared to different bars. You will get four important hand positions with many other possible combos.

These are the ways by which the butterfly handlebar can help you. So, you can choose it for your better riding habits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Butterfly Handlebars

The advantages and disadvantages are common in every product. A handlebar is one of the most important parts of a road bike or mountain bike; it also has some advantages and disadvantages. In this portion, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the butterfly handlebar.


  • To get a better posture, you can choose the butterfly handlebar.
  • The upright position will give you extra comfort.
  • Various hand positions can give you relaxation.
  • This handlebar is suitable for every kind of road.


  • You should know butterfly handlebars tend to flex when a lot of strain is put on them.
  • Plenty of curved metal, which in reality can’t be a good issue and may smash over time.

How Do They Work

After installing a butterfly handlebar on your bike you are ready to use it. You should know how they work on a road bike and mountain bike.

In a road bike, the handlebar can be used as holding the front side of the handlebar and the backside of the handlebar.

Make sure that your butterfly handlebar is curved enough to look like the wings of a butterfly. To take a turn, the butterfly handlebar will help you as it has a nice circumference.

For a mountain bike, you can hold your handlebar at the top point to drive comfortably. However, you need to know that a butterfly handlebar is also known as Trekking Handlebar for its MultiGrip feature.

However, you can ride over the toughest track with this bike easily as it’s very comfortable to grip the handlebars.

In most cases, the butterfly handlebar works like a straight handlebar. You can make use of it in many ways as it comes with the various hand positions feature.

Choosing the Best-Quality Butterfly Handlebar

You will find many places where you will get butterfly handlebars for sale. What is the best butterfly handlebar for your bike, and what to take? Well, you need to be careful while buying the best butterfly handlebar for your bike. In this portion, you will find the way- how you can choose the best one for your bike.

Metal Quality

Before buying, you need to ensure the quality of metal. The bike handle should be built with stainless steel, and it should feel comfortable in all weather.

The metal quality also determines the bike routing on different road conditions. The best-built material can offer you the best performance while riding.


Black is a nice color to go with every bike. However, my point is not to choose color whereas you should be careful about color quality.

The printed color should have the property of long lusting. Colorfastness to environment affluence should not be work against the coated color.

Though there will be sponge above the material, you need to choose the handlebar that comes with the best color quality.

Handlebar Clamp Diameter

For a suitable driving, you should see the clamp diameter of your handlebar. The suitable clamp diameter for a butterfly handlebar should be around 25mm to 26mm x 31mm to 32mm. The best clamp diameter will allow you to grip the handle more comfortable.

Sponge Quality

You should know that the best butterfly handlebar comes with sponge coating when to buy. Though you can buy a sponge coating by yourself for your handlebar, you need to notice about the diameter of your product and the diameter of the sponge. The sponge fixation determines comfort driving.

So before buying the best handlebar, you should know that whether the handlebar comes with the best sponge or not.

The curve of the Handlebar

The curve of the handlebar can give you flexibility while riding the bike. The middle position of the handlebar should stay straight so that you can take an easy turn.

Again for a gentle ride, your handlebar should have a nice curve to grip.


Suitability depends on the built quality and bike quality. You need to choose the handlebar that is suitable for your bike. To do so, you need to go through the user manual of the handlebar and know about the compatibility of the handlebar.

However, you can also follow the product descriptions to know more about the suitability of your bike’s handlebar.


The performance of your bike’s handlebar should be very good as it is related to your comfort while riding.

Maintenance Cost

Before buying the best butterfly handle, you need to keep in mind about the maintenance cost. The maintenance cost depends on the handlebar management and also the grip’s lifespan.

Professional Tips to Buy Butterfly Handlebar

You need some professional tips to buy butterfly handlebar, and you will find the tips here-

  • You need to see the sponge quality before buying the handlebar.
  • The rotation of your butterfly handlebar should be perfect.
  • The thickness of the metal should have an accurate diameter.
  • You should choose the handlebar that comes with a suitable curve.


Can you put road bike handlebars on a mountain bike?

A road bike handlebar is a straight bar, and it has low space. You can’t have enough space for holding the bike’s handlebar. So, it will not be suitable for putting a road bike handlebar on a mountain bike.

Why do road bikes have drop handlebars?

Well, the drop handlebars will allow you to change the hand position in various numbers. Since you need to ride for a long time in a day and so you need to change your hand position frequently to have a comfortable ride.

What width handlebars should I use?

It depends on your shoulder width. You need to take a handlebar that has a width equal to your shoulder width.

What are the different types of bike handlebars?

  • Flat Bars
  • Drop Bars
  • Cruiser Bars
  • Butterfly Bars
  • Aero Bars
  • Riser Bars

Are wider handlebars better?

For a mountain bike, a wider handlebar is better as you are getting more space to move the bike’s handlebar.

What are bike handlebars made of?

Handlebars are made of aluminum alloys, and sometimes it is made of steel also.

Final Note

There are more other handlebars available for different bikes. Among them, the butterfly handlebar is different in design.

You need to be more specific while to choose this handlebar for your bike as it has different features. The replacement bicycle handlebars can be a good choice if you decide to have the butterfly handlebar on your bike.

Always stay safe and careful while riding over your bike. An unexpected accident can cost you a lot. However, you can go for a butterfly handlebar for your bike as it depends on your comfort riding.

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