How to Connect Airpods to Proform Bike? Full Guide!

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Why use a wired or cord earphone during your workout when you can use the wireless Apple Airpod, which you can connect directly to your Proform Bike.

The Proform bike has Bluetooth Compatibility where you can easily connect both devices without worrying whether a cord will cluster or tangle with something while exercising on the cycle.

As you read, you will find how to connect your Airpods to the Proform bike.

Can you connect airpods to proform bike?

Yes you can connect airpods to your proform bike easily via Bluetooth.

Importance of Connecting Airpods to Proform Bikes

Since you can now connect Airpods to the Proform bikes, forget the clutter of wires and cords interfering with your workout.

You don’t have to disturb your family or any other person around while you’re working out, whether they are sleeping or having a serious discussion; enjoy your workout, having total concentration with the instructors.

Yes, you get to listen to music and more now with this Proform feature, where both devices communicate well and bring joy and extra morale to your exercises.

Connecting Airpods to Proform Bikes

Do not stop your effort to get your Airpod and Proform bike connected. However, several complaints from users have challenges pairing both devices up.

Notwithstanding, after this article, nothing of such will occur anymore as you will be fully enlightened on how to connect your Airpods to the IFit-enabled Proform bikes.

Follow these procedures:

Step 1:

Locate the iFit library on your device and click on a Workout lesson.

Step 2:

Select “Start workout.” There are four locations you can connect your Airpods to the iFit-enabled Proform bike on the tablet, and in all Four, you will find “Connect Headphones.”

  1. You can connect from the preamble screen (warm-up)
  2. When you click on the pause button, you will find another and can connect from there
  3. From the volume slider icon. It gets displayed when you touch the screen to view your volume options
  4. The cooldown screen is the last list where you can see the “Connect Headphones” to connect to your Airpods.

Step 3:

Locate the setting on the screen of the Proform bike and find Bluetooth. On the Bluetooth

Step 4:

After you have On the Bluetooth on the Proform bike, you have to do the same to the Airpod device for a successful pairing. Here is how:

  • With both pairs of Airpod inside their case, allow your Lid stays open.
  • You will find the setup button behind the case, press and hold it until there is a flash of white light on where the case’s statue is located.
  • Then it shows your Airpod is ready to pair.

Step 5:

Choose your headphone’s model from the on-screen list, and ensure your headphones are on and in pairing mode.

Step 6: 

Click on your device name (Airpod). If it doesn’t show your device name, refresh the list and select your device.

Step 7:

You should be connected immediately after successfully pairing. Once this is done, revert to your workout screen and enjoy every bit of exercise with your Airpod, giving the best sound quality.

You should be aware that immediately after devices are connected; the Airpod volume automatically drops to a very minimum percent.

Apple does this for precautions on users’ default safety. You can turn up the volume afterward to your desired preference.

Connecting to Bluetooth after Previous Connections

To have a good time, as far as you can tell, with the Apple Airpod isn’t anything super hard regarding pairing the iFit-enabled Proform bike; you should follow the guidelines.

Suppose you must have connected to the workout bike initially and unpaired it after ending your workout session.

In that case, an alternate method is expected to effectively connect your Airpod and Proform Bike afresh to be able to use it again. Follow the listed steps below to get the best out of your devices:

Step 1: Make Airpod Active

Make your Airpod active for pairing. Pairing should be faster since the device was “connected” previously. 

Step 2: Go to the Workout lesson Screen.

Locate a choice of workout for yourself by climbing up on the machine (Proform bike) and navigating through the screen.

Step 3: Tap on the “Connect Headphones”

Locate the “Connect Headphone” on the screen and tap on it to activate the command. 

Step 4: Pair up your Airpod

Stay at the required range or bandwidthand interface the Airpod utilizing Bluetooth. Both gadgets ought to pair up naturally.

Step 5: Red Light Alert

To successfully know that your devices are connected, Red light is situated on the screen, which changes from a White light.

You shouldn’t encounter any issues once more since both devices are effectively connected with the Airpods.

Possible Issues during Connection and How to Deal With Them

It can be frustrating when you keep attempting to connect your machine to your Airpod, and you’re still unable to get it.

Specific individuals experience difficulty pairing up with the Mounted tablet and the unexpected change in volume while beginning to exercise and during an exercise.

Be that as it may, here is where to be to know how to utilize your costly Airpod and guarantee you appreciate it with your Proform Bike. You will find below these problems and their solutions to them:

Problems Connecting to the Mounted Tablet

You can now connect your Airpod to the Mounted tablet on your Proform bike. The steps listed are the answers users have been looking for to put an end to the tiresome challenge they go through during connection:

Step 1: Case both Airpods

Place the pair of Airpods into their cases back

Step 2: Open Lid

Make sure to keep the Lid opened for ready action

Step 3: Get the Airpod ready to pair.

There is a button at the back of the charging case of the Airpod; press and hold it till it begins to flash white light.

Step 4: Select your Device

A connection list gets displayed. Find your Airpod from the list and select it.

Step 5: Get Sound Output

Sound should begin coming out from the mounted tablet but through your Airpod successfully.

Problem Connecting to the Reflex Touch

Another issue relating to what we mentioned on the first problem is the problem users also encounter with connecting the Airpod to the Reflex touch. Although it’s a common issue, however, you can fix it by following the easy steps below:

Step 1:

If you’ve taken the Airpods out of the case, put them back before doing anything else.

Step 2:

Open the Lid of the Apple Airpod case and let it stay that way.

Step 3:

Hold down the setup button to prompt a white flashing light.

Step 4:

Find your Apple Airpod device name on the list displayed by the Bluetooth during connection.

Step 5:

Select them and have a thrilling experience with your coaches/instructors with the Apple AirPods.


Now that every problem and question is settled, nothing can stop you from having the best experience with your Proform Bike, listening to your favorite instructors and playlist through your Apple Airpod.

Learn effective ways of “how to connect Airpods to Proform bikes.” With this, you can enjoy jamming out during your workout without bothering any bystanders.

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