How to connect Airpods to Echelon Bikes? SOLVED!

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Have you considered using Airpods with your Echelon bike? After all, it can be connected through Bluetooth, and the Echelon Bike is Bluetooth compatible. But after the whole attempt to get what you want, you cannot get it to connect.

You are not left out as this is also faced by several users, so don’t give up.

You will find easy steps on connecting the Airpods to Echelon bikes, which are stress-free in this article.

Advantages of Using Airpods for Echelon Bikes

You may wonder why you must use Airpod for your Echelon bike. But I tell you, a trial will convince you.

The Apple Airpod is a very light and comfortable headphone with great features to meet your needs during a workout. It provides a Transparency mode features where users can pick up sound from outside from an external microphone designed with it. Now users get to listen to music and simultaneously hear nearby calls/noise in case of emergency.

Furthermore, the experience is on another level listening to instructors and coaches from the Echelon bike tablet. No distractions, no distorting sound, just you and your fitness instructors. Worries about not trying to wake sleeping kids because of the sound from your workout or disturbing anyone are gone. Yes, these issues should disappear with using the Apple Airpod on the Echelon bike.

Connecting Airpods to the Echelon Bike 

Let’s end your frustration with the connection of the Airpods to your Echelon bike. The steps are pretty simple, so it’s something you can do on your own.

You will be able to connect your devices from today if you follow these steps:

Firstly, let’s begin with the Echelon bike setup.

Step 1: Put on the Bluetooth from the Echelon bike

Step 2: Click on the “more” icon on the screen of your Echelon bike, usually located at the right-bottom-side of the screen.

Step 3: Then you click on the “Select Equipment” 

Step 4: Now choose “Connect Bike” and accept

Step 5: The page where the list of devices to be connected should surface. Then wait to find the Airpod device name.

Now on the Airpod setup;

Step 1: With both Airpods in their case, leave the lid opened

Step 2: Press the setup button behind the case until it flashes a white light.

Step 3: The Airpod is ready to pair after flashing the light.


  1. Switch on your Apple AirPods.
  2. Now Get on your Echelon bike
  3.  Start a workout session you want
  4. On the screen, tap the headphone icon.
  5. The Apple AirPods will connect to the bike via the previously established Bluetooth connection.
  6. To indicate a successful connection to the Echelon, the icon will change from white to red.

Note: After connecting for the first time, you need not connect again unless the previous connection failed to read correctly. And that can only warrant you to connect afresh.

Can You Use Any Wireless Headphones With Echelon?

Yes, any Bluetooth wireless headphones can be used with any Echelon machine. Even though each piece of Echelon gym equipment connects to wireless headphones in a different way, they can all still be used with wireless headphones.

Here’s how you can!

  • Set your wireless headphones to discover mode
  • Select the “start workout” option.
  • Go over to the headphones icon and tap it.
  • When the headphones are paired, the icon will change from white to red.

Common Issues Users Face during Connection

# Problem Connecting to the Reflex Touch

Few users also come across the issue of the inability to connect their Airpods to the Echelon Reflex touch. It can be frustrating after so much anticipation to get things in motion for themselves and increase their morale to work out.

The listed steps below will help you get your Airpod and Reflex touch connected in no time:

  1. Please take out your Apple AirPods and put them back into the charging case
  2. Be sure to leave the lid open
  3. At the back of the case, find and hold the button until you notice a white light blinking
  4. Search through the Bluetooth connection list; your Apple AirPods should appear there
  5. Select them
  6. Enjoy the class with the Apple AirPods

It would be best if you smiled immediately after following the steps and felt like a genius. You eventually got it to work.

# Problems Connecting to the Mounted Tablet

Another similar problem individuals encounter is the connection to the Mounted tablet. Either they are not finding the Airpod device name on the tablet or cannot get the Airpod to pair with the bike.

Below are things to know and do to get things right once and for all:

  • Get the AirPods to sit right into their charging case
  • Leave the lid opened
  • Hold the button found behind the case until a white light starts blinking
  • Select the Apple Airpods from the Bluetooth list
  • By now, you should hear sounds from the mounted tablet

The AirPods can then be enjoyed from the mounted tablet on the bike.

# Problem Involving Volume

Volume seems not to sound like something that should be a concern. However, when it comes to hearing what your workout instructors are saying, it is. It is a moral dampening factor to be straining your ears to hear the audio output of your Echelon bike even while owning an expensive piece of headphones.

The source of this difficulty should be from one of these listed options:

  • Default Volume down on connection

The Apple Airpod was designed with users’ interests at heart to protect them from hearing loss. So whenever the Airpod is connected to the Echelon bike, the volume is automatically turned down by default to a very low decibel. All that is needed for things to get running is to turn the volume back up by adjusting it from the side of the Airpods, and the problem will be there no more.

  • Airpod not charged

Another issue is not charging the Airpod to its maximum percentage because the outcome of your Airpod’s audio is dependent on how much power it possesses at the time. 

Also, a power-saving feature is installed to extend its power life; this is why the volume is affected. So you see why sometimes the volume of your Airpod changes all of a sudden when it’s not fully charged. 

  • Airpod reading failure

It is not common, but if the problem is not from the two options above, then using “Unpair and Repair” logic is essential to get back your sound quality. First, you must go to the Bluetooth settings on the Echelon bike tablet, click on forget your device and reconnect from the start, like the way it has been listed in this article (connecting AirPods to the Echelon bikes).


The Apple Airpod remains the best headphone for a workout machine like the Echelon bike. They are amazingly a great combination. You do not only get to know the benefit of using them but also how to connect Airpods to the Echelon bikes easily.

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