Garmin 735XT vs 935 – Which Is Better Running GPS Unit?

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Garmin 935 and Garmin forerunner 735xt both are GPS connected modern and triathlon watches in the contemporary world. Mostly the passionate sports-loving people are using it.

These perform as the best trainer during the sporting.  The main motive is to monitor and detect your sporting performance and intelligence. Though these two devices work similar but based on features, quality, and advantages, they have a difference.

So, do you know Garmin 735 vs 935 which one will be best for you? I am researched a lot on Garmin 735 and 935 devices and, Now I am going to share with you in detail about these. To get a clear concept read out the article.

Head to Head Comparison Garmin 735 Vs 935

A comparison table can help you to know the difference between Garmin 735 vs 935 within a short time. Similarly, Garmin 735 vs 935 size includes this table.

So that it will be easier to decide which one best for you, for your best convenience, I note out the main difference between them.

Garmin 735 Garmin 935
Lightweight than 935 A little bit heavier than 735
Dependable on built-in GPS data Dependable on integrated data
It has not barometric altimeter. It has a barometric altimeter to measure the atmospheric pressure.
Forerunner 735XT is quite expensive Garmin is very affordable in price
continuously 11-hour battery power Continuously 50-hour battery power
More comfortable to user Less comfortable to the user
215x 180 pixels display 240x 240 pixels display
Eye-catchy attractive design Its design is very casual
It has WIFI connectivity It has not WIFI connectivity
Size: 1.75×1.75×0.47 inch Size: 1.85×1.85×0.547 inch

Garmin 735 XT Review

It is a multi-sports smartwatch for tracking your running, cycling and swimming activities. Besides, it can track the motion, distance, cadence and heart rate consistently. It is stand out for its features against the updated Garmin 935 model.  It’s 215 x 180 pixels large screen shows user activities data.

Besides, it has an exceptional quality of optical sensor included heart rate tracking system. It is not to say that its battery power will remain up to 11 days for 21 hours continuously use. In a word, Garmin 735 is still famous for its excellent unique feature.

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Advantages of Garmin 735

  • Versatile sports activity tracker
  • Large screen for showing the tracking data
  • The optical sensor included heart rate tracking
  • High-quality battery power
  • Very lightweight and affordable
  • Heart rate monitoring

Disadvantages of 735

  • Not available barometric altimeter
  • It has no WIFI benefits

Garmin 935 Review

Garmin Forerunner is an updated smartwatch released in 2018. It arrives with robust quality and GPS benefits. Best practice to use it for hardcore triathletes. Though it is a little bit heavier than Garmin, yet it performs best.

If anybody wants to control his/her sports activity by themselves, then It can be helpful for them. This latest watch with adaptive metric helps the user to stay against their competitors.

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Advantages of Forerunner 935

  • Latest and updated smart tracking watch
  • Robust quality and built-in benefits include with it
  • Best for hardcore triathletes
  • Adaptive metric benefits
  • Swimming features
  • Waterproof and WIFI compatibility.

Disadvantages of 935

  • Price is a little bit higher
  • Simple and casual style
  • Not available heart rate monitoring

Garmin 935 vs 735 Xt – Which One You Should Get?

Are you still wondering which one will be better for you? Let me clear now. If I show the compare Garmin 735 vs 935, it will completely clear. I have noticed that both of the watches have some contrast and similarities. First of all, these both are comes with stylish design.

Similarly, their working activities are the same. Considering all of the features, advantages and disadvantages, I think it will be better if you will go with Garmin 935. I have several logics behind this.

First of all, it is technically developed and supercharged deluxe quality. Secondly, its popularity is increasing continuously for its unique triathlon feature as well as FR 935 works as a tracking powerhouse to maintain routine and activities of a sportsman.

I especially love its more natural customization process. While a user will need to move in the next level or change their routine this advance watch helps them.

One of the great features of this does not go without saying is Its battery can last up to 50 hours. As a result, the user can use it for any outdoor trips with GPS.

Moreover, it is convenient to instant release from the wrist and more comfortable gear and metrics set up. Overall Garmin 935 (available on amazon) is the best device for the sportsman.

Which one will I select if I have to choose now?

I will choose the Garmin 935 model. I have already analysis between Garmin 735 vs 935 dc rainmaker also. All of the model I love maximum Garmin 935 (available on amazon).

Most importantly, its feature is best suits with my requirements. Besides the long-lasting battery power and larger screen attract me much too it.


Is the Garmin 735 waterproof?

Yes! Garmin 735 is waterproof, and it can bear up to 50 meters depth in the water. Moreover, this smartwatch has an excellent water-resistant rating of 5ATM. But the heart bit rate showing monitor will not work in the water.

Is the Garmin 935 touch screen?

No! Garmin 935 has not to touch screen. Forerunner 935 outer button material is metal. So, you will find them easily without watching.  This button will helpful during jumping on the water, sprinting and busy tracking.

Does Garmin 935 have music features?

No, Garmin 935 doesn’t support the music. But it has the music controlling power. If you want to start or skip a song on your phone, not need to pick the phone. But you can control it from your smartwatch.

Final Words:

So, let’s know the verdict on Garmin 735 vs 935. If we are thinking about performance and features, then both are quality smartwatch. You can pick anyone.

But I have one tip that if you have a less budget then the Garmin 735 (available on amazon). Because it has maximum features which you have needs. Or if you have enough budget, then you can go with a full package of 935 (available on amazon).