Peloton Vs Mirror – A Comparison That Makes Sense

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Right now, one of the coolest things that you can go for, is setting up a smart home gym and keep up with your fitness goals. Since the past two years have shown an emerging rate of fitness freaks joining this amazing way of staying healthy. Of course, there are numerous ways to workout at home without any equipment.

However, including a few smart technologies to get your fitness goals a bit faster will never hurt. So, a technology that will help you connect through different metrics, as well as trainer’s guidance, is what we are rooting for today.

And the biggest two of them are going to be in a tough comparison battle. Yes, it’s about the best option between mirror vs peloton and which one should you be interested more in.

Main Difference between the Mirror Vs Peloton



Design & Comfort

Space-efficient and easy to access. Sleek, modern, and quick setups.

Tracking System

Algorithm tracking results to improve workout In-depth metrics tack every progress to train better

Live Classes

Good for basic routine. Effective and a must-have for weight loss.

Workout Genre

Based on types and span. Depending on length and categories.


Efficient yet light. Tough yet bulky.

Price Range

Affordable Logically Reasonable

Design & Comfort

If talking about the Peloton and Mirror design and comfort, then we find a huge difference that makes them look different while watching in person.

Basically, Mirror is a big, classy-looking, and wall-mounted option that looks like a bigger version of TV to train you with fitness videos. It looks like glass-made that is really good for space-saving as Mirror needs to be fit on the wall.

Yet, it does have drawbacks such as it needs experts to mount in the wall. And, people seem upsetting for its screen reflection that discourages to workout. Luckily, Peloton has a small LCD monitor to train you with motivations.

Unlike Mirror, Peloton is a bulky booster that has a modern vibe though it takes a large space. And, it has a hand holding design to assist you no matter if you are cycling or doing any other exercises. For that reason, people find Peloton the best option for a comfy practice.

Tracking System

The tracking ability of both Mirror and Peloton is quite dissimilar even though it seems like. In fact, one has a strong and reliable tracking system than the other.

If talking about Mirror, it comes with excellent tracking setups from heart rate, calorie, target, and other workout results to increase your workout. It shows your result in the screen based on your effort which many find not so correct.

Also, Mirror has an option to show your completion in the weekly dashboard to easily represent your step up.

On the other side, Peloton has an in-depth metrics system to track your resistance, cadence, heart rate, calories, speed, distance, and so on.

It also shows your results in the live leaderboard with the new best score to motivate you. Even if Peloton doesn’t show the right tracking score, many people find the result close to precise.

Live Classes

If judging between the two well-known workout live classes, we see both Peloton and Mirror stand in a good position based on their own features.

Starting from the Mirror, this workout machine has amazing live class benefits with expert trainers. It on top holds many types of exercise classes from cardio, resistance, strength, and so on.

Although the trainers are almost unheard and don’t have the looks of experts, still they train with 10-45 minutes of classes.

Quite the opposite, Peloton comes with trained and very well-known trainers who show precise workouts of any variety. No matter which type of workout you prefer, it has skilled experts who make videos of 10-45 minutes classes.

Also, the experts show many tricks and effective workouts from sketching, cardio, squats, pushups, and many more. Yet, you will need space to do the other workouts.

Workout Genre

You will find many workout genres on both Mirror and Peloton that serve in a different way. In Mirror, you will find a filter that allows you to pick your best exercises genre with no trouble.

This workout option also allows you to find workout plans, depending on the difficulty, duration, equipment, and so on. If you find any exciting workout pick, you simply need to tap and it will automatically turn on.

In contrast, Peloton comes with amazing filter verities based on length, categories, power zones, and ability. For beginner, expert, intermediate trainee, peloton have different exercises to suggest.

Based on your skill and interest, you can pick any exercise you like. Also, you can choose how long the exercise should have.


Both Mirror and Peloton have a strong feel with different weights and benefits. Yet, when it comes to durability, both workout options are slaying.

You see, Mirror is designed with a huge LCD display which makes it weak in toughness if any mishap occurs. Also, it will break certainly in one drop as the material is not so strong. Yet, this workout option is light-weighted which makes it easy to carry or change with no extra bucks.

Conversely, Peloton is made out of strong material and the only glass part is the monitor that makes it tougher. And, the weight supports it to stand tall and doesn’t break easily. Compare to Mirror, the weight of Peloton is bulky and hard to change. Probably takes money to move it.

Price Range

Peloton and Mirror have different price ranges based on the quality that makes both good. Mirror usually has good looks and quality at an affordable price range that makes it the best buy. And, the features that it offers seem sensible and fair with the rate.

Even though Mirror is inexpensive counting delivery cost and monthly subscriptions, Peloton has a higher rate due to its quality and features.

Including the delivery cost and monthly subscriptions, Peloton has a classy rate with high-end quality and features that serve for a good while.

Besides, it takes a small amount of cost to enjoy live classes and other benefits. If adding the advantages and other aspects, the price of the peloton is sensibly reasonable.

Wrap Up

So, the rundown of mirror vs peloton definitely brings us to some conclusion over which one will be serving better results depending on certain fitness needs.

If someone is more focused on getting cardio benefits and lose weight with effective results, then definitely Peloton is the way to go. However, if the price is the main factor for you to bring homes a smart workout technology, the mirror can be a good starting point.

However, between both, the peloton is definitely the overall winner. Since it covers almost everything that a fitness realm would demand except strength training. If you are looking forward to activities such a stretching, bodyweight training cycling, meditation, and running, then peloton will be the better bet to opt for.

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