Peloton Bike Handlebars Wobble: Easy Fix!

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It is not normal for Peloton bike handlebars to wobble, and this has been a common complaint from users of the bike + model. Despite this, Peloton has been responsive when customers reach out regarding the issue, and some users have managed to successfully resolve it on their own.

Why the Peloton Bike and Bike + Handlebars Wobble

The wobbly issue of handlebars on Peloton bikes is primarily due to the adjustable feature, but it can also be caused by wrongly fixed handlebars, an absent bolt in the delivery kit, and a sleeve that does not fit into the bike stem. These issues make the handlebar wobble regardless of how tight it is adjusted.

How to Fix and Tighten Wobbly Peloton Bike and Bike + Handlebars

Users experiencing issues with the wobbly handlebars of their Peloton bike are lucky to have reliable solutions available, including free replacements by Peloton. Furthermore, these problems can be detected well before the expiration of the original warranty.

Tighten the Handlebars, Adjustment Bolts, and Knob

When you notice wobbling handlebars, the first step is to check the adjustment knob and tighten it accordingly.

Then, use a small Allen wrench from the kit to secure the bolts that hold the Peloton handlebars sleeve onto the bike stem.

Additionally, check for a screw inside the handlebars’ sleeve and tighten it if necessary.

Finally, rotate the screen to 90 degrees and use the same small lever to tighten its crank bolt for a combined challenge solution.

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DIY Option

Therefore, If the bolts remain untightened and the handlebars are still unsteady;

  • To improve tightening, try adding 3 x M8 washers before the bolts!
  • AAdditionally, you can use Loctite on the screws for increased fastening.

Contact Peloton for Support

If the handlebars are not properly tightened and the problem isn’t solved, contacting Peloton customer service is recommended. They may request a video of the wobbly handlebars to better understand the issue, or they may send physical support if it is a more significant problem with the bike frame. In some cases, they may replace the frame or just the handlebars. All replacements have undergone thorough checkups to ensure proper functioning.

Replace the Bike Handlebars Sleeve

The Peloton bike sleeve can be replaced by following a few steps with the help of a 6mm screwdriver and an Allen wrench.

Firstly, it is necessary to detach the touchscreen using the screwdriver

And then lower the handlebars with an L-handle. After that, use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw from the bottom of the handlebars stem and take out the old sleeve with an Allen wrench.

Finally, slide in the new sleeve into the head tube, reattach the handlebars and tighten them securely with the L-handle. Be sure to put back both screws on either side of monitor and stem for a secure fit.

How Can I Make My Peloton Handles More Comfortable?

To ensure your peloton handlebar is comfortable, adjust it to suit your needs. Let’s see how to adjust the handlebars on a Peloton.

Initially, remove the knob or lever on the front side, then place your arms underneath the handlebars while standing in front of the seat.

Gently lift the handlebar and secure it at the appropriate height. Tighten the lever once in place.

Ensure that your hands can rest comfortably on the handlebars while biking. If not, you can adjust the seat. If you find it difficult to pedal, then you may need to increase the height of the handlebars.

Don’t forget, you can adjust the handlebar height and positioning based on your physical requirements and comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do Peloton Handlebars Move?

Yes, You can adjust the height of your peloton handlebars up and down, but not forward.

How Do You Tighten A Peloton Screw?

Peloton providing the necessary Allen keys or wrench for tightening any loose screws.

How to clean the Peloton handlebars

To ensure your handlebars remain sweat-free, it is advised to cover them with a towel during rides. After completing a ride, the handlebars should be wiped down with Wipex wipes or baby wipes to prevent rusting. Doing this regularly can ensure the bike lasts for a long time.

Peloton handlebar extender

The Adjuster is an attachment that allows riders to move the Peloton handlebars nearer the seat.

Top Form Design, producers of the Adjuster, now offers a range of options for both the classic Peloton Bike and the new Bike Plus.

Laptop tray for Peloton handlebars

It’s great to see that the original SpinTray, which we all love, now has so many different versions available for bikes. You can find out more about them on their company website – it’s definitely worth checking out!


This guide provides an overview of how to properly tighten Peloton handlebars. This simple maintenance task can help maintain the bike’s condition and allow you a more comfortable ride.