How to Connect Airpods to Soulcycle Bike? It’s Easy!

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The Soulcycle indoor bike is one of the popular indoor equipment for exercise and fitness activities. They contain workout and riding lesson videos to help users improve and monitor their progress regardless of whatever activities they are into.

You can connect your Airpods to the Soulcycle bike to comfortably pay attention and watch several tutorials the bike provides without any distractions.

With the help of the unique noise-transparency feature the Airpods provide, one can experience a good time.

Are Soulcycle Bikes Compatible With Airpods?

The Apple Airpod has become one of the best Bluetooth-enabled devices for working out. They are sturdy and firm in the ears and provide excellent sound quality; you don’t have to worry about having difficulty listening to instructors.

With the Airpod’s great features, users won’t have to disturb people and can also have access to their workout while the family is gone to Bed.

Don’t forget users can listen to recommended and preferred music when on the Free ride function.

Connecting Your Airpods to Soulcycle Bikes

There are many effects the choice of headphones has on you while cycling. This issue remains persistent, whether you’re listening to your favorite playlist or following a workout instruction of an instructor. The Apple Airpod remains the best and easy to connect.

However, few users still find connecting their Airpod to the Soulcycle bike hard. One thing to remember is that the connection is between the Airpod case and the tablet, not the headphone.

You will find below the steps to take to get your devices connected.

Step 1: Power on the device

Make sure the Airpod is on and already in pairing mode. Do not forget it has to be within the proper range.

Step 2: Airpod on pairing mode

Open the case lid with both the Airpod still inside it. It is when you press and hold the setup button at the case’s back. When you notice a white light flashing, the Airpod is waiting to pair at that moment.

Step 3: Locate Device on the Tablet

Go to the setting icon to locate the device. If you can locate your Bluetooth device name on the list, select it.

Step 4: Reload the search list

You can click on reload or refresh if you fail to locate your device name on the Soulcycle tablet screen.

Step 5: Select Device name

After you have refreshed the list, select your device once the list pops out.

You should be connected immediately after following the above steps. However, you can only connect the Soulcycle bike to one device “at a time.” So if a device is yet to be disconnected from it, the Airpod wouldn’t allow a new connection.

Kindly ensure the already connected Bluetooth device clicks on “forget device” only then can another Bluetooth device be connected.

If you can remember this and sort this all out, you can never have an issue connecting and using the Airpod with your Soulcycle Bike.

Connecting To Bluetooth after Being Connected Before

Enjoying your experience with the Apple Airpod is nothing complicated when it comes to the connection with the Soulcycle bike.

Ensure you follow the instructions because you must have initially connected to Bluetooth and disconnected after finishing a class.

A different approach is required to successfully use your Airpod and Soulcycle bike together again to work out.

Here are the practical steps to take:

  1. Keep your Airpod on: Turn on your Airpod for quick connection since it has been connected before.
  2. Locate listed classes: Mount the Soulcycle and select a preferred lesson for the day on the tablet.
  3. Click on the icon showing a headphone: Locate on the screen the headphone image and click. 
  4.  Connect the Airpod: While at the range, connect the Airpod via Bluetooth. The device should connect automatically.
  5.  Red means Successful: You should be able to see the white icon turn to Red on the screen, which means the connection was successful.

You should not experience any issues again if the device is successfully connected to the Airpods.

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Issues That Arises During Connection and Their Solutions

Few issues still bug users regarding how to connect their Airpods with their devices. Some people still experience a hard time connecting with the Mounted tablet and the sudden change in volume while starting a workout and during a workout.

Not to worry, this is the right place to know how to use your expensive Airpod and ensure you enjoy it with your Soulcycle Bike.

You will find below these problems and their solutions to them:

# Problems Connecting to the Mounted Tablet

Connecting to the mounted tablet has brought headaches to many. Such issues appear frustrating to the extent of folks removing their interest to keep working out with Airpods, having no choice but to continue their workout activities even if it disturbs others around (the children could be sleeping, and you don’t want to miss what the instructors are saying).

To tackle this and make everybody win, go through these steps:

Step 1: Case both Airpods

Place the pair of Airpods into their cases back

Step 2: Open Lid

Make sure to keep the lid opened for ready action

Step 3: Get the Airpod ready to pair.

There is a button at the back of the charging case of the Airpod; press and hold it till it begins to flash white light.

Step 4: Select your Device

A connection list gets displayed. Find your Airpod from the list and select it.

Step 5: Get Sound Output

Sound should begin coming out from the mounted tablet but through your Airpod successfully.

Get started with your workout, knowing the issue cannot happen again. You should be able to sort it out yourself now.

# Problem Involving Volume

Don’t be surprised anymore whenever you have finally connected the Airpods, and the volume turns out to be very low.

Do not panic, as this is a common issue experienced generally due to the way the Apple Airpod is designed to protect the user’s sense of hearing from the suddenness of loud sound.

The Airpod volume is automatically reduced within the system. Kindly turn the volume up from the side of your Airpod by pressing the volume up button.

But if that is not the case on your end. Then it must have been from these two issues:

1.     Not having a fully charged Airpod – The Airpod battery condition plays a role in the quality of sound you get. So make sure you have it wholly charged before a workout to enjoy the entire experience.

2.     Temporary connection issue – All you have to do is disconnect the Bluetooth, forget the device and reconnect again to have your desired sound quality. 


“How to connect the Airpod to Soulcycle Bikes” shouldn’t be a problem again after going through this article. The Soulcycle Bike, which allows you to have a better experience with your workout in the house or the gym using the Airpod, is indeed a combo.

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