Can You Watch Netflix on Myx Bike? How?

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As a whole, Myx Bike doesn’t allow users to watch Netflix directly from Myx screen. However, you can setup a TV in the front-wall where the bike is and watch your favorite movie or show in Netflix.

While most people are keen on attaining their fitness goals by completely focusing on the workout content that Myx provides, other people want something more entertaining. Netflix is a good option! 

If you are keen on watching videos from this streaming service while you ride your way to being fit, you might want to learn how to watch Netflix on Myx bikes. Not to worry, this article will guide you on the possible ways to achieve this.

Watching Netflix on Myx Bikes

If you are one of such people that need some distraction during fitness routines on your bike, Netflix is always a good option. Netflix is one streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. 

However, you would face a challenge when it comes to streaming your favorite Netflix movie directly from the Myx bike’s screen. Based on reports, this fitness service does not support streaming of content outside its basic workout offers.

Hence, you tend to violate their terms and conditions when downloading any unsupported content. 

Furthermore, you can get your bike’s warranty invalidated following such an act, and there will be no troubleshooting support from Myx in the future if you encounter any problem. 

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Better Ways of Watching Netflix on Myx Bike

Since we know that Myx bike manufacturers don’t approve of watching third-party software or apps on their screens, it is best to find an alternative way to watch Netflix while working out on the Myx bike. Such alternatives include:

1. Add a Screen

Just like most stationary bikes; the Myx bikes come with an in-built screen holder aside from their screen. The screen holder will enable you to place your phone or tablet on the bike and watch whatever you choose to watch from the phone’s screen. 

If the bike’s in-built screen holder is small for your device, you can also purchase a tablet or iPad mount that’ll size your device and hold it securely. 

So, here are the simple steps to follow.

  • Fix your phone or tablet to the screen holder on the bike, and tighten the nuts to hold it securely.
  • Launch your Netflix app and choose what you wish to watch.
  • Then, begin your workout as you watch your favorite program.

2. Place Your Bike in Front of a TV Screen

Another way you can achieve watching Netflix while working out on your Myx bike is by placing your bike in front of a television screen and streaming Netflix on it. But before then, you need to know how to watch Netflix on TV. 

You can connect your Apple or Android device to your television to watch Netflix while exercising on your Myx bike. 

How to Connect Your Mobile Device to a Mounted TV Screen

You can connect through an external cable. The cable will mirror what is playing on the mobile device on the television.

The other ways to connect the mobile device to television are through the Chromecast built-in or Netflix second screen.

Steps to Connecting Using Chromecast

  • Open the Netflix app on your mobile device and sign in.
  • Choose “Cast” on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose the device you want to use for your TV show.
  • Choose the TV show you want and select “Play.”

Once you have done this, you can sync your Netflix from your mobile to your TV and use your mobile device as a remote to pause, fast forward, rewind, adjust audio settings, etc.

Steps to Connecting Using Netflix Second Screen

  • Link your mobile device to your TV’s Wi-fi network.
  • Open the Netflix app on your mobile device and your television.
  • Sign into Netflix on both devices using the same details.
  • Choose “Cast” or its icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose the device where you want to watch your TV program.
  • Choose the TV program you want to watch.
  • Press “Play.” and the Netflix program will begin to show on your TV while you use your phone as a remote.  

What you should know About Myx Fitness Bikes

If you’ve been keen on getting ahead in achieving great fitness standards and want an excellent result without visiting the gym, Myx fitness bikes are here for the rescue.

This at-home workout system comes designed with outstanding features that make working out pretty easy.

With the introduction of the Myx II and Myx II Plus stationary bikes, exercisers can comfortably attain high fitness standards.

This fitness company strives to bring users the best workout routines that match their level, and you can adjust the pedals to suit you.  

There are also live classes for the user to choose from. The options include recovery rides, dance classes, rhythm rides, strength training, high-intensity interval training, kettlebell workouts, yoga classes, and warm-up rides. 

The Myx bike comes with a tablet with several built-in apps that can contribute to your wellbeing. Its monitor shows your metrics to help you track your progress while you exercise and when you need to do exercises off the bike, it moves to let you see the screen. 

Benefits of Using Myx Bikes for Workout

Using Myx bikes to exercise at home has many advantages as it helps you to work towards achieving your fitness goal. Such benefits include:

  • It helps in the burning of calories which may aid weight loss.
  • It improves cardio fitness because the heart pumps and sends sufficient blood flow to every part of the body during a cycling workout.
  • You get to do low-impact workouts that have low-impact but help to build up the joints and bones.
  • A combination of a Myx bike workout and a low-calorie diet can lead to weight loss.
  • It offers you long-lasting interval training that involves quick, intense workouts without much intensity.
  • It improves blood pressure.


Working out to achieve fitness may not be easy, but you can add fun by watching an entertaining program from a streaming platform such as Netflix. So, this piece will show you how to watch Netflix on Myx bike in simple steps.