Do You Need Special Shoes for MYX Bike? Explained

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If you are into fitness and want to do indoor exercise, then the MYX bike could be a great deal for you. Indoor cycling helps a lot to achieve overall body fitness, and with the MYX bike, you will get a lot more than that.

So, Now the question arises: Do you need special shoes for myx bike?

The answer is no! You don’t need special cycling shoes for myx bike as The MYX Bike allows riders to use any standard road bike shoes with the included toe cages and offers an SPD clip on other side. But a good cycling shoe can indeed save you from any further casualties.

Although you have got the answer, in short, there are so many factors that you should also know. We are going to share that detailed information in this article. Let’s get started.

What Type of Shoes are Compatible for MYX Bike?

As MYX bike comes with dual sided pedals (SPD cleats on a side and toe cages on the other side), you can use any SPD compatible cycling shoes if you need.

NOTE: Never ride MYX bike barefoot and with slip-on, sandals to avoid possible injury.

When you don’t have any specific suggestions, the responsibility increases as you need to choose to consider your priorities.

# SPD Compatible Mountain Bike Shoes

Although mountain bike shoes are for extreme mountain biking, they can be used indoors too. This type of shoe puts less pressure on the knee so that you can have a good ride without worrying about your knee health. 

# Clipless Shoes

The naming of the clipless shoe might confuse you as it has a clip on the bottom of the shoes. This type of shoe allows you to maintain good foot positioning and increase your efficiency. Although if you are a beginner then you might need some time to get used to it.

# Athlete shoes

Non-cycling shoes work just fine on MYX bikes with toe cages. The MYX bikes have dual purpose pedals, which work well with regular athletic shoes. One thing you should always keep in mind while cycling is that, no matter if you are riding a bike on the mountain or doing indoor exercises on a bike, tie your shoes properly.

And make sure that the laces are not loose or falling over the edges of your shoes. Tie it tightly enough and hide the shoelace in between your shoe and your feet. It will save you from any serious accidents while cycling, both indoors and outdoors.

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Why Do You Need Special Shoes For MYX Bike?

It is recommended to wear shoes while performing any exercise routine. It can be running, cycling, or anything. MYX is an indoor bike for cycling. So, to get the answer, let’s follow us through the article and know the reasoning behind it. 

MYX Bike-The Ultimate Fitness Guide

The MYX bike has lately gained popularity because of its smart features. For busy young people, running to the gym or doing outdoor exercise can be a tough job. Besides, you might not even be able to leave your house for countless reasons.

Smart indoor equipment is all you need to keep up with your fitness game and maintain the balance of your regular duties as well. The best thing about the MYX bike is that it has a sleek design and a built-in camera on the touch screen that will instruct you while exercising.

This is a professional grade bike that has all the essential facilities you can have in any gym. Besides, it tracks your heart rate and performance on the bike and suggests professional training through a monthly subscription policy.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this one bike can do it all. Don’t worry about your height and weight. This smart bike has an adjustable seat and weight management that allows people of all body types to avail the goodness of this product.

The product comes in two shades: one is white, and the other one is black. If you look at the pedal, they designed it to track your speed and distance while showing the accurate result of your overall training. This professional fitness bike is worth buying, considering the pricing as well.

Cycling Shoe VS Regular Shoe for MYX Bike

For riding on MYX bike you can choose any of them. The main difference between a cycling shoe and a regular shoe is the sole.

Athletes’ shoes or regular shoes have a more flexible sole and are usually lightweight compared to cycling shoes. Cycling shoes have a sturdy sole, and the shape is also quite rigid. These types of shoes are heavier than regular shoes.

How Important Is Wearing Cycling Shoes?

Shoes are extremely important because they give you confidence in your movement. And it gets more important when you use any shoe for any sort of exercise.

Cycling shoes are made considering that a cyclist might need proper support to put pressure on each pedal equally. Regular shoes might loosen up after constant use, but the unbending and inflexible nature of cycling shoes makes them different from others.

Besides, we cannot ignore the seriousness of a perfect fit. No matter what type of shoe you use, if it doesn’t fit you properly, then it is the ultimate waste. So, whether you are buying a cycling shoe or a regular pair, there is no alternative to wearing the perfect size that hugs your feet flawlessly.

The Advantages of Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes have many advantages if you can wear them right. Let’s have a look on their attributes.

# Boosts Confidence

Cycling shoes, as we all know, are harder and heavier than running shoes, and there are reasons for this. Cyclists and mountain bikers typically use cycling shoes.

While cycling on a mountain or indoors, wearing the right fit can boost your confidence. It gives you confidence to make your move and prevents you from slipping as well.

# Protects Your Feet

A cycling shoe offers various health advantages in addition to providing confidence and power. Most importantly, it protects your feet from any damage.

Your feet must hold their position and resist sliding while pounding on the pedals. Cycling shoes are particularly designed for this purpose because regular shoes lack these attributes.

And for a smooth workout session, there is no alternative to a carefree period. Most significantly, a poor shoe might not only disrupt your session but also cause major health problems.

# Ensures Balance

For beginners, balancing on a bike is the toughest job. And it gets even more stressful when you don’t wear shoes that fit properly. If you can manage to wear the perfect cycling shoes, then balancing gets easier, even for beginners.

Do Cycling Shoes Make Any Difference In Performance?

It is a must to wear cycling shoes for most indoor bikes. But on the MYX bike, you don’t need to buy any extra pairs of shoes just for cycling. People used to think that cycling shoes ensured better performance while cycling, but the reality is completely different.

There is a reason behind this thought. Let us discuss this in further detail. While cycling, we mostly put pressure on the ball of our feet. So, with a strong and rigid shoe like a cycling shoe, they assumed that pressure is spread equally throughout the sole and that makes a huge difference in the performance.

But eventually, more studies and research have proven that this theory is completely wrong. The shoe type doesn’t make any difference in the performance at all. So, if you think about the overall performance and outcome, regular shoes work just fine as cycling shoes.

Still not clear? Read more here: Do Cycling Shoes Make a Difference? Guide to Know

Is Riding a MYX Bike Barefoot a Good Idea?

We often ignore the most important area of our body, which is our feet. Our feet take the whole pressure of our body and work constantly while we are active throughout the day. And in the exercise session, they get even more tension as we put more pressure on them.

So, for cycling, you need to give special attention to your feet more than any other part of your body. On the myx bike, don’t go barefoot, you should wear at least a comfortable pair that gives you proper protection and comfort alongside.

Besides, running the pedals barefoot can cause your feet to strain. It might also cause injury and other health issues as well. That’s why you should put on a comfortable pair of shoes while exercising on your myx bike. 

Guide To Buy A Perfect Shoe

Do you know that you shouldn’t try on any shoes in the morning? Sounds strange, right? But there is a logic behind it. Your foot can expand throughout the day, so if you try a shoe in the morning, it might feel tight in the evening. That’s why try evening hours to trial for shoes and find the perfect fit.


Hopefully, you have got the answer to the question: do you need special shoes for myx bike? or not?Now, you can save yourself from severe health injuries and make the most out of your exercise session. Wear the shoes that give you confidence and hop on the bike and start your training session.

For beginners, it will take some time to choose which shoe fits you the best. But eventually, you will get to know your body and feet better. Now, enjoy your myx bike without worrying about anything else.