How to Connect Airpods to Myx Bike? Explained

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MYX holds a mesmerizing belief that your only competition is yourself. Hence, this fitness service coaches and helps folks focus, offering a one-to-one teaching to help you create lasting changes.

With that in mind, they work correctly with Airpods, which you can connect with the aid of Bluetooth.

Now you can focus on your training, listening to Myx Coaches that have been featured on the national network or listening to your favorite playlist every time, except having to worry whether you’ll be disturbed or distracted.

Cool right? This article will show how you can effortlessly join your Airpods to the Myx bike.

Importance of Using Airpods with Myx Bikes

These are probably the excellent headphones for trainers nipping online for a session as soon as adolescents are in bed/ someplace else in the house. They nevertheless want to keep an ear out, quite literally.

Also, if you are working hard on burning these energies and completing set workouts, there’s no better way to power on through than to your soundtrack.

Connecting Airpods to Myx Bikes

Make sure you have your AirPods in the proper pairing mode for non-Apple devices before you attempt to connect to the mounted tablet. Here’s how:

1. With your AirPods in the charging case, open the lid.

2. Press the “setup button” on the back of the case until you see the status light flash white.

3. When your AirPods appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, select them.

Remember that after one must have connected to Bluetooth, they do not have to connect the device afresh again.

Not until there is an issue with the connections, which only happens sometimes and then requires it to be touched again.

Note: It’ll be frustrating if the problem persists, but if it continues with the issue after going through the steps, the problem must have been from the Myx bike tablet, i.e., a hardware issue meaning it has to be changed or replaced.

Connecting to Bluetooth Previous Connections

If the Bluetooth has saved several Bluetooth-enabled devices, including an Apple Airpod, but gets disconnected afterward, an alternate arrangement of guidance is pertinent.

Following these listed instructions below will allow you to achieve the desired connection: 

  • Turn on your Apple AirPods
  • Get on your Echelon
  • Navigate to the class desired
  • Tap the headphone icon on the screen
  • The Apple AirPods will connect to the bike using the prior Bluetooth connection
  • The icon will turn from white to red to indicate a successful connection to the Echelon
  • Kindly follow these instructions to get your Apple Airpod connected to the device without stress.

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Issues That Arise During Connection and Their Solutions

# Problem Connecting to the Reflex Touch

We can imagine the disappointment and frustration that comes when the Reflex Touch is not getting connected to the Apple Airpod. However, it’s not new since many users also encounter such difficulty while connecting through Bluetooth.

You can fix this problem by simply following the listed steps:

1. Take your Apple AirPods and place them back into the charging case

2. Ensure the lid is open

3. Navigate through the back of the case and hold the button found there until the light starts to blink white

4. Your Apple AirPods should appear in the Bluetooth connection list

5. Select them

6. Enjoy the class with the Apple AirPods

Having done this, connecting your Apple Airpod to the Reflex touch would be completely fixed.

# Problems Connecting to the Mounted Tablet

Aside from the issues experienced while connecting the Apple Airpod to the Reflex Touch, connecting to the mounted tablet on the Myx bike sometimes can be frustrating when it refuses to communicate with your Apple Airpod. 

  1. However, here are the following steps to take to deal with it:
  2. Return the AirPods to their charging case
  3. Ensure that the lid remains open
  4. Hold the button found behind the case until the light starts to blink white
  5. Apple AirPods should appear in the Bluetooth connection list
  6. Select them
  7. The mounted tablet should start giving off sounds

The mounted tablet should be connected immediately to the Apple Airpod now. Nothing feels good than finally getting the problem sorted.

# Problem Involving Volume

Occasionally users experience a challenging time getting that desired decibel while determining a preferred volume.

It is tiring to work out when you’re having difficulty hearing what the instructor says. Apart from the fact that it affects morale and irritates, it can ultimately warrant you to end all recent activities.

Follow these pointers to troubleshoot the hassle so you can resume biking sooner.

  • Increase the Volume

One frequent problem with your AirPods is that when they are successfully paired to the Bluetooth, the volume is automatically turned down on the headphone.

It is a program designed by Apple in the device to protect users from a sudden loss of hearing.

So, make a move and turn the volume up by pressing the button on the side of the Airpod to increase volume. Enjoy the experience because you will notice an instantaneous change.

  • Make sure your Airpod is entirely charged

The experience you will have when you have a fully charged Airpod will be better than when it’s half charged.

To ensure you are getting the first-rate sound extent and quality, ensure you have your earbuds charged to the fullest, and then you can go ahead and work out.

It saves you the uneasiness of having a not-so-good sound and prevents the inbuilt function where the volume reduces due to the device trying to save power.

  • Disconnect and Reconnect the Airpod

Sometimes a complete reset is fundamental to enhance the sound quality. It’s executed by disabling Bluetooth on the Myx bike and forgetting the Apple AirPods.

You can do this by deciding on the equipment (menu), choosing Bluetooth settings, and deleting the Apple Airpods. Please follow our connection steps to ensure your sound is working again.


It is nothing but an adorable feeling one experiences having the Airpod connected to the Myx bike during workout activities.

Aside from watching world-class coaches giving fitness and other professional exercises, you can enjoy your favorite playlist while keeping up with your workout with no worries.

The Airpod provides a noise-cancelling feature that helps you concentrate.

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