5 Best Peloton Yoga Instructors Across All Levels

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If you are into yoga, then you’ve probably heard about Peloton. It is a revolutionary fitness concept that allows users to stream live classes from the comfort of their homes. The company has excellent instructors who motivate members to work harder, guiding them through exercise.

The yoga instructors on Peloton make practicing worth it with their intense experience around the mat. In that light, this article reveals some of the best Peloton yoga instructors.

Top Peloton Yoga Instructors across All Levels

While Peloton is famous for cycling, strength, and running training, some efficient trainers offer vast on-demand yoga classes. Whether or not you are new to this exercise platform, it is crucial to seek the best coaches to guide you through each session.

Instructor NameYoga best forWorkout Specialization
Ross RayburnBeginners – Intermediate -AdvancedYoga flow, slow flow, power yoga
Aditi ShahBeginners – Intermediate -AdvancedPower yoga, yoga flow, focused flow, restorative
Denis MortonBeginners – Intermediate mostlyPower yoga; focused flow – glutes, hips, hamstrings; core
Kristin McGeeBeginners – Intermediate mostlyprenatal-post natal flow, hamstrings, power yoga
Chelsea Jackson RobertsBeginners – Intermediate mostlyYoga basics, swing, pop yoga flow, slow flow
Peloton Yoga Instructors across All Levels

Thus, below is a list of the best Peloton instructors to help you practice yoga. Impressively, you can’t go wrong with any of these instructors mentioned below.

# Ross Rayburn

Ross Rayburn | Courtesy: Onepeloton

This veteran first discovered yoga over 20 years ago while experiencing sports-related injuries. However, he has grown into deep practices, handling intense poses and exploring the practice’s philosophies.
Thus, this instructor is an excellent choice if you are keen on improving your ability in several unique poses.

# Aditi Shah

Aditi shah peloton yoga instructor | Courtesy: TheList

Aditi is known for excellent power flows and takes folks through intermediate and advanced yoga classes. She has been practicing yoga in India and NYC, leading whole spectrum classes. Her classes anchor traditional yoga teachings combined with creative flows.

This instructor’s pretty and swift moves are awesome, and Aditi also introduces members to many “cardio” things.

# Denis Morton

Denis Morton | Courtesy: UStoday

Denis Morton is one instructor to find, whether as a beginner or an intermediate yogi. This famous cyclist has been practicing yoga for years, with fitness leadership of 14 years, and has various Peloton standalone yoga classes.

More interesting is that this coach further takes members on a session that starts with a bike and concludes with a yoga flow in the Reset Ride & Yoga classes.

# Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee | Courtesy: Onepeloton

This Peloton instructor is one of the best for advanced and intermediate levels and emerges as a “best friend” for each session. She is a household name for yoga-practicing even before joining Peloton.

The mom of three is keen on creating a balance amidst the challenging classes to bring exercisers back to catch their breath. So, you should consider practicing with her if you appear flexible with yoga music and benefit from the detailed cues.

# Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Chelsea Jackson Roberts | Courtesy: Popsugar

This instructor emphasizes the connection of your deepest self through yoga. Thus, many Peloton members sing her praises and can’t get enough of the awesome class structures, motivational vibe, and thrilling playlists of Chelsea’s classes.

While Chelsea Jackson Roberts’ teaching styles cover challenging and creative components, you can reap from the full self-compassion elements. During chill seasons, you can find her classes to be an extravaganza.


Are yoga classes on Peloton good?

As a whole, Peloton yoga classes are great and come with the package for peloton lovers; ensuring they don’t need to visit a studio to take extra classes. Aside from that, the yoga instructor on this app is great at what they do, taking members through each session with exquisite skills. Within the comfort of your home, you can follow the guide of these coaches to scale through yoga practice.

Which yoga instructor is most famous on Peloton?

All coaches on Peloton are great, with outstanding performances across varying levels. But, based on the many reviews of members on Peloton, some of the most renowned instructors for yoga sessions include:
• Ross Rayburn
• Aditi Shah
• Chelsea Jackson Robert
• Denis Morton
• Kristin McGee

Which yoga class is the best on Peloton?

While there are various Peloton yoga classes, the following are some of the best classes for practicing yoga on the app that you should consider.
• 30 minutes beginner yoga flow by Aditi Shah
• 45 minutes intermediate yoga flow by Denis Morton
• 20 minutes power yoga by Anna Greenberg
• 45 minutes disco yoga flow by Ross Rayburn
• 30 minutes classic rock yoga by Kristin McGee


From running to strength training, Peloton offers vast classes for streaming on their app. As a new fitness trend, Peloton fitness is a storm across various parts of the world. The provision of yoga classes makes it easy for members to practice at home, not visit a studio.

Although many people have heard about Peloton and its outstanding yoga classes, few know the instructors in charge. Thus, this piece holds some of the best Peloton yoga instructors.

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