How to Connect Apple Watch to Soulcycle Bike? Explained

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Exercising and achieving fitness goals are at the top of the list for many people. However, not many people have the leisure time to frequent the gym to achieve this goal, and that’s where Soulcycle bikes come in with all of their excellent features. 

The Soulcycle bike is designed for the user’s comfort and convenience. If a more fantastic user experience sounds like something you’ll like, you may consider linking an Apple Watch to it.

So read on to know how to connect an Apple watch to a Soulcycle bike.

Can You Connect Apple Watch to Soulcycle Bike?

Yes, You can connect Apple watch to Soulecycle with Apple gymkit technology or connecting your Apple Health account to your Equinox+ App.

Keep reading to know – How to Connect Apple Watch to Soulcycle Bike?

What to Know About the Soulcycle Bike

The Soulcycle home bike combines sleekness and sturdy build effortlessly. It has excellent tutorial videos to help you set up and get riding in no time and a set of workouts for all levels. It simply lets you have fun while working out at home. 

Its Equinox+ app lets you select other workouts from standard studios. Such workouts include yoga, strength training, running, high-intensity interval training, cycling, walking, meditation, etc. 

Some of this bike’s features are:  

  • A touchscreen of about 21.5-inch
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • In-built speakers
  • Pedals with dual sides
  • Live and on-demand classes

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What Benefits Do Soulcycle Bikes Offer?

The Soulcycle bike may be pricey, but its benefits for home workouts outweigh the cost. Here are the outstanding benefits of exercising with this equipment.

  • You get a full-body workout as its Equinox+ app gives you access to other classes,
  • It accommodates all users, no matter their sizes. 
  • It helps to improve blood pressure.
  • It enhances cardio fitness.
  • You get the exciting experience of a gym workout in your home.
  • It offers you entertainment while working out.

Features and Benefits of Having an Apple Watch

An Apple watch is not just a regular timepiece; it’s a collection of amazing things in one piece. It has loads of features that can benefit people of various ages and it keeps getting better with new series.

Is your iPhone missing? A tap on the iPhone icon on your Apple Watch will make the phone ping, and you’ll find it. You also receive quick notifications, listen to music without your iPhone, make phone calls, and lots more. 

The Watch has many wellness and fitness features that contribute to your well-being. Such features include:

  • Heart Rate app: Apple watch comes with an in-built heart rate app. With this, you can keep a tab and monitor your heart rate. It takes the necessary measurements and sends you an alert on low or high heart rates on the watch screen. 
  • ECG: the electrocardiograph app comes with an Apple Watch of series 4 and above. The app reads the heart’s rhythm and sends a warning alert if it senses any irregularity. It uses the Digital Crown’s electrical heart sensor to take records.
  • Noise app: the noise app comes with the Apple watch. It monitors the level of sounds around you and sends you an alert if the surrounding sounds become too loud for you because constant exposure to loud noises can cause ear damage or loss of hearing.  
  • Blood Oxygen Reader: The Watch has an oximeter and an in-built app that measures the oxygen in the blood to tell if the user’s brain is receiving enough supply of oxygen. It alerts you when there is a low blood oxygen level because it could be a health issue.

Why Connect Your Apple Watch to Soulcycle Bike?

These devices come with excellent features that are beneficial to the user. But, if you still want to know why you should connect your Apple watch to your Soulcycle bike, here are the reason.

Heart-rate Monitor

One smart way to monitor your heart rate during a workout is by connecting your Apple watch to your Soulcycle bike. It reads the heart’s electrical signals and displays them on the screen to keep you updated. 

Knowing your heart rate during exercise will help you determine the intensity of your workout. One can have improved cardiovascular health and burn more calories by retaining a particular heart rate for some time.

Improved Results 

The Apple Watch and the Soulcycle bike come loaded with their features. Now, a smart one is to combine the reading from both pieces of equipment to get better metrics for your workout sessions. You’re sure to get mind-blowing and specific results.


The Watch has a high level of accuracy, and the readings it sends may motivate you to do more during a workout. However, it also sends you warning signals when you overstretch while cycling. Such a signal will make you adjust and avoid risking your health.

Connecting Apple Watch to Soulcycle Bikes

Pairing data from your Apple Watch and your Soulcycle bike is easy with Apple’s Gymkit technology. The process requires an Apple Watch Series 2 or more and a Gymkit-supported gym membership. 

When the devices are connected, they can begin to exchange metrics such as heart rate, distance covered, speed level, calories burned, and rhythm. You may follow these steps below to link them.

Step 1

Set the Watch to detect the Soulcycle bike this way: Open “Settings,” click on “Workout,” and ensure that the “Detect Gym Equipment” button is ON. Alternatively, you can go through your iPhone by clicking on “My Watch” then “Workout” and slide the “Detect Gym Equipment” button to the ON position. 

Step 2

Check the Soulcycle bike for a sign like “Can Connect to Apple Watch” to confirm its compatibility with the Apple app. This step is necessary for the devices to work together.  

Step 3

Position your Apple Watch a little distance from the contactless reader on your bike and make the display face the reader. The Workout app will launch shortly after this, and the Watch will make a beep to confirm a successful connection to the bike. 

Once you create this connection, you can begin or end your workout by pressing “Start” or “Stop” on the Soulcycle bike. 


The Soulcycle bike is an excellent investment, and you can get the best of this device by pairing it with an Apple Watch. This piece shows how to connect an Apple watch to a Soulcycle bike for an ultimate workout experience. 

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