WD-40 on Bike Chain: Everything You Need to Know

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WD-40 is a household name when it comes to lubricants. It’s often used on squeaky door hinges and rusty bike chains. But what exactly is WD-40, and should you be using it on your bicycle chain? Let’s take a closer look.

What is WD-40?

WD-40 is a water displacement formula that was originally developed in 1953 by the Rocket Chemical Company. The “WD” in WD-40 stands for “water displacement,” while the “40” refers to the fact that it was the 40th attempt to create a water displacement formula.

Today, WD-40 is owned by the WD-40 Company, and it’s available in 170 countries around the world.

Can I use WD-40 on my bike chain?

Yes, you can use WD-40, and it won’t damage your bike chain and it will last for 8 to 12 hours of riding in dry conditions. But, It is not suggested to use it always as a lubricant. Its primary function is to clean, but it can also be used as a light lubricant.

Why You Should Use WD-40?

You should use wd 40 spray for best cleaning your bicycle chain. It is mainly using as a degreaser. Don’t think that it is a lubricant because this spray is entirely contrasted with oil. While you need to remove the grease from your bicycle chain, this spray is essential.

  • To clean the maximum grease from the chain
  • Properly clean the complicated joint of the chain As well as remove lubricant from pivot joint and cables

The chains of bicycles are never wholly cleaned by hand or with normal water. You want to keep your bike chain long-lasting over the years.

You should use a wd40 bike chain degreaser spray for the bike chain. Many bikers want to know can I use wd 40 on my motorcycle chain. Yes, you can use it.

How to Use WD-40 On Bicycle Chain?

It is not at all a tricky task. Ok, let me say how to apply wd 40 to a bike. First of all, wear a hand cover both of your hands. Then take clean and regular use medium-size paper. If you want, you can take a more substantial paper and fold it into four.

Now spray on this folded paper several times with a wd40 bottle. Take the article on your hand and lightly press its sprayed part under the bicycle chain.

Now rotate the bicycle pedal very slowly with one hand and gently rub the chain with sprayed paper on the other side. Follow the article, and you will find a colossal lubricant that comes with the paper.

General water never can clean like this spray. Continue this process until the chain is completely clean. Maybe it will need up to 5-6 times.

In the end, you can use a wet oil and repeat the same process once again. It will help you to get more clean chains, save the chain from dust as well.

Advantages of Wd-40

Based on the benefits I have received while using this spray. No one will cheat by using wd40. Here are a few advantages for clearing your ideation about it.

  • It will clean the chain of your bicycle more than any other local cleaning spray
  • As a result of using it, the chain will become smooth gradually
  • Help to remove and prevent the freezing lubricants and loose dust for a long time
  • Works for removing long-lasting stains in the chain.
  • You can smoothly ride 4-5 round in one cleaning that means up to 8-12 hours.
  • Not harmful for your device and hand

Disadvantages of Wd-40

All good things can have some flaws. So, wd4 has some disadvantages. Although I don’t think it’s a problem, I think of caution. You have to be careful about some factors during the use of wd4.

  • It can never be applied to the point of brake calipers, rotors, rims, and hub bearings. It is likely to cause major explosions.
  • If the seal on the rear derailleur is attached, it will not set up there.

One of the most notable things of this wd40 is it tends to wash quickly in any rainy or wet condition. You can use synthetic oil for this situation.

Overall, the advantages of this spray are always considering the fewer disadvantages.

Several Uses of Wd-40

It has many other applications besides the bike chain cleaning. Knowing these can be of great benefit to your daily needs at any time.

For Rust Preventing:

Using a little wd40 is enough to keep your home improvement tools. For example, it works well to keep the saw blade rust free. Besides, it keeps umbrellas and scissors and umbrellas functional. Moreover, save the silver from the harm of tarnishing.

Sports Gear Cleaning:

If I am going to say about sports gear, firsts come to the bicycle again. It can stay clean the equipment and chain from unwanted dust and lubricants dust from rusty bike chain wd40. Similarly, you can protect from the rust of your other outdoor game gear. For example, it prevents corrosions and removes moisture. Most of the time, it is using in the golf club cleaning.

Rusty Lock Opening:

We have often faced the problem of lock opening, and this happens for rust into the lock. In this case, apply some wd40. The lock will open very quickly.

Use For Opening The Sticky Drawer:

A few drops of wd40 works magically as a dry soap for a sticky drawer opening. Instead, it is easier than another process of solving the drawer opening.

Good Stains Removing:

Wd40 is using for removing various stains from clothes and carpets. For example, it is capable of removing consistently, pen ink, lipstick, tomato stains from the clothes. Similarly, sufficient to extract the juice or other stains from your carpet.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bike Chain With WD-40?

No specific period or rules for cleaning a bicycle chain. It depends on the road or riding areas type. Generally, you can comfortably ride up to 12-18 hours after one-time cleaning. But if you’re riding road will muddy or water level or wet roads, then the chain maybe dirt fast.

Most importantly, the muddy road can make the chain dirt so fast. In these cases, you have to clean before 12 hours. I think while you feel the chain is working slowly than regular ride and fall after a few times, then you have to decide to clean it. Because of muddy and additional soil can make it slower.

It is necessary to carry some piece of paper and a wd40 spray with your bike so that you can apply wd40 and clean the chain on an emergency.

In Which Places WD-40 Should Not Use?

Although wd40 has a lot of activities in various sectors yet some places should not apply this spray. Illegal use can occur from several dangers.

Door hinges:

Wd40 best for removing the squeaking sounds of your door hinges. But keep in mind that it is also responsible for deposit dust. Gradually, you will notice the odd and black stains into the door hinges. So, don’t do this.

Paintball guns:

The paintball guns have some seal into it. If you use wd-40 in the paintball guns. The spray of wd-40 can melt the gun seals. That’s why you should not use it in paintball guns.

Pin tumbler lock:

Although it is usually using to open the lock, it is better not to use it for a pin tumbler lock. It may create a problem in the internal mechanism. You can use graphite powder.

iPods and iPads:

Never use wd40 into the iPods and iPads devices. Because it doesn’t repair the home button. Moreover, this spray can damage and create many internal problems in these devices.


1) Is wd40 a chain lube?

No! It doesn’t matter who says about it as a lubricant. Indeed, it is not a lubricant; it is a water dispersant and uses for removing the dust creates from lubricant oil.

2) Will WD 40 Remove rust from bike chain?

Yes! Definitely. For removing the rust from your bicycle chain, apply some wd40 directly on the chain rusted areas. Let it sometimes to soak. Now take a wire brush and gently scrub the chain and wipe it with a clean rag.

3) Does wd40 freeze?

If you want to save the expected freeze from the gathering and pooling, then apply a few amounts of wd40 in the lock mechanism. It will work best to solve this problem.

Final Words

I hope you have got a transparent idea about wd 40 on the bike chain. I am sure now you can clean your bike chain correctly by using a little bit wd 40 bike chain degreaser. As well as you can use this water displacement in the perfect places at the ideal time.

If you still have a problem to use it or have any other questions, then let me know in the comment box below. If this post is looking like helpful, you can share it with your friends.